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Zpravodajství - Bulvár - Celebrity - 11. června 2019

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James Corden failed to impress as Tony Awards host


enclosure image "Now his body’s fatter, ego’s bigger and magic’s thinner. The Tonys’ splashy opening? Big rehearsal. Small twinkle." Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

The 4 Pieces Arielle Charnas Can’t Stop Wearing from Her New Something Navy Collection at Nordstrom


Run, don’t walk to your computer because today’s the day you can finally shop fashion influencer and style icon Arielle Charnas’ new Something Navy collection at Nordstrom . If you’ve followed her other launches, you’re probably aware that each contains a ton of highly-anticipated, sell out-worthy styles — and her Hamptons collection  is no different. It features tons of summer essentials, including gorgeous dresses , linen blazers , cheeky swimwear , frilly heels , and chic sunglasses ! When it came to designing pieces for the collection, her inspiration came from the pieces she loves to wear over the summer to the beach. She also took into consideration the prints her 1 million-plus followers are loving (i.e. the oh-so popular leopard print you’ve seen just about everyone wearing this summer). “We kind of got a little more into trends with this collection rather than everyday basics. We, of course, have the basics as well but we added fun prints, short suits, and lots of mini dresses,” she tells PEOPLE. “I love leopard anything and I know my followers do as well, so we tried to deliver that in this collection. We also wanted to find that perfect floral print and I’m really excited about the one we landed on. We wanted to keep things bright and fun and make beachwear chic and sexy.”   The collection also features stylish kids’ clothing inspired by her Instagram-famous toddlers, Ruby and Esme. Pieces from the women’s collection range from sizes XXS to XXXL, and everything is under $100. As for sizing, Charnas’ team has worked to make adjustments, so pieces should fit everyone true to size now. We caught up with Charnas to learn more about her favorite pieces from the collection. Keep scrolling to shop them and hurry before they sell out (her beloved birthday dress a Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Jon Stewart Fights Back Tears While Accusing Congress of 'Ignoring' 9/11 First Responders


media thumbnail Jon Stewart accused Congress of “ignoring” first responders whose health has been impacted by the Sept. 11, 2011 terrorist attacks . In a fiery and tearful speech in front of a portion of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, the comedian — along with several first responders — urged lawmakers to reauthorize funding for the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund . “No American in this country should face financial ruin because of a health issue. Certainly, 9/11 first responders shouldn’t have to decide to live or have a place to live,” said Stewart, 56. Luis Alvarez, a retired bomb-squad detective for the New York Police Department, told the committee that he has cancer because of the fallout of the attacks. Alvarez said he had already been through 68 rounds of chemotherapy. “Yeah, you heard me right,” he told Congress. “I will not stand by as my friends with cancer from 9/11, like me, are valued less than anyone else.” In recent years, more and more 9/11 first responders have been diagnosed with illnesses that have been linked to their participation in rescue and recovery efforts following the Sept. 11 attacks, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The last effort to continue funding for the Victim Compensation Fund came in 2015 with the passing of a five-year extension. The extension was meant to last until December 2020, but the fund announced in a February statement that claims were increasing and money was running out much more quickly than anticipated. RELATED: At Least 15 Men Who Spent Time Near Site of 9/11 Attacks Have Been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer The Never Forget the Heroes Act, introduced to the House this year by New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney, has been lauded by people on both sides of the aisle as a long-term solution to the problem, according to NPR. On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee will vote on the bill , which would allow individuals to make claims until October 2089. However, there is concern that it could be blocked in the Senate , according to the New York Daily News. “They responded in five seconds, they did their jobs. With courage grace, tenacity, humility. Eighteen years later, do yours,” Stewart told Congress. RELATED VIDEO: Children of 9/11: Six Teens on Growing Up Without Dads 15 Years After Attacks Stewart also voiced anger over the need to repeatedly reauthorize funding for the Sept. 11 first responders. “This hearing should be flipped. These men and women should be up on stage and Congress should be down here answering their questions as to why this is so damn hard and takes so damn long and why no matter what they get, something is always pulled back, and they have to come back,” Steward told the members of the committee. Stewart, who featured first responders and legislation to support them on television when he hosted The Daily Show on Comedy Central, said he has been met by some roadblocks while trying to protect the fund in recent years. “I am awfully tired of hearing that 9/11 is a New York issue,” Stewart said. “Al Qaeda didn’t shout, ‘Death to Tribeca.’ They attacked America, and these men and women, and their response to it, is what brought our country back. It’s what gave a reeling nation a solid foundation to stand back upon, to remind us of why this country is great, or why this country is worth fighting for, and you are ignoring them.” Stewart added ahead of the vote: “And you can end it tomorrow. Why this bill isn’t unanimous consent and a stand-alone issue is beyond my comprehension. And I have yet to hear a reaso Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Love Island 2019: Lucie and Joe to split as surfer left in tears over villa tension?


LOVE ISLAND’S couplings were looking fairly loved up in tonight’s episode as not one but two couples took their relationships to the next level. But it looks as though there is upset on its way for Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Extraterrestrial life could be scarcer than first thought: study


enclosure image The search for extraterrestrial life has fascinated humanity for generations, with all sorts of theories about where it could exist, if it exists at all. For all those hoping to see an abundance of E.T., a new study puts a bit of a damper on its whereabouts. A study entitled “A Limited Habitable Zone for... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Is Anthony Scaramucci’s wife the next dramatic diva heading to ‘RHONY’?


enclosure image Move over Ramona and Bethenny — there may be a new NYC diva in town. Page Six exclusively revealed that Anthony Scaramucci’s wife, Deidre Ball, may be holding an apple along with the other Real Housewives of New York sooner than you think. A source claims she has already met with Bravo execs, who “have... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

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