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Zpravodajství - Bulvár - Celebrity - 14. listopadu 2019

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Will The Osbournes Return to TV? Kelly Says Now Is 'Closest We've Ever Come to Accepting' Offer


media thumbnail It’s been nearly 15 years since The Osbournes went off the air, but the famous family is still open to the possibility of returning to reality TV. “The first season was such a magical time in my family’s life because we had no idea what we were doing. We had no idea that the show would be so successful,” Kelly Osbourne , 35, told PeopleTV’s Reality Check on Thursday. “When I signed the contract for MTV, I was 15 years old and to see what it turned into, we didn’t know how people would perceive us or anything. And then suddenly wake up one day and literally be one of the most famous 16-year-olds in the world just being yourself. I think that is the most raw and vulnerable you will see any family on TV. And then it all kind of was like an explosion of too much reality for us,” she explained. The four-season MTV reality series, which starred Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly Osbourne, aired from 2002-05 and took an inside look at the unfiltered lives of the rockstar and his family. In the time since the show ended, there have been numerous talks about the Osbournes making a reality TV comeback. RELATED: Kelly Osbourne ‘Overwhelmed with Gratitude’ as She Celebrates 2 Years of Sobriety And according to Kelly, the family recently came very close to saying yes to a revival. “I’m not joking, every single year about every three months or so someone else gives us another offer and we keep saying no,” said Kelly, who was unmasked as the Ladybug on Wednesday’s The Masked Singer . “It keeps coming ’round. Right now there’s another offer on the table and I think this is the closest we’ve ever come to accepting one,” she shared. “But whether that will happen or not, I don’t know.” As to why the family hasn’t yet said yes to a reboot? “We’ve got other people to think about. My brother’s got three kids,” she said, noting brother Jack, who shares three young daughters with ex-wife Lisa . “Do we want that life for them without them being old enough to choose if they want to do it or not like my brother and I were.” In September 2018, Sharon, 67, was candid about why the family hadn’t agreed to sign on for a reboot. RELATED: Sharon Osbourne Says Ozzy ‘Cried’ After Learning of Son’s Divorce: ‘It’s Been Bad for Jack’ Speaking with Howard Stern on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show, the matriarch admitted that it came down to a price tag. “Was there an attempt to bring back The Osbournes the TV show? Because I had heard something about that,” Stern asked Sharon. “It keeps going back and forth, different networks will approach us and it never works out. They can’t afford us,” she said. “They can’t afford us. It’s like why would we want to do it for f—— peanuts?” “Because at MTV, they paid you pretty well,” said Stern. Sharon said, “Really well, and we owned it.” In 2015, VH1 had intended to revive the show , but the network ultimately dropped the project. “We are no longer talking to the Osbournes about a series; that’s not going to happen,” VH1 programming executive Susan Levison told The Hollywood Reporter. “We wish we could have worked it out, but it just didn’t come together for us.” Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Longtime NBC4 Medical Correspondent Arrested After Allegedly Asking 9-Year-Old to Sext Him


media thumbnail Dr. Bruce Hensel, a former NBC4 medical correspondent, was arrested in connection with allegedly contacting a 9-year-old girl for sexual purposes. He was taken into custody on Wednesday at 10:15 a.m. on suspicion of contact with a minor for purpose of a sexual act, which is a felony, a Los Angeles Police Department public information officer confirmed to PEOPLE on Thursday. He was released on bond Wednesday at 6:35 p.m., and his bail was set at $5,000. Hensel, 71, was charged with requesting the sexually suggestive images from the daughter of an acquaintance through a messaging app around Aug. 4, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said in a press release . He faces one felony count of contact with minor for sexual purposes. If found guilty, Hensel faces a maximum sentence of 18 months in state prison. His arraignment will be scheduled at a later date. Officials told NBC4 that a search warrant was served at Hensel’s Pacific Palisades home on Oct. 16 by investigators with the L.A. Regional Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. RELATED: Calif. Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Having Sex with 16-Year-Old Boy “We are cooperating fully with the authorities and we are looking forward to a speedy and complete exoneration,” Hensel’s attorney Steve Sitkoff said in a statement obtained by NBC4. Hensel joined NBC4 in 1987 and worked as the chief health, medical and science editor and on-air correspondent for the station, according to the outlet. A rep for NBC4 had no comment. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

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Charles Hallahan vyšetřuje už několikátou vraždu mladé ženy. Když u poslední oběti našel vzkaz určený jeho bratrovi, případ nabral nečekaný směr. Číst dále >>>

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