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Четыре человека погибли в ДТП под Армавиром "CHetyre cheloveka pogibli v DTP pod Armavirom"


ДТП произошло 23 августа в 17:40 на 172 километре трассы «Кавказ» возле поселка Заветный. Столкнулись Nissan Qashqai и Opel Zafira. На месте погибли 65-летний водитель «Ниссана», а также 35-летний водитель «Опеля» и две его пассажирки 31 и 81 лет... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

REI's big Labor Day sale is going on now through September 2 — here are 25 best deals from The North Face, Patagonia, and more brands


rei labor day sale

  • REI is a go-to shopping spot for all things outdoors— whether you need to stock up on some outdoor apparel basics or want to go on a fun nature adventure in your area, REI has got you covered. 
  • Now through September 2, you can save up to 40% on outdoor gear, apparel, and more at REI's Labor Day sale .
  • We rounded up the 25 best deals from the sale. Check them out below, or head right to REI to start shopping. 
REI is the ultimate shopping destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you need a jacket to brave the winter cold or want to stock up on gear before a big outdoor adventure, REI has got you covered. Right now, REI is running a huge Labor Day sale — and anyone who needs some outdoor gear or apparel should take note. From August 23 through September 2, you can save up to 40% on outdoor gear, apparel, classes, and adventures at REI.  The sale is offering deep discounts on tons of items, including kayaks, hiking boots, winter jackets, sleeping bags, and more from your favorite outdoor brands like Patagonia, The North Face, Thule, and more. This year, you can even save on REI events and adventures— outdoor day trips, activity classes, and specialty trips run by the retailer. If you need to gear up for a rock-climbing trip, are looking to actually learn how to rock climb, or just want to pick up some outdoor clothing basics, the REI Labor Day sale is well worth checking out. Since the sale is so big, these nine categories will help you navigate the best deals easily: 
  • Camping gear up to 30% off
  • REI Co-op brand gear and clothing up to 30% off
  • Arc'teryx apparel up to 25% off
  • REI events and classes 20% off with the code "REICLASS19"
  • Bikes up to 20% off
  • Číst dále >>>

  • 15 of the best deals from Cole Haan's huge end-of-summer clearance sale — plus a code for 40% off


    Cole Haan

    • Cole Haan is having a huge clearance sale on footwear for men and women. 
    • Starting now through August 28, shoppers can save an extra 40% on sale items, plus free shipping on all orders with the code " EXTRA40 " at checkout.
    • To help you shop, we rounded up 15 of the best shoes on sale, including dress shoes, sneakers, heels, and sandals.
    • Visit Business Insider Coupons to potentially save more at Cole Haan
    As Labor Day Weekend approaches, you'll find us trying to enjoy the final days of summer. While having one last barbecue or trip to the beach might be in your plans, shopping all of the end-of-season sales should be a priority, too. If you're in need of new shoes for school or work (or you just can't resist a really good deal), you'll want to head over to Cole Haan . Now through August 28, you can save an extra 40% on sales styles by using the promo code "EXTRA40" at checkout. The End-of-Summer sale includes styles from the popular ZERØGRAND line, along with sneakers, classic dress shoes, heels, and sandals that are perfect for wearing into the office during or on weekends. The sale is massive, so to give you a small glimpse of what's available, we rounded up 15 of our favorite items. Keep in mind that this is one of Cole Haan's largest sale events of the year , so you should expect certain items to sell out relatively quickly. Shop the Cole Haan sale now . Check out our favorite shoes on sale, below:Men's 2.ZERØGRAND Laser Wingtip Oxford 2.ZERØGRAND Laser Wingtip Oxford, $98.97 (Originally $200) [You save $101.03] Men's 3.ZERØGRAND Wingtip Oxford 3.ZERØGRAND Wingtip Oxford, $119.97 (Originally $300) [You save $180.03] Men's GrandPrø Chukka GrandPrø Chukka, $83.97 (Originally $150) [You save $66.03] Men's Somerset Link Bit Loafer Somerset Link Bit Loafer, $83.97 (Originally $160) [You save $76.03] Men's Pinch Grand Classic Penny Loafer Číst dále >>>

    7 back-to-school supplies you should be ordering in bulk — and where to get the best prices on them


    staples back to school

    • Back-to-school season is upon us. If you're the parent of a school-age child, or are still in school yourself, chances are you're in the thick of back-to-school shopping. 
    • Buying certain products in bulk is a great way to save money and make sure you don't have to do multiple school supply shopping trips.
    • From pencils to folders, we rounded up 7 products you should buy in bulk this back-to-school season and where to get the best prices.
    Growing up, I always looked forward to going back to school. Not just for the classes, but for the shopping trip that would come before the first day. A fresh set of colorful gel pens, stickers to personalize my folders and notebooks, erasers galore — back-to-school shopping always made me more excited for the school year ahead.  Now it's back-to-school season for students (and their parents) which means there are lots of school supplies to be picked up. Luckily, there are plenty of retailers running back-to-school sales and making it even easier, and more affordable, to do your school-year shopping. Another way to save money and shop more efficiently is by buying some supplies in bulk. Chances are if you don't use them all this year, you'll use them the next. When I was in school, my mom always kept extra school supplies in the closet, so if my siblings or I ever came to need them, we wouldn't have to make a trip to the store — we could just take from the stockpile we already had. This came in handy often, particularly when it came to finishing up last-minute projects that required a lot of supplies.  Saving time, money, and trips to the store are all benefits of buying in bulk, and luckily, there are lots of places to do it. We perused Staples, Amazon, Boxed, and Walmart to see which had the best prices on bulk school supplies.   When choosing where to do your back-to-school bulk shopping, there are a few factors to consider. For example, if you're an Amazon Prime member , buying off Amazon may be a no-brainer for sheer convenience. Walmart is offering competitive shipping options, too, with free next-day delivery on orders of $35 or more. Boxed offers wholesale prices without the need for a membership, and Staples has back-to-school promotions and other benefits that may bring the cost of your overall order down. That being said, from our selection,  Amazon and Boxed offered most of the best prices. Keep reading for seven school supplies you should buy in bulk, and where to get the best prices:Ticonderoga #2 Pencils The iconic yellow Ticonderoga #2 has pretty much become the pencil of choice among students and teachers alike. While it may seem like technology is rendering old-school writing utensils obsolete, students still need pencils to scribble down notes, take quizzes, and complete homework assignments. Because pencils can easily chip, break, or get lost, it's worth getting a bunch so you don't ever have to worry about being pencil-less for your next math quiz.  Right now, the best deal for stocking up on pencils is at Amazon or Walmart .  Buy Ticonderoga #2 Pencils in bulk here:

    How to post a YouTube video on Facebook in several different ways, using YouTube's 'Share' feature


    Woman on phone and laptop.

    YouTube makes it easy for its viewers to share videos across most social media sites, including Facebook .  Underneath every YouTube video is a "Share" icon — an icon depicting an arrow pointed right. Clicking it opens up a wealth of sharing options. To share to Facebook on mobile, make sure you have the Facebook app, and to share on Facebook using a computer, be sure you are signed in to Facebook.  Check out the products mentioned in this article: iPhone Xs (From $999.99 at Best Buy) Google Pixel 3 (From $799.99 at Best Buy) How to post a YouTube video on Facebook using a computer  1. Go to https://www.youtube.com. 2. Select the video you'd like to share. 3. Once you've selected a video, find the "Share" icon, directly under the video player, to the right of how many views the video has. Click on it. YouTube1 4. Select Facebook from the sharing options in the pop-up menu. You can also alter the video's start time by checking the box at the bottom.  YouTube2 5. If you are already signed into Facebook on your desktop, the video will appear in the post. Select the video post destination by using the drop-down menu at the top of the screen (it will be labeled "Share to News Feed or Story" by default), or add it to your Story by checking the bubble at the bottom of the page. 6. Once you've selected the YouTube video's post destination, click "Post to Facebook" at the bottom of the page.  Youtube3 Alternatively, you can also copy the video's URL, and paste it into a Facebook status. How to share a YouTube video to Facebook on a mobile device 1. Launch the YouTube app, or go to https://www.youtube.com Číst dále >>>

    I tried Dropps eco-friendly laundry detergent pods — they cost the same as brand-name detergents and perform just as well


    Fresh Scent Detergent_Box_1500x1500_7dcaebfc 5b48 4cd2 b5df 34293bbc3d1c_1024x1024

    • Dropps are eco-responsible laundry detergent pods that come in biodegradable pods and compostable cardboard boxes.
    • Formulas are plant-based and free of dyes, fillers, and colorants. Some are lightly scented with natural essential oils.
    • I used Dropps for weeks, and they performed like traditional options with the added benefit of not cutting corners on safe ingredients or eco-conscious design hacks. If you're interested in trying, you can find them on Amazon and Dropps
    Ideally, the household laundry detergent is a renaissance man. It's tasked with effectively removing stains, preserving the integrity of clothes, and leaving behind no residue. On top of that, it should smell great. Dropps , a company that makes eco-friendly laundry detergent pods, delivers on these standard needs. Plus, it exists in the sweet spot between sustainability, convenience, and cost. Its pods are biodegradable, and once the film dissolves in the washer and enters the water stream, the company says that micro-organisms that commonly exist in nature break down the remaining key ingredients, including synthetic ones like polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). You'll see plant-based ingredients and natural essential oils used for the scented options. You won't see any dye or colorants ever. And they don't test on animals. Dropps will also be delivered to you in recyclable, repulpable, compostable cardboard packaging.  Dropps offers laundry detergent pods in pretty much every variety , scented or unscented: standard laundry detergent pods, pods made for small loads, pods made for sensitive skin, pods for baby laundry, scent boosters and fabric softener pods, oxi booster pods , and bestseller bundles . They also make dish detergent pods , odor defense spray , and laundry bags and dryer balls . You can find them on Dropps , or shop the Dropps Amazon store directly for all the perks of an Amazon membership. Prices range from $15 (50-count) to about $30 (160-count) depending on the formula and how many washes it covers. (For reference, Amazon's Choice for Tide Pods is about the same at $0.25 per load). You can also save up to 20% by subscribing, and the Dropps site offers free shipping. I tested the Dropps Stain & Odor Pods in Clean Scent ($20, 56 loads) and Číst dále >>>

    В Ижевске автобус врезался в опору теплотрассы "V Izhevske avtobus vrezalsja v oporu teplotrassy"


    ДТП произошло 23 августа в 19:05 на улице Новоажимова в Ижевске. Автобус «Нефаз» под управлением 39-летнего водителя врезался в опору теплотрассы. Пострадали более 20 человек, в том числе 6-летний ребенок... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

    Scooter Braun just congratulated Taylor Swift on her new album amid their ongoing feud over the rights to her old music — here's everything we know about the celebrity manager's net worth and career


    scooter braun

    • Celebrity talent manager Scooter Braun just congratulated Taylor Swift on the release of her seventh studio album, "Lover."
    • Braun works with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato.
    • He purchased Big Machine Label Group for $300 million and now owns Swift's masters, according to The Wall Street Journal .
    • Swift called the situation her "worst case scenario" in a June 30 Tumblr post .  
    • The former party promoter has an estimated net worth of $400 million as of July 2019, according to Fox Business .
    • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.
    Taylor Swift just released her highly-anticipated new album, "Lover." Among the many famous people congratulating her on the achievement was Hollywood talent manager Scooter Braun — and his supportive tweet was particularly surprising to some fans, given their ongoing feud over the rights to her old music . It was Swift's "worst case scenario" to have Braun control her catalog, she wrote on Tumblr on June 30. But plenty of other stars — including Justin Bieber , Ariana Grande , and Karlie Kloss — have been happy to let him control their careers. After signing Bieber in 2008, Braun became "the defining music executive of the social media era, known for aggressive online cross-promotion between clients," according to The New York Times . Braun's acquisition of Swift's former record label is only his latest move to transform his company, SB Projects, into one of the most powerful forces in Hollywood. Read more: The fabulous life of Dr. Dre, one of the wealthiest men in hip-hop, who has a $770 million fortune and has owned a sprawling network of glitzy LA mansions Keep reading to learn about Braun's career and life.SEE ALSO:  5 Hollywood celebrities who became billionaires and are vastly more rich than their peers DON'T MISS:  Taylor Swift just dropped a new album after her feud with Scooter Braun, and it's the first time she owns the rights to one of her records. From bicoastal mansions to lavish vacations, see how the superstar spends her $360 million-plus fortune. Scott “Scooter” Braun, 38, is a native of Stratford, Ontario. Braun attended Emory University, where he sold fake IDs as a side hustle, according to The Washington Číst dále >>>

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