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Billionaires' success boils down to a set of 3 personality traits that aren't directly tied to intelligence, a new report says


bill gates warren buffett laughing

  • Billionaires have a trifecta of traits to thank for their success, a new report by UBS and PwC found.
  • Their smart risk-taking, focus, and determination is what makes them successful.
  • Companies run by billionaires perform almost twice as well as the rest of the market, Business Insider previously reported.
  • One of UBS' billionaire clients plans in decades instead of quarters, according to John Matthews, the investment bank's Group Managing Director of UBS' Head of Ultra High Net Worth Americas.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.
Intelligence isn't what makes billionaires successful, a  new report  by investment bank UBS and PricewaterhouseCoopers found. It's billionaires' "appetite for smart risk-taking, business focus, and determination" that helps them build and sustain their wealth, according to UBS and PwC's 2019 Billionaires Report . These personality traits create what UBS  and  PwC call the "billionaire effect": Companies run by billionaires perform twice as well as the rest of the market. According to UBS  and  PwC , companies run by billionaires enjoyed returns of 17.8% between 2003 and the end of 2018. That's compared to the MSCI AC World Index's 9.1% return during the same time period. Billionaires' companies were also consistently more profitable and performed better in the six years following an IPO than non-billionaire controlled companies, according to the study. Billionaires have a trifecta of traits that add up to their success, the report outlines: They know how to take smart risks; they are obsessively focused on their businesses, which allows them to see opportunities others missed; and think longer-term than less wealthy CEOs. "[I had a] conversation with a client talking about their success and how he has become successful with his company and his comment to me was, 'John, I don't think in quarters, I think in 10 years,'" John Matthews, the Group Managing Director of UBS' Head of Ultra High Net Worth Americas, said at a press event hosted by UBS on October 6. "It's a different mindset." A multitude of studies and books have similarly concluded that billionaires think differently than the majority of the population The UBS and PwC report underscores findings that align with what other studies and books have also found: Billionaires think and operate differently than the majority of the population. A review of the personality tests of 43 people with net worths above $11 million by German researcher Rainer Zitelmann found that ultra-wealthy entrepreneurs tend to have high tolerances for frustration and be more detail-oriented than the general population,  Business Insider  previously reported. "To sum this up, you can say that rich people are less neurotic and less agreeable, but have a higher degree of conscientiousness, are more open to new experience, and more extroverted than the population as a whole," Zitelmann said. Číst dále >>>

L.L.Bean's iconic Bean Boots are 25% off right now


  Bean Boots Sale

  • Now through November 19, you can save 25% sitewide at L.L.Bean by using the promo code "SAVE25" at checkout.
  • If your order totals more than $50 after promotions and discounts are applied, you'll also receive free shipping.
  • While clothing and gear are included in the promotion, the best items on sale right now are L.L.Bean's iconic Bean Boots .
L.L. Bean is making the transition to winter easier by offering 25% off your entire order, including new arrivals , using promo code "SAVE25" at checkout. If your order total is $50 or more after promotions and discounts are applied, you'll also get free shipping. Better yet, the iconic L.L.Bean Boots , a wintertime staple, are included in the sale. 171005_HP_V2_08 These boots have built a solid reputation over the years and continue to be one of the brand's bestsellers. Since 1912, L.L.Bean Boots have been made by hand with the help of expert craftspeople, and the company continues to use the same design and process that they have practiced since day one. The detailed technique ensures quality, but the boots often sell out because the demand from eager buyers far exceeds what the Maine-based factory can produce by hand. Popularity wise, the rubber moccasin and the original eight-inch boot are at the top of the list, but there are a total of 29 styles available for men , and 29 styles available for women — so there's a pretty high chance you'll find the perfect boot. Check out the best L.L.Bean Boots for men, women, and kids below:Men's L.L.Bean Original 8-Inch Boot L.L.Bean Original 8-Inch Boot, $104.25 (Originally $139)  [You save $34.75]   Men's L.L.Bean Shearling-Lined 10-Inch Boot Číst dále >>>

This parka from Everlane is my go-to for freezing cold weather — and it's made with 100% recycled material


  renew long puffer

  • Winter means it's time for you to take your parka out of hibernation. And if you don't have one or just want something new, it's time to act on that. 
  • Everlane's ReNew Long Puffer ($175) is an impressive parka at an affordable price. It's warm, looks nice on, has thoughtful features, and is made from recycled bottles. 
  • I took the ReNew Long Puffer for a spin around New York City and was impressed at how well it fared, especially considering the price. 
A parka is a winter essential in colder climates. Piling on layers of wool and fleece is a futile attempt at staying warm without the thick, all-encompassing warmth of a good coat. Luckily, there are plenty of great winter coats out there.  But if you're anything like me, the endless options can actually make the decision process all the more difficult. There are so many things to consider: How much are you willing to spend? Is the more expensive option always warmer? Are there cruelty-free options? Will it even look good on? If you want to cut through the noise, Everlane's ReNew Long Puffer is an easy choice. It's warm, sustainable, and affordable, a rare find in the winter coat world.  Everything you need to know about the ReNew Long Puffer Last year, Everlane announced a lofty environmental goal — by 2021 the brand will have no new plastic in their supply chain. But there are already 8 billion tons of plastic on the planet, and they're not going away. The ReNew collection was built as the brand's innovative first step toward a plastic-free future. Instead of creating new synthetic fabrics, the ReNew collection features a range of outerwear made from recycled plastic bottles. Each ReNew Long Puffer is made from 60 renewed plastic bottles. Both the fabric and insulation are 100% recycled. The only parts of the coat that aren't recycled are the zippers and trim, though Everlane is working to source those from recycled materials as well.  The coat itself has the look of a classic parka. It's long, puffy, and relatively thick, with three color options: black, navy, and a rich cobalt blue. There's a drawstring waist, which allows you to get a more flattering fit from the otherwise oversized silhouette. A hood adds some easy warmth, and there's a drawstring so you can keep your head protected on those chilly, windy days. There are two oversized pockets with a fleecy lining inside — a nice spot to warm up cold hands. The jacket is not too long, but it hits about mid-thigh to knee (depending on the person) so you get a good amount of leg coverage. The whole jacket is water-resistant, an important feature for something that'll likely be seeing snow. Everlane says the coat is recommended for temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees.  Číst dále >>>

Podstrana Chorvatsko – vesnička kousek od Splitu


Podstrana, vesnice ležící na pobřeží asi 8 kilometrů jižně od Splitu, byla naší cílovou destinací této dovolené. Byla to naše první dovolená v Chorvatsku a už dopředu jsem věděla, že bude stát za to. Vyjíždělo se přibližně v 22 hodin z Ostravy. Podstrana Chorvatsko Cesta autem trvala (s hodinovým spánkem) asi 15 hodin. Během toho samozřejmě Číst dále >>>

В Башкирии автомобиль сбил двух девочек-подростков "V Bashkirii avtomobil sbil dvukh devochek-podrostkov"


14 ноября около 20 часов на 5 километре автодороги Алаторка — Охлебинино в Иглинском районе местный житель, находясь за рулем автомобиля «Chevrolet Niva», совершил наезд на двух девочек, которые шли по дороге… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

How to set a custom ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S10, and choose your own music or assign it to a specific caller


Samsung S10e

  • It's easy to set a custom ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S10 using the sound and vibration section of the Settings app.
  • You can set any song on your Galaxy S10 as a ringtone and start playing it from the beginning, or have the song play from a different point. 
  • You can also set specific ringtones for your favorite callers, so you know who is calling as soon as the phone begins to ring. 
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories .
Unlike the iPhone , which makes setting up a custom ringtone a fairly arduous task , the ability to customize ringtones on Android phones like the Galaxy S10 is built into the operating system.  You can even turn your favorite songs into ringtones, or set a custom ringtone for specific callers. Here's how to do it.  Check out the products mentioned in this article: Samsung Galaxy S10 (From $899.99 at Best Buy) iPhone 11 (From $699.99 at Best Buy) How to set a custom ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S10 1. Start the Settings app. 2. Tap "Sound and vibration." 3. Tap "Ringtone." ringtone 1 4. To change the ringtone to one of the built-in sounds, tap any entry in the list and then tap the back button.  5. To select a song stored on your phone, tap the plus sign at the top right of the screen.  6. On the "Sound picker" screen, tap a song you want to use as a ringtone. The song will start playing so you can preview it. You can browse songs by track, album, artist, or folder using the tabs at the bottom of the screen, or search for a song using the Search button at the top of the screen. ringtone 2 7. If you want the song to start at the beginning when a call starts, turn "Highlights only" off by swiping the button to the left. If on, Highlights Only starts playing the song somewhere in the middle when a call comes in.  8. When you're satisfied with your ringtone selection, tap "Done." How to set a custom ringtone for specific callers If you want to associate a specific ringtone with certain callers, you can do that as well.  Číst dále >>>

L.L.Bean is running a holiday sale and everything is 25% off — here are 20 standout deals



SEE ALSO:  The best winter boots for women Original 8-Inch Bean Boots Men's: $104.25 (Originally $139) [You save $34.75] Women's: $104.25 (Originally $139) [You save $34.75]   Men's Sweater Fleece Full-Zip Jacket $66.75 (Originally $89) [You save $22.25] Men's Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt $37.46 (Originally $49.95) [You save $12.49] Men's Comfort Camp Hoodie $48.71 (Originally $64.95) [You save $16.24] Men's Ultralight 850 Down Hooded Jacket Číst dále >>>

Google’s ambitious new video game service is starting to look like a giant mess — and it isn't even live yet (GOOGL)


Google Stadia

  • Google is just days away from entering the video game business with its new platform, Google Stadia , which launches on November 19.
  • But even before launch, there are already some signs that the service is facing an uphill battle — much of which is Google's own making.
  • Between a paltry line-up of launch games, major limitations on where the service works, and huge limitations on the service's functionality, the launch of Google's first major gaming initiative is starting to look like a mess.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.
Google is just days away from launching a video game platform intended to compete with the likes of Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It's a hugely ambitious new platform named Google Stadia , and it aims to be the Netflix of gaming. It's such a big deal, in fact, that Google CEO Sundar Pichai himself introduced Stadia back in March at the 2019 Game Developers Conference.  Why is Stadia so ambitious? Rather than downloading games or playing them off a Blu-ray disc, Stadia streams games to you wherever you are, like Netflix streams movies and TVs to you wherever you are. But with just days to go until the service goes live on November 19, several major red flags have begun waving.SEE ALSO:  These are the 12 games you can play when Google's video game streaming platform launches next week 1. There are just 12 games launching with the service, and only one of those games is new. Of the 12 games coming to Stadia on November 19, a single game — "Gylt" — is new. There are three "Tomb Raider" games, making up 25% of the entire launch library. If you're playing Stadia at launch, it means you likely shelled out $130 for the "Founder's Edition" which includes a subscription to Google's "Stadia Pro" service. And Stadia Pro comes with a free game: "Destiny 2."  This version of "Destiny 2" comes with a bunch of add-on content, but the fact remains that "Destiny 2" is a game that originally came out in 2017. Worse, "Destiny 2" is an online-only game that is primarily played with other people — but "Destiny 2" on Stadia is siloed off from other platforms, meaning you'll only be able to play with other "Destiny 2" players on Stadia.  Google has said that another 14 games will arrive on Stadia's game store by the end of 2019 , bringing the total library to 26. The cadence of those releases remains unknown. "They will be launching frequently and as soon as through proper testing/certification," a Google representative told us. 2. There are major limitations with the launch units. There are two ways to play Stadia when it launches in November 19: You can pay $10/month for Stadia Pro, or you can pay $130 for the "Founder's Edition" (now known as the "Premiere Edition"). The latter package comes with Google's Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra — the necessary hardware for playing Google Stadia on a television. By next year, Google also plans to offer a free version as well with a slightly lower resolution than the 4K/HDR visuals offered in the "Pro" tier. But for now, when the service launches on November 19, some of the people who dropped $130 on the Founder's Edition won't actually get what they ordered. Two of Google Stadia's product leads, Andrey Doronichev and Beri Lee, addressed the issue during a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) on Wednesday . "You can check your estimated delivery date by logging into [the Google Store] and checking your Order History," Lee said. "You'll get your activation email soon after your order ships. Stadia goes live at 9am PS Číst dále >>>

8-летняя девочка погибла в ДТП в Башкирии "8-letnjaja devochka pogibla v DTP v Bashkirii"


14 ноября около 19 часов на 34 километре автодороги Кушнаренково — Чекмагуш — Бакалы легковой автомобиль Datsun столкнулся с попутным грузовиком КАМАЗ. Погибла 8-летняя девочка… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

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