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Zpravodajství - Sport - Golf - 14. května 2019

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House intelligence panel seeks interviews with Trump lawyers


House intelligence panel seeks interviews with Trump lawyers WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Intelligence Committee has called four lawyers linked to President Donald Trump and his family for interviews as part of an investigation into whether they tried to obstruct the panel's inquiry into Russian election interference. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

The Latest: AP sources: Panel, Trump Jr. agree to interview


The Latest: AP sources: Panel, Trump Jr. agree to interview WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on a subpoena sent to Donald Trump Jr. (all times local): Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

William Barr Delivers Chilling Message to FBI for Trump


William Barr Delivers Chilling Message to FBI for Trump Photo Illustration by Lyne Lucien/The Daily Beast/Photos from Getty/APIf you come at the king, you best not miss. That’s the message Attorney General William Barr is sending to FBI agents, whether intentionally or not. Barr has authorized yet another investigation into the FBI’s conduct probing links between Russian election interference and the Trump campaign. Even though two other entities are already investigating the same matter, reports indicate that Barr has appointed Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russia probe. In doing so, Barr is playing into the hands of President Donald Trump, who has already characterized Durham’s assignment as an investigation into “how that whole hoax got started.” The most charitable interpretation of Barr’s behavior in defense of Trump is that he believes strongly in a “unitary executive,” where the president can order any investigation he wants. But in his quest to protect the presidency, Barr is damaging our national security. His complicity in Trump’s efforts to disparage the FBI will make it more difficult for agents to do their jobs and could discourage investigations of those in power. Certainly, the FBI, like any other government agency, should be subject to scrutiny. If you were to ask most FBI agents about internal investigations, they would tell you that they welcome such probes when done in good faith because they ensure not only accountability but also public trust. Following the FBI’s aggressive surveillance of civil rights activists and war protesters in the 1960s and ’70s, safeguards and approval requirements were created to prevent such abuses. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was created to provide independent oversight of wiretaps conducted in the name of national security. The Domestic Investigations Operations Guide was created to provide detailed operational and approval requirements for each investigative step. FBI personnel are subject to DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which investigates allegations of misconduct. The FBI also has its own inspection division to conduct routine audits of compliance with polices and practices. But the current outcry about the use of FISA surveillance and informants to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election is not sufficient predication for a criminal investigation. Those techniques are routinely and appropriately used in counterintelligence investigations against foreign adversaries. Former FBI general counsel James Baker has been speaking out about the FBI’s work on the Russia investigation, stating that the investigation not a “coup” against President Trump, but instead was “about Russia. It was always about Russia. Full stop.” Failing to investigate Russian interference would have been a breach of the FBI’s duty. Even use of the so-called Steele dossier in the FISA application for surveillance of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page is not the scandal that some describe. The dossier, compiled by a former British intelligence agent to be used as opposition research by Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Trump, was properly described as such in the FISA application, such that the FISA court had complete and accurate information when it authorized the surveillance. Judges, including those on the FISA court, are capable of discounting information based on potential biases as long as they are disclosed in the application, as they were here. In addition, material from the Steele dossier provided only a portion of the facts included in the 66-page application that was used to establish probable cause to obtain surveillance authorization from the FISA court. Renewals of the application were approved from Trump-appointed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. There is no evidence in the public record that the FBI abused the FISA process in this investigation. Nonetheless, last year, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz to investigate potential abuses in the FISA process following complaints by Republican lawmakers. Sessions later asked Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber to pursue any criminal conduct relating to the same matter, along with other matters relating to Clinton. It is unclear why Barr does not simply await those results rather than appoint a new prosecutor to undertake another investigation. If Barr had wanted to expand the scope of the prior investigations, he could have done so without appointing a new investigator. If he were simply replacing Huber Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Joe Biden steps up the retail politics in New Hampshire


Joe Biden steps up the retail politics in New Hampshire NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — An impassioned version of his standard speech in the rain. A huddle with reporters in the state capital. A little encouragement for a schoolboy getting ready for a hockey tournament. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Trump dismisses report of plan to send troops to Middle East as ally questions Iran threat


Trump dismisses report of plan to send troops to Middle East as ally questions Iran threat Trump dismissed a report that his administration is planning to send 120,000 troops to the Middle East to address Iran, but then issued a new threat. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Trump Jr. Strikes a Deal to Sit for Private Interview with Senate Intel Committee


Trump Jr. Strikes a Deal to Sit for Private Interview with Senate Intel Committee After weeks of contentious negotiation, Donald Trump Jr. agreed on Tuesday to comply with the Republican Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr’s (R., N.C.) subpoena-backed demand that he sit for a private interview with members of the panel, the New York Times first reported.Trump Jr. has reportedly agreed to speak to lawmakers about a limited range of topics for between two and four hours sometime in mid June.Burr told fellow Republican senators last week that he was forced to issue a subpoena demanding Trump Jr.'s appearance after he skipped two previously scheduled appointments to sit for an interview, the Times reported on Sunday.Speaking to reporters at the White House on Tuesday, President Trump called the Senate Intelligence Committee's move to subpoena his son “unfair.”“It's really a tough situation because my son spent over 20 hours testifying about something that Mueller said was 100 percent okay. And now they want him to testify again. . . . I have no idea why, but it seems very unfair to me,” Trump said, referring to the closed-door testimony his son provided about the infamous Trump Tower meeting.In the wake of Robert Mueller's report, Democrats and a subset of Republicans have argued that the meeting, in which Trump Jr. and other campaign officials met with a Kremlin-linked attorney, warrants further investigation.Like the president, Senator Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) has argued that compelling further testimony from Trump Jr. is an unnecessary act of political theater.“You just show up and plead the Fifth, and it’s over with,” Graham told reporters on Monday. “You’d have to be an idiot as a lawyer to put your client back into this circus, a complete idiot.”Other prominent Republicans, such as Kentucky senator Rand Paul, have chastised Burr from breaking ranks by continuing to pursue his investigation into Trump campaign activities after the conclusion of Mueller's probe.> Apparently the Republican chair of the Senate Intel Committee didn’t get the memo from the Majority Leader that this case was closed… https://t.co/jvV5PIX266> > -- Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) May 8, 2019In his report, Mueller explained that he and his team considered charging Trump Jr. and others with campaign-finance violations for agreeing to meet with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya to obtain damaging information on Hillary Clinton.Lawmakers reportedly plan to press Trump Jr. on his previous claim that only Jared Kushner and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort were aware of Veselnitskaya's offer, based on new evidence included in the Mueller report that suggests he informed the campaign's entire senior staff. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

PGA Championship 2019: Tee times, pairings, live stream, TV schedule for Round 1


THE PGA Championship 2019 is about to begin in New York. Here are all the details you need on tee times, pairings, live streams and how to watch the first round. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Trump's Trade War With China Could Cost the Average Family Up to $2,300 a Year, Report Estimates


Trump's Trade War With China Could Cost the Average Family Up to $2,300 a Year, Report Estimates President Donald Trump's trade war with China could cost the average American family of four up to $2,300, a report finds.  Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Global stocks bounce back as Trump downplays U.S.-China trade fight


Global stocks bounce back as Trump downplays U.S.-China trade fight U.S. and European stocks regained ground on Tuesday after President Donald Trump downplayed the U.S.-China trade war as "a little squabble" a day after a spike in tensions between the world's two largest economies rattled financial markets. Fears that the United States and China were spiraling into a fiercer, more protracted trade dispute that could derail the global economy have shaken investors in the past week. The MSCI index gained 0.49% on Tuesday. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Nucor shareholders reject proposal on disclosing lobbying details


Nucor shareholders reject proposal on disclosing lobbying details Nucor Corp shareholders have rejected a proposal that would make the company report on its political lobbying, heading off efforts to make one of the most high-profile corporate actors in Washington more transparent. The largest U.S. steelmaker led the push for imposing tariffs on steel imports last year, now a signature part of U.S. President Donald Trump's trade policy. Trump had said tariffs were needed to save the industry from losing out to unscrupulous foreign competitors. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

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