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Zpravodajství - Životní styl - Bydlení - 10. srpna 2019

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How to pack a nutritious school lunch in a few easy steps



  • Packing a school lunch can be a daunting and monotonous task, but these tips and suggestions will make the process easier.
  • In each lunch, aim to include a protein, whole grain, fruit, vegetable, healthy fat, and a drink.
  • Pack lunches in appropriate containers that will keep them from getting smashed while also maintaining the correct temperature.
  • We recommend bento boxes from Bentgo , OmieBox , and LunchBots , as well as good old paper bags , an insulated lunch tote , a good thermos , and reusable containers .
  • Don't forget — your ultimate goal is to feed your child, so don't aim for perfection every day.
Squeaky clean shoes, new school supplies, a fresh start, a fall crisp in the air, and … packed lunches. If the thought of packing a nutritious lunch for your kids every single day gives you anxiety, breathe a sigh of relief because we're here to help. Packing a school lunch may seem simple — pack what your kid likes to eat — but any parent will quickly tell you that it's not that simple.  We've rounded up a bunch of great school lunch ideas, tips on how to pack a lunch, and recommendations for great lunch boxes and food containers you can use. Tips and tricks on how to pack a school lunch
  • Give yourself some grace. Don't beat yourself up if you don't pack the most nutritious meal every single day. You fed your child and that's what matters. Sometimes their lunch will be perfectly balanced, and sometimes they'll come home having eaten nothing but the bag of chips you packed. Sometimes I make my 1-year-old daughter a delicious meal, and all she eats is ketchup. It happens.
  • Follow your child's cues and communicate with them about their lunches. If they always eat grapes at home, but they never get eaten when you send them to school, there's bound to be a good reason why!
  • Try to pack a little more than you think your kid will eat. It's better to waste a small amount of food than for your child to not have enough. As a high school teacher, I used to have hungry athletes who would finish their packed lunch by second period. If your kids are very active and/or they continually come home with their lunch completely gone, that's a good indicator that you need to start packing more. 
  • Pack a variety of options so your child has choices, and make them things that you know your ch Číst dále >>>

  • Pětibojař Vlach slaví bronz na ME i účast na olympiádě


    Moderní pětibojař Martin Vlach vybojoval bronzovou medaili na mistrovství Evropy a zároveň si zajistil start na olympijských hrách v Tokiu. Dvaadvacetiletý český závodník získal na šampionátu v britském Bathu 1460 bodů a za domácím vítězem Jamesem Cookem zaostal o 17 bodů. Od stříbra ho dělily čtyři body. Číst dále >>>

    How the new Apple Card compares to top rewards credit cards from Amex, Capital One, and more


    apple card

    • The Apple Card is now available to iPhone users. You can apply for the card directly from your phone.
    • From a titanium card design with no card number on it to no fees to almost instant rewards, the card has several unique features.
    • While the Apple Card has several unique features, many of which involve its integration with the iPhone, when it comes to earning cash back and coverage like purchase protection, several other credit cards have a leg up.
    For many people, Apple's first iPhone changed their idea of what a mobile device could be, instantly making all other phones seem obsolete. Apple has just released its new credit card , and it's taking the same revolutionary approach, with a titanium card design that doesn't even include a card number and strong integration with the iPhone.  But the Apple Card is joining a crowded space — there are already plenty of credit cards that earn cash back with no annual fee, not to mention premium rewards cards with perks that can easily get you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in value. So, how does the Apple Card compare to cards from Amex, Citi, and other issuers? How the Apple Card works Let's start with the basics. The Apple Card is a cash-back credit card with no annual fee . In fact, the Apple Card has no fees of any kind, including annual fees, foreign transaction fees, cash advance fees, and even late fees. But don't expect a generous welcome bonus or a valuable introductory financing offer , because it doesn't offer either. Instead, the Apple Card offers 3% cash back on all purchases made through an Apple Store or the Apple App Store, and 2% cash back every time you use Apple Pay, either online or through contactless payments. And you earn just 1% cash back when using the physical Apple Card. And unlike most cards, you receive your rewards the day after a purchase, when it's loaded to your account as Apple Cash.  The standard APR for purchases is 12.99% to 23.99%, depending on your creditworthiness when you apply. This might seem a little high compared to the industry average of about 15%, but it's still competitive with other rewards credit cards , which usually have higher interest rates compared to credit cards that don't offer points, miles, or cash back. And there's no penalty APR that's applied when you make a late payment. Unique features of the Apple Card Examining the rates and fees of the Apple Card is like evaluating the iPhone based on how well it makes plain old phone calls. The real point of the Apple Card appears to be its additional features that aren't available on other credit cards. For example, you can apply for a new account from within the Apple Wallet tab, and the card itself is a sleek, titanium monolith with your name engraved on it, but not an account number (the account number is available in the Wallet app).  The Apple Card is also tightly integrated with the iPhone. You see your purchases instantly, and you can even locate where each charge was processed by using Apple Maps. Each transaction is authorized by either Touch ID or Face ID, and you can have your lost or stolen card information replaced instantly in Apple Pay while a new physically card is being sent. Apple also wants its new card to help you manage your money. It features weekly and monthly spending reports that you can access with a single tap that breaks down all of your spending by categories. And when it comes time to pay your bill, it shows you the interest you'll incur if you fail to pay your entire balance.  How does the Apple Card stack up against its competitors? No fees Many features of the Apple Card are already available on other credit cards. For example, both the PenFed Promise and the Petal Card already have no fees at all, just like the Apple Card. And the Číst dále >>>

    Ptačinec hajní - Stellaria nemorum

    10.8.2019 21:01
    Flóra Česka a Slovenska / Květena A-Z
    Ptačinec hajní Stellaria nemorum

    Ptačinec hajní - Stellaria nemorum Čeleď: Hvozdíkovité - Caryophyllaceae ... Číst dále >>>

    Ptačinec trávovitý - Stellaria graminea

    10.8.2019 20:58
    Flóra Česka a Slovenska / Květena A-Z
    Ptačinec trávovitý Stellaria graminea

    Ptačinec trávovitý - Stellaria graminea Synonyma: Alsine graminea, Stellaria graminea var. latifolia Čeleď: Caryophyllaceae - hvozdíkovité ... Číst dále >>>

    Čeští atleti se zatím zachraňují v superlize ME, Hejnová vyhrála


    Český tým je po druhém dnu mistrovství Evropy atletických družstev sedmý, což by znamenalo záchranu v superlize. Na osmou Ukrajinu, která už by sestupovala, mají Češi po 22 ze 40 soutěží náskok jediného bodu. Rozhodne se v neděli. O zatím jediné české vítězství se v Bydhošti postarala Zuzana Hejnová v běhu na 400 metrů překážek, které k jasnému triumfu stačil čas 55,10, tedy výkon bezmála o sekundu pomalejší, než je její sezonní maximum. Číst dále >>>

    Mléč zelinný - Sonchus oleraceus

    10.8.2019 20:45
    Flóra Česka a Slovenska / Květena A-Z
    Mléč zelinný Sonchus oleraceus

    Mléč zelinný - Sonchus oleraceus Další názvy: mléč hladký Čeleď: Asteraceae - hvězdnicovité ... Číst dále >>>

    Starček obecný - Senecio vulgaris

    10.8.2019 20:14
    Flóra Česka a Slovenska / Květena A-Z
    Starček obecný Senecio vulgaris

    Starček obecný - Senecio vulgaris Čeleď: Hvězdnicovité - Astraceae ... Číst dále >>>

    Basketbalisté porazili na domácím turnaji v Praze i Polsko


    Čeští basketbalisté porazili v Praze Polsko 81:76 a uspěli i ve druhém utkání na domácím přípravném turnaji před mistrovstvím světa v Číně. Nejlepším střelcem zápasu byl s 21 body Tomáš Satoranský. V neděli od 15:00 čeká na závěr svěřence trenéra Ronena Ginzburga souboj s Jordánskem. Číst dále >>>

    Pákistán se chce kvůli Kašmíru obrátit na Radu bezpečnosti OSN


    Pákistánská vláda bude usilovat o to, aby Rada bezpečnosti OSN odsoudila rozhodnutí Indie odebrat svazovému státu Džammú a Kašmír autonomní status. Tuto snahu podle šéfa pákistánské diplomacie Šáha Mahmúda Kurešího plně podporuje Peking. Agentura Reuters zároveň informovala, že v pátek v neklidném indickém regionu proti kroku vlády demonstrovalo nejméně 10 tisíc lidí. Číst dále >>>

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    Dřevo na konstrukce slaměných domů

    Přírodní bydlení 13.10.2019, 11:59

    Jaké jsou zkušenosti s dřevěným skeletem slaměného domu? Jaké je nejlepší řezivo? Používá se častěji čerstvé dřevo nebo KVH hranoly? Rozhovor s projektantem slaměných domů Danem Grmelou. Další videa najdete na webu: http://www.prirodnibydleni.cz

    Minimalistická zelená střecha

    Přírodní bydlení 03.10.2019, 21:05

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    Vícefunkční dřevník se zelenou střechou

    Přírodní bydlení 15.09.2019, 17:10

    Inspirativní dřevník se zelenou střechou, na které rostou dýně. Další videa najdete na webu: http://www.prirodnibydleni.cz

    Trvanlivost slaměných staveb

    Přírodní bydlení 08.09.2019, 16:08

    Jaká je trvanlivost slaměných domů ve srovnání s jinými typy staveb? Rozhovor s projektantem slaměných domů Danem Grmelou. Další videa najdete na webu: http://www.prirodnibydleni.cz


    Přírodní bydlení 29.08.2019, 11:43

    Různě zakřivené kusy dřeva s boulemi – to jsou samorosty. Na pile je najdeme jen těžko a je potřeba je hledat přímo v lese. Mohou se pak stát úžasnými prvky domů s vysokou estetickou hodnotou. Další videa najdete na webu: http://www.prirodnibydleni.cz


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