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$$->PWNED ! by the MOB

11. února 2019, 06:10
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MESSENGER  Wrote: (Today 06:33 AM)NormalIsSubjective  Wrote: (Today 06:03 AM)spɹɐʍoɔ snoɯʎuouɐ  Wrote: (Today 05:56 AM)Quite simply.. this cringeworthy bunch of inept criminals that are Trump's 5th column ,doing the will of Putin mob oligarchy, ex-Soviet ?

No, Putin still says the destruction of the Berlin wall was the saddest day in his countries history.. this is a fact. These Soviets became a criminally structured organization and embraced all the mob tactics that goes with that set up. Now look at how Trump operates.. his history with these people.

Your fake patriotism being a thinly veiled disguise for racists and goosestepping christian nazi worshipers, is sad to see that you have been had so bad.. but you can't see it , you are 100% (remember that?) compromised by the psychological warfare and are actually not physically able to.

You are basically doing the bidding of a covert personality cult of far-left oligarchs and their propaganda network and being willing pawns in destroying your country for the plutocratic globalist far-left.

Murdoch/ Rothschild, Koch/Mercer ,Bannon/Assange are your deepstate you are trying to frame people who will save democracy from this attack on western society with..

A veritable cherry tree, ripe for the picking:

I see you found it..

Quote: "but Putin has since frequently underscored that he was talking about the collapse of the Russian state itself."
He certainly has had some 5 star help from the President and US Senate ,ALEC, AFP, NRA .. etc etc kick-starting it back to life !

nice work, chaps..

[Image: qqE9yOk.jpg]

Putin’s name is mentioned every day but many don’t know who Putin is and circumstances leading to his rise to power. Many call him a terrorist, a mobster, a murderer.

All of the above is true! While in Dresden working in KGB PGU illegal intel Putin was a liaison bet RAF and KGB
The RAF at the time was being trained in East Germany and committing terrorist attacks in West Germany. Putin then came back to Leningrad and watched what he called one of the most tragic events occur, the fall of the Soviet Union.

While in Leningrad Putin made alliances w powerful mafia figures who who controlled politicians & were under protection of intel agencies. Putin was taken under the wing of Sobchak and began running the Committee for External affairs handing out contracts for food that never came
Putin was aligned w 3 major mafia orgs and around this time met Mogilevich who was heading the int’l branch in Budapest for solntsevo (Mikhas) mafia in Moscow. Mogi would later be rumored to have compromised Orban handing the evidence to Putin resulting in Orban becoming a puppet
During those years Putin was involved w mafia on many ventures including drug trafficking, money laundering, weapons trafficking, stealing resources, etc. Fast forward Putin goes to Moscow under Yeltsin admin and gets shortly after gets placed into power shortly after.

During Yeltsin mafia continued to be intertwined with political leaders, working on behalf of intel services performing shadowy operations and receiving protection from them, and involved w businessmen who managed to make it. There was no other way to do business unless w mafia.
Right before elections the Moscow apartment bombings occurred killing 293 people and injuring more than 1000. By now many agencies around the world have concluded that Putin, Patrushev (Bolton’s contact), and a few in his inner circle were involved and as well as FSB
Putin’s inner circle are criminals. Patrushev (Apt bombings, aligned w Mogi, most likely responsible for compromising Orban, involved in global drug trafficking), Prigozhin (indicted in US for troll farm, Putin’s front man for decades, received ‘roof’ from mafia early on), etc
Anyways this is a very short overview to Putin’s beginnings and rise to power. Since then Putin has been many responsible for murders of opposition, journalists, his own people, and has committed terrorist activities around the world including downing a plane.

Putin started as a terrorist and continues except on a global scale. The fact that the West took him seriously and thought he would actually reform Russia is insane. The fact Trump worships him says a lot considering they have associates from the same mafia orgs for decades https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/10944...53408.html Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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