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Meet the British TV licensing Gestapo

25. března 2019, 22:24
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Imagine that agents from CNN showed up on your doorstep regularly demanding access to your home to check if you were receiving live television without a government-mandated TV license. That's the reality in Britain with the BBC, which makes over five billion pounds ($6.6B US) a year off the licensing fees of citizens. According to numbers, that's 75 percent of the BBC's annual income. Daily Mail:

Ruthless and underhand tactics used by BBC licence fee agents can be exposed today.

Under an aggressive incentive scheme, hundreds of enforcement officers have orders to each catch 28 evaders a week.

Bosses promise bonuses of up to £15,000 a year, saying staff must gather evidence to take as many people to court as possible.

Homeowners who fail to pay can be fined and given criminal records.

Among the vulnerable targeted in the past seven days are a war veteran with dementia and a desperate young mother in a women’s refuge. Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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