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NDER Who Met A Demiurge

17. května 2019, 21:48
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Part 1
I interviewed a near death experiencer who met the Demiurge during his NDE. When I first met the man he told me the Demiurge was around or near the moon and was alien. When he told me this he had no idea about my web site or theories about the moon. He went to the Light which he described as being:

"square , square. It's like a big spaceship...It's square. I mean. I'm looking at it. Well, it could have been rectangular but the perspective of it was so huge and giant that it had a top, a bottom, sides and it could have been a rectangle but it seemed like a square, cube, whatever. And this is pre-Star Trek Borg, you know. I understood this before the, you know, it was square, like a big, gigantic metal spaceship. It's fly...floating in space and it ain't a planet, you know. It ain't round. Okay, and it's got that door, the inverse.... if you want to call beings from a spaceship 'aliens', I don't know ."

After being shown highlights of his life, The Light asked him what he thought about his life and did he learn enough about Love. When he gave what he pereived as an inadequate answer he was kicked out of heaven and found himself lining up to return to Earth. Just before he hit Earth's atmosphere he said: "I'm like right in front of this, you know, Norman Rockwell looking guy, you know -- big, long flowing white hair... big white beard.. He had burning, red eyes... brassy face... brass-colored face. He's translucent kinda like the gold up in, you know... 'heaven' ... whatever you want to call that place. And, uh, he's severe. This guy's not somebody that you wanna mess with. I mean, he's just full of serious intent. I mean, very, very serious guy and he's got all these star maps and he's showing them to me and I'm like absorbing it and he's trying to explain everything to me and I'm... I'm having to make some agreements before I come into a body and he's showing me why. THIS star's aligned with THIS galaxy and THIS planet and THIS, THAT and it's like these maps. **

He opened up some new books, okay, for me and he showed me how we interact with one another. And one of them was 'waves'. We're in waves and the waves go across the whole Earth and they're like a... imagine ocean waves. And there are waves that go across the entire Earth of Light and Darkness. And he showed me how he was like a filter for the Earth to cause the waves. In other words, he caused the waves by his presence of Darkness. It's like imagine putting up a filter in front of the window and some of it goes through and somehow putting the veil caused the Light and the Darkness on the Earth to pull up. The Light pulls up and the Darkness pulls down. And so the whole Earth was like a big round ball of waves that move across.

The Light pulled down and ... I mean, the Light pulled UP and the Darkness pulled DOWN and it was a perfect balance to him. And he was trying to explain to me how HE was superior to the Light. Okay. How WAS he superior? Because he had this thing balanced. Everybody lined up for miles and miles to come here because they wanted to experience what he has, and what he has is this perfect balance of 1/3 Light... I mean 2/3 Light and 1/3 Darkness. It's like a counterbalance, the ying and the yang things. But the Lightness, it's more Light than it is Dark and it's not always exactly in balance. What he was describing is that he needed me to DO some things, to keep the balance of Light up because if there aren't enough people doing 'Light' things then the balance gets too wonkered and gets too dark and it's like GAME OVER -- everybody goes home, it's DONE. And he has to not... I mean, people call him the Devil. How can a guy be the Devil who wants good things to happen, you know, that wants 'Light' things to happen: Love, kindness, joy?... He ain't the Devil I've heard. Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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