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the slow, gentle and total subversion of the internet

17. května 2019, 21:27
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So this is pretty much the only website that I still frequent that doesn't feel completely taken over by some Force out there.

If I express a relaxed intellectually sound opinion on just about any site these days I get attacked and then banned.

I don't take strong left or right perspectives on things and it seems like the websites are all slanted in one direction or another these days. If you are on one of those sites and you say very much against the direction they are slanted BAM you get banned.

It was slow and subtle at first but now it's really quick and in your face for most sites, YouTube is still somewhat chill when it comes to comments, but NOT videos.

Anyways, the point of this thread is that I'm wondering how it is that LoP has somehow escaped this fate worse than death that has taken all the other conspiracy forums and turned them into political circle jerks. Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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