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LWRCI IC-DI Competition AR15, One Year of 3 Gun Competitions Later

18. července 2019, 03:14
AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson | AmmoLand.com | Shooting Industry News
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LWRCI IC-DI Competition Model, One Year of Competitions Later - ReviewLWRCI IC-DI Competition, One Year of Competitions Later – Review, photo by MAXT Sportswear U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- LWRC International (LWRCI) makes some of the best AR-15s available today. Their manufacturing is second to none and if you ask anyone from my 3 gun squads they will tell you I swear by my rifle. Now, that may be due to the fact that I have been to their facility in Cambridge, MD. I have seen in person their intense manufacturing process and quality control that goes into every rifle they build. But, as the title implies, I have also shot this rifle for over a year as my primary firearm for eight multi-gun competitions.

LWRCI IC DI Competition

I was fortunate enough to be sent an LWRCI IC DI Competition AR15 just a little over a year ago now. From the day it had shown up at my FFL in Virginia it has been my go-to rifle for every competition I’ve shot in that time. This rifle has been tossed into garbage cans, had other guns thrown on top of it, shot through rain, has been in West Virginia’s humidity and Colorado’s dusty plains. After all that time and use I do not have an accurate round count anymore, so I will do some estimates here. Last weekend’s match saw me shoot 150 rounds of .223 in two days. Before that, I was practicing three-days a week for two straight weeks. Each time I went to the range, the rifle was in my hand and I would shoot anywhere from 100 to 200 rounds through it. After all that practice and competition, this rifle is probably close to the 2,000 round mark (if not more). LWRCI IC DI CompetitionLWRCI IC DI Competition

In all that time, there has not been a single malfunction. Not once did the gun fail.

LWRCI makes gorgeous firearms, the finishes, fit and tolerances all come together to create guns that maintain a feel of superior craftsmanship to others. Although they are pretty, they also perform. Beyond proving itself to be unstoppable in function, the rifle has delivered impressive results in terms of accuracy. With a 1-7 inch twist rate, the barrel on this rifle prefers heavier rounds commonly preferred for competition. From what I have seen 55 grain is best used for practice as it does not group particularly well. I myself have had very good results with Hornady’s Frontier Military Grade .223 68 gr, which are loaded with Hornady BTHP projectiles. But I have also had good groups with 77 grain Sig Sauer match ammo and Federal Premium 69 gr Sierra Match Kings. Using the Frontier 68 grain as my primary competition load I have had sub-moa groups at 100 yards. Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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