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Lee Armory Romanian M10 AK Variant Rifle, a Fresh Take on the AK

19. července 2019, 21:40
John Crump | AmmoLand.com | Firearm News
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Opinion John Crump shooting the Lee Armory Romanian M10 AK Variant RifleJohn Crump shooting the Lee Armory Romanian M10 AK Variant Rifle U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- Lee Armory has come out with a new AK variant rifle. I was able to get my hands on one to put it through its paces. Lee Armory is importing the parts for their new AK from the famous Cugir Arms factory in Romania. The ROMARM Cugir Arms factory has a long history dating back to 1799. The factory is most known for producing the WASR rifles sold by Century Arms International.

Lee Armory Romanian M10 AK Variant Rifle

Lee Armory Romanian M10 AK Variant RifleLee Armory Romanian M10 AK Variant Rifle The Lee Armory M10 reminds me of a lot of the WASR rifles but with multiple upgrades. That shouldn't come to a surprise since the WASR, and the M10 use parts coming from the same Romanian factory. Lee Armory Romanian M10 AK Variant Rifle Yellow MagLee Armory Romanian M10 AK Variant Rifle Yellow Mag Lee Armory gunsmiths converted the magwell to use double-stack magazines. The stock 30-rd magazine that Lee Armory included with the rifle worked great. I have a WASR at home that has issues with Tapco magazines, so I keep a few different brands around for testing AKs that I review. I tried the Magpul, Tapco magazines, and some surplus magazines and they all worked well. The M10 I received from Lee Armory came with a polymer stock and a polymer handguard. I would have preferred the classic wood look, but I can easily change out the accessories without too much work. One thing that separates the Lee Armory M10 from the WASR is some of the parts used on the AK to keep it 922r compliant. Section 922r of US Code, Title 18 deals with the percentage of parts that has to be made in the U.S. Things like handguards, barrels, buttstocks, and pistol grips all fall under this regulation. It can get confusing, but no more than half of the 20 listed parts in code can be foreign made. The rest has to be American made. Some companies will go for cheaply manufactured parts to stay 922r compliant, and other companies will use high-quality parts. Lee Armory used a Phoenix Tech buttstock. The buttstock is comfortable to use. Instead of the metal plate, Phoenix Tech used a thick rubber recoil pad. The pad does a great job at reducing the feel of the recoil Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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