BiP's Christian Estrada Challenges Jordan Kimball, Denies Dating 90 Day Fiancé's Ashley Martson

23. srpna 2019, 20:49
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media thumbnailA rematch may be coming between Bachelor in Paradise‘s Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada. During Monday’s episode, the two men engaged in an altercation and were subsequently kicked off the show when Kimball, 27, attempted to rip a piñata Estrada had set up for Nicole Lopez-Alvar because his friend, Clay Harbor, was also wooing her. Estrada addressed the incident on Thurdsay’s episode of The Domenick Nati Show — and challenged Kimball to round two. “If Jordan tries to shake my hand at the reunion, I won’t shake it until after we fight,” Estrada said. “No cameras, no security. Let’s go one on one, bro! You think you’re tough? I’m tougher than you! Anytime, bro. You can go to my gym and we can handle this. Boxing gloves, street fight, whatever Jordan wants.” While Kimball said in a recent interview on The Betchelor podcast that he was acting in “self-defense” during the scuffle, Estrada strongly disagrees. RELATED: Bachelor in Paradise: Jordan Kimball Says His Brawl with Christian Estrada Was ‘Self Defense’ “First off, Jordan, he did something he should never have,” Estrada said. “Second of all, I mean, self-defense? I don’t see that as self-defense, because if anything, he’s the one who tried to body-slam me. There was no time and not any moment when I actually put my hands on Jordan.” The New York-based model revealed that he’s looking to seek legal action against Kimball. “I have the best lawyers in N.Y. looking at the case right now,” he said. “My dad got a hold of attorneys, and we’ll see if this is Jordan’s fault or ABC, but there’s going to be consequences” Estrada also addressed the accusations made by his famous ex-girlfriend, Frida Sofía, of having a romantic relationship with her mom, Mexican rock star Alejandra Guzmán. “Yes, she was one of my ex-girlfriends. We dated for six months,” Estada said of Sofía. “She’s a big celebrity in Mexico. We dated, but then things didn’t go well, we ended things wrong, and she made this whole scandal by me still talking to her mom, just the fact that my brothers were working for her, so she made a whole scandal that I was sleeping with her mom when all this is not true. “I dont know why she’s still bringing me up,” Estrada added. In May, Sofía told PEOPLE en Español that Estrada was a “fame-seeker” who remained close to her mom after their breakup to stay in the spotlight. RELATED: BiP Star Christian Estrada‘s Ex Accused Him of Sleeping with Her Mom, a Mexican Rock Star Both Guzmán and Sofía are part of the famous Mexican “Pinal dynasty,” which traces its lineage to the iconic actress Silvia Pinal. Sofía is also famously known for posing in Playboy Mexico in 2015. Although Estrada was recently linked to 90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Martson, he shut down rumors that the two were an item. “No. I know Ashley’s PR, I’m good friends with her PR, but the few times I’v [Kráceno] Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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