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A Tale of Seven City Halls

16. září 2019, 09:11
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The 4th one burned down in The great Chicago fire.

Building number 6 that blew up.
The records were saved.
They layed railroad tracks down a street, fenced off a part of street and reused the limestone.


Old Chicago's ground level was 7 to 10 feet below where we place our feet today.
Instead of digging a hole for sewers, They placed them on top of the street.
They had a dredge project going at the same time and put the dirt on top of the old streets.

Old Chicago was flood prone and muddy.


A Tale of Seven City Halls


In this episode, A Tale of Seven City Halls, we will examine the Ancient Civilization Myth and have a look at the inheritors of Chicago and their pursuit to build the perfect city hall. In the case of one city hall, it was supposedly built for 100 million dollars and torn down 10 years later, because it was a little too dark, drafty, and inconvenient.

It took 3 tries to make this video due to computer glitches. The third version was the shortest so I added some deleted scenes at the end of the video to extend your weekly historical experience.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!
I love you all and God bless!!! Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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