‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ & ‘Area 51’: GOP congressman spells out messages in cryptic tweets

14. listopadu 2019, 01:59
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Congressman Paul Gosar (R-Arizona) took his Twitter game to the next level during the impeachment hearings, with a series of posts that spelled out a popular meme about the accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Though each made sense on its own, there was little to tie together 23 tweets he posted starting at 3:09 pm on Wednesday - except for the fact caught by some eagle-eyed twitterati that they spelled out “E-P-S-T-E-I-N D-I-D-N-T K-I-L-L H-I-M-S-E-L-F” with their starting letters. This was very subtle — @RepGosar published an "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" tweet acrostic today. pic.twitter.com/GHXAMk7sXU— Brett MacDonald (@TweetBrettMac) November 13, 2019 The common cryptography trick is difficult to pull off in practice, and was even more impressive considering that the tweets had to be in reverse order to make it work. Epstein’s jail cell death in August was quickly declared a suicide, but recent expert testimony has challenged that narrative. Rumors that Epstein may have been killed to prevent him from incriminating famous political and media figures in his orbit were further fueled by the recent revelation that ABC spiked a story about him in 2016. Also on rt.com Jeffrey Epstein; (R) Virginia Roberts (Giuffre) © Reuters / New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and Shannon Stapleton ‘We had Clinton, we had everything’: ABC’s ‘Epstein coverup’ exposed by ‘p***ed’ news anchor in Project Veritas leak Gosar first playfully retweeted a Daily Caller story about the acrostic on his private account, only to confirm it with a more obvious version, spelling out “Area 51,” a secret federal facility in Nevada and the nexus of many conspiracy theories. Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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