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The Silence Of The Shams

14. listopadu 2019, 05:49
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{{file t=ZawU_1573706311}} . Schiff Show Sham Hearing Highlights - Jordan, Stefanik and Ratcliffe Deconstruct the Coup Klutz Clan Impeachment Narrative... . Jim Jordan, Elise Stefanik and John Ratcliffe methodically deconstructed the false premise advanced by the impeachment crew. It became clear that both Kent and Taylor held no specific and direct knowledge of the substance behind the claims made by the democrats leading the effort. Here's a few highlights starting with Jim Jordan: Jordan pressed Taylor on how he came to have a "clear understanding" that the U.S. aid to Ukraine was dependent on opening an investigation into Trump's political rivals. Jordan said there was no "linkage" and Ambassador Taylor said he came to his "clear conclusion" based on what other people said about what other people heard about conversations with other people. . {{embed t=aWbdw_1573706489}} . A visual recap of the "clear understanding" of Ambassador Taylor's knowledge of what happened. . {{embed t=COAb4_1573706280}} . Next up John Ratcliffe: Rep. Ratcliffe reviewed multiple public statements made by Ukrainian President Zelensky that he was not pressured by the U.S. and had no knowledge of military aid being withheld from Ukraine. . {{embed t=sRP8j_1573706570}} . Then Elise Stefanik brings it home by outlining Burisma: Rep. Stefanik focused on both officials' statements on the corruption in Ukraine and Burisma: . {{embed t=0jmT_1573706617}} . swinging the atomic common-sense hammer. .... *Burisma was a corruption problem. *Obama thought Burisma was a problem. *Mr. Kent thought Burisma was a problem. *Trump thought Burisma was a problem. **Hence the anti-corruption request.... . {{file t=anY4K_1573706722}} . During the Schiff Sham Show hearing today State Department officials George Kent and Bill Taylor both stated they never heard of any claims of Ukrainian political interference in the 2016 U.S. election. Additionally, both claimed to have no knowledge of any U.S. investigation that might overlap with Ukraine. When pressed with specifically cited reports about DNC operatives engaging with Ukraine government officials to gather opposition research against candidate Donald Trump, both Mr. Kent and Ambassador Taylor denied any knowledge of the outlined reporting. However, what everyone in the media -and on Capitol Hill- seems to forget is a letter in July, 2017 written by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley to Dept. of Justice Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, specifically outlining 2016 election interference by Ukrainian government officials; and specifically asking for an U.S. DOJ investigation therein: [LINK HERE] https://www.grassley.senate.gov/sites/default/files/constituents/2017-07-20%20CEG%20to%20DOJ%20%28Ukraine%20DNC%20FARA%29.pdf . {{file t=923gN_1573706890}} . {{file t=8H8o_1573706746}} . https://theconservativetreehouse.com/ . {{file t=uk0Ls_1573707302}} . Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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