The agony of a mom-to-be losing her beloved husband days before giving birth to their first child

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The post The agony of a mom-to-be losing her beloved husband days before giving birth to their first child appeared first on I Heart Intelligence.com. The agony of a mom-to-be losing her beloved husband days before giving birth to their first child

A mother gave birth to a miracle baby days after her husband passed away.

Kelsey Ferguson, 31, from Prior Lake in Minnesota, became a mother and a widow at the same time. Her late husband Scott, 30, died only 4 days before they welcomed their first child. Image credits: Kelsey Ferguson Kelsey’s son was born weighing only 2lbs 4oz. She was holding her tiny baby, knowing that he would never meet his amazing father.

The joy of having a child was washed away by the grief of losing the man she thought she would spend the rest of her life with.

When doctors told Kelsey they couldn’t do anything to save her husband, she was devastated. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, and she collapsed. When she was telling her painful story to Mirror, she said: “I started throwing up and couldn’t breathe. Finally, I yelled, ‘Is he gone?’“ Scott arrived in the hospital the mom-to-be had been staying at, waiting to be included. He was coughing up blood and feeling run down. His condition was serious, so they rushed him to the intensive care unit, where he later went into cardiac arrest. One minute they were a loving couple looking forward to the birth of their first child.

The next, tears were covering pregnant Kelsey’s face while her husband was lying on a hospital bed, covered by a white sheet.

“Looking back, I think the other doctors were really sugar-coating his condition and how bad it was. I really didn’t know how sick he was. Nobody told me he could die. Nobody said his body was shutting down. They got a wheelchair and wheeled me in to be with Scott. He had a sheet over him. He looked terrible. Here he was, unconscious with tubes and wires everywhere. Gone.” After planting a gentle kiss on Scott’s forehead, and telling him how much she and their baby loved him, the devastated wife, and soon a mother, had to be taken out of the room after almost fainting.  Soon after, Scott took his last breath. Sadly, Kelsey couldn’t be in the room in the last moments of her husband’s life. “I will never forget that I wasn’t there when he faded away. I hate myself for that.” Image credits: Kelsey Ferguson The following two days were filled with agonizing crying and sadness. The mom-to-be can’t even remember what she was doing then, apart from hearing voices in her hospital room. Her husband’s death wasn’t the only soul-crushing thing that happened to Kelsey these four days. She wasn’t sure if her baby is going to survive. His 20-week ultrasound had revealed a heart defect and chromosomal abnormality. That’s why doctors decided to induce the future mother, who had to live with the thought she might lose her baby too.

One life ends while another begins.

Then, only four days after losing her husband, Kelsey gave birth to Maxley Russell Ferguson and welcomed him into the world. This happened on June 12, 2018. Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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