Peloton Loses $942 MILLION Of Market Value In A Single Day Over Vicious Backlash Concerning ‘Sexist’ Holiday Ad

4. prosince 2019, 20:52
Roxy Hamilton | Joe For America | Economics
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This is so bitingly dumb it makes me cringe. Peloton put out a holiday ad showing a thoughtful hubby giving his thin, beautiful wife a Peloton bike. Probably worth about 2k. She was thrilled and proceeded to do selfies over the next year detailing her workouts and thanking hubby for the bike. Cue the feminists who are now outraged calling the ad sexist and misogynist for even suggesting that a woman take care of herself. Sheesh. Peloton lost $942 million market value in a single day after its holiday advertisement sparked fierce social media backlash. The social justice crowd went nutso over the ad. Frankly, I thought it was very vanilla and other than being boring was not even worth much notice. The exercise equipment company was shredded over the commercial titled: “The Gift That Gives Back,” which shows a woman receiving a stationary bike from her husband on Christmas morning. I think these people are outraged because they can’t afford a stationary bike of that caliber and/or they are jealous of the woman period. Just a thought. From The Daily Mail: “Viewers trashed the ad on Twitter, calling it sexist, misogynistic, humiliating and cringeworthy. “Peloton Interactive Inc’s stock fell 9.12 percent on Tuesday, and analysts attributed the drop to negative publicity over the ad. “The decline – which was Peloton’s biggest single-day loss since October – erased nearly $942 million from the company’s market value, bringing its market cap to about $9.4billion, according to Markets Insider. “Raymond James analyst Justin Patterson told Bloomberg that the backlash and Peloton’s response are ‘worth monitoring’ and said he expects the company to stop running the commercial. That face you make when you have to videotape yourself exercising to prove to your husband that you're making every effort to (checks notes) look thin for him. #peloton pic.twitter.com/Hq6stoiETH — Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) December 3, 2019 “Peloton shares had risen steadily through November in anticipation of a strong holiday season, but now appear to have gone into reverse over the ad controversy. “The company had gained almost 10 percent at the end of last week after strong Black Friday sales. “Peloton shares closed at $36.84 on Monday and plummeted to a low of $33.35 by 3 pm Tuesday. “On Wednesday morning shares opened at $34.02, a gain of just over two percent. Dude, I hate that Peloton commercial so much. Why is that already fit/rich woman the center of this ad? And why does she look scared the whole commercial — Zachary Dale (@ZachDale60) December 2, 2019 “The offending ad, which was released last month, opens with a woman gasping in shock and exclaiming ‘A Peloton’ when she spots the $2,245 exercise bike under the tree on Christmas morning. “She films herself using the bike and working out over the next year in what emerges to be a video she makes for her husband to thank him for the gift. “The commercial ends with the couple sitting down on the couch to watch the video, which culminates with her saying: ‘A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me. Thank you.’ “Social media users panned the video online, charging that it encourages negative stereotypes and implies that a husband will get a more attractive wife in return for giving her the exercise bike. My face when someone tells me they invested in Peloton $PTON pic.twitter.com/VkfVnyK12o — Steven Snyder Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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