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Hillary Clinton: Joe Biden ‘Can Win the Electoral College’

4. prosince 2019, 23:17
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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told SiriusXM talk radio host Howard Stern on Wednesday that former Vice President Joe Biden could defeat President Donald Trump in 2020. Whoever can win, that’s all I care about,” she replied. “So that’s tricky.” When asked if she believed that Biden could actually win the Democrat nomination, Clinton said it was too soon to tell. “I think it’s too soon to tell because nobody has voted or caucused because right now, according to the polls, Biden is going to get the nomination,” she said. “But that’s a long way off, and then, he can win the Electoral College because, remember, it’s not the popular vote, as I learned.” When Stern asked Clinton if Democrats needed a “middle-of-the-road” candidate to beat Trump, instead of a more leftist candidate like Sen. Bernie Sanders, she said it was important for Democrats in the general election to appeal to more voters. “I think in a general election, it’s a process of addition. You know, you want to take the people who are already for you and add to them,” she said. “That’s tricky because the other thing that’s going on now is 24/7 news coverage.” Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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