Hunter is known for rain boots, but it also makes excellent winter coats — here's how they hold up to city winds and snow

4. prosince 2019, 23:45
Connie Chen | Life |
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  • A warm and weatherproof jacket is the most important piece of clothing you can invest in for cold, rainy, and snowy winter days. 
  • Hunter is a company that makes more than just great rain boots. It also prepares you for the outdoors with insulated puffer jackets and parkas that are warm, comfortable, and stylish. They also happen to be vegan.
  • We put three Hunter outerwear styles — a puffer jacket, a puffer coat, and a parka — to the test and found that the vegan insulated pieces perform just as well as its traditional down counterparts. 
When you don't own a proper winter coat, leaving your house to face the frigid temperatures outside can feel like the most miserable part of your day.  Of all the different types of winter clothing, a warm, comfortable, and weatherproof jacket or parka is the most important piece you can invest in. Brands like Patagonia, The North Face, and Canada Goose might dominate public perception of the best outerwear for chilly days, but we've also found underrated (and more affordable) hits like Everlane work just as well.  Hunter, the company behind the famous rain boots you see everywhere, is another one of those clothing brands that might slip by your radar but deserves more attention for making well-priced, practical, and stylish jackets and parkas.  Read more: Everlane has launched an outerwear collection made from recycled water bottles — here's what it's like in person It makes many varieties of outerwear, but as temperatures take a serious drop and winds pick up, you'll want to focus on its insulated winter coat department. Instead of down, which comes from a duck or goose, Hunter uses a synthetic material called Thermolite to insulate its coats. You wouldn't know the difference — the coats are just as warm and comfortable as their down counterparts. If ethical considerations are preventing you from buying traditional outerwear (and even if not), we recommend Hunter as a vegan alternative that still offers high performance.  Read more: This ultra-warm jacket from Patagonia i Číst celý článek >>>

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