HAPPI PLAN GOLDBACK INITIATIVE UPDATE: 10/23/22 – Copper & Gold. U.S. Mil. & U.S. GOV. May Back (PLAN), WEF Is Dead. Superpower: Race To The Goldback. Golden Rules. Universal Freedom Bill Of Rights. (90% Complete Post)

23. září 2022, 16:42
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HAPPI PLAN UPDATE: 10/23/22 – Copper & Gold. U.S. Mil. & U.S. GOV. May Back (PLAN), WEF Is Dead. Superpower: Race To The Goldback. Golden Rules. Universal Freedom Bill Of Rights. (90% Complete Post)   Google, YouTube, Twitter and Fox News have been chosen to be the Media Arm to the Masses about the Goldback Initiative HAPPI Plan. They Resisted at first, as expected. But they are coming around to their Greater Calling.      Rumble, BitChute, Odysee Video Platforms among others, will also be Utilized on our (Humanities) behalf.      That the World Controllers (Aliens), have chosen these Major Media Platforms, shows that they have Faith in US to accomplish what we set out to do. Of Course, it could also be a way of ‘Controlling the Narrative/Movement’ once it gets going. : )
     But ‘They’ have been warned, and will be Warned again; “If They screw with this Program too much, We Lose…and They Lose.”     We won’t be their Slaves! Let’s get that out, up front. *

~ The U.S. Military Rank & File will Back the HAPPI Plan Goldback Initiative. NO PROBLEM!

   The U.S. Army Rank & File will back the HAPPI Plan Goldback Initiative.    We’re trying to get them and their Families, along with the rest of US, $4,000 per Month in Gold and Platinum. The White House, Congress & Pentagon are offering them…Food Stamps.    Can you believe that? You just can’t make this stuff up. .     They have Money for Ukraine, Money for Illegals, Money for Foreign Countries…But tell one of the most Powerful Armies in the World to ‘Apply for Food Stamps!’ Really?! And this is after They Mandated Poison for them.     There are some things in the World you just don’t do…And that’s one of them. They are Practically Pushing the U.S. Army to Our Cause…With both hands and a Boot. .


    This is actually a move to put the Entire U.S. Military behind the HAPPI Plan Goldback Initiative.    All the Branches of the U.S. Military; Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard were originally Branches of the Army. So by Signalling out the U.S. Army is actually sending out a Signal to the Entire U.S. Military Rank and File.    But this move wouldn’t of worked using only the Air Force, Marines or Navy as the Catalyst . Brilliant!   * *


            China, India and Russia are all Maneuvering around to Position Themselves in case of a New Gold-Backed World.
     China is Openly talking about a Gold-Backed Yuan to Challenge the U.S. Dollar. Plus they’ve Just discovered a New method for turning Copper into Gold by using Heated Argon Gas. They are the Biggest Gold Owner. Largest Copper Producer and they already Mass Produce Man-Made Diamonds.     China’s ready to Go. But they use that Wealth only for the leadership or Government. And that only makes them Enemies…even among their own People.    The Communist Government of China is the Perfect Example of a Government that has everything but doesn’t share it with it’s People.    They have it all: Gold, Diamonds, Man-Made Gold Methods, Abundant Copper…but what’s it gotten them?     The Answer is Nothing. They’re not even liked that much and 100% Un-Trusted…even by other Communist Countries. NO ONE wants or trusts Communist China to hold the World’s Reserve Currency.    China should have one of the World’s Strongest Currencies…yet it’s one of the Weakest. .   Russian is Setting Up a Gold Exchange to stop London and China from Gold Price Fixing and India is doing the same.   This may actually become a Race To The GoldBack among the Superpowers.   Instead of an Arms Race, this could shape up to be a Superpowers Gold-Back Race.
   Now that’s kinda exciting! * *



    “We’ll Make Them A Deal, They Can’t Refuse.” ~ An 8 Year Long River of G Číst celý článek >>> Přeložit do en

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