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Chicago Teachers' Strike Highlights Student Homelessness


Watch Video Chicago Public Schools teachers are not only striking for better pay and smaller class sizes, but also to highlight the alarming number of homeless students and their struggles.Jesse Sharkey, the Chicago Teachers Union president, said: "When we brought it to the table, we were originally met with scorn and derision. And they told us this doesn't belong here. But we then pointed out there are 17,000 homeless students in Chicago. The people who work in the schools can't afford to live here."With no city rent control or rent stabilization laws, the CTU has added  affordable housing  to its labor contract proposals. That includes hiring support staff to guide Chicago families in danger of being homeless and instituting a program that helps new teachers purchase homes. But Mayor Lori Lightfoot pushed back on these proposals, saying in a  statement  that "affordable housing is a critical issue," but doesn't belong in a labor contract.The teachers say the two issues are absolutely intertwined because homelessness impacts their ability to teach and students' ability to learn.  Studies show  homeless students face higher rates of developmental delay and learning disabilities, and are often held back in classes. SEE MORE: Chicago Teachers Union Goes On Strike Ashley Galvan Ramos, a former homeless student, said: "It was definitely hard to focus on midterms, any quizzes that had to come up, because I was focusing more on the safety of my family. Where we were going to go? And finding the next place under a highway or a train track where it was safe for us to stay there."Of the nearly 17,000 homeless students in the 2018-2019 school year,  Chicago Public Schools  says 98.3% are students of color, and that they're disproportionately black. Homeless students are often  struggling with mental health issues  that teachers are not often equipped to help.Ramos said, "There's trauma, a lot of trauma that I'm trying to deal with at the moment."Housing insecurity also impacts educators like teacher's aides who don't make enough money. The minimum wage in Chicago is $13 an hour, the  average salary  of a Chicago teacher's aide. But it isn't enough to rent a studio or one-bedroom apartment in Cook County, Illinois, where Chicago is located. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, in  Chicago , a person must make more than $17 an hour to rent a studio or $20 an hour for a one-bedroom. Nickole Pierre, a second grade educator, said: "They should help us out with affordable housing. They should help out for students and teachers because we are forced, we are obligated to stay within the city parameters. We can't live outside, where it may be cheaper for us to live." Teachers we spoke to say the strike is more than a demand for pay increase. SEE MORE: Comparison Of Chicago Administrations As Teacher Strike Looms Jackson Potter, a CTU member and teacher, said: "Our members have said, 'Look, salary, it's important. But it isn't the most important.' … We didn't get into this job to be rich. We did it to help students who are the most vulnerable."Student homelessness isn't just a Chicago problem.  Twenty states  experienced a growth of 10% or more in their homeless student populations from 2014-2017. Teachers unions in  L.A.  and  Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

GM And Union Members Reach Tentative Contract Proposal


Watch Video General Motors and its picketing union workers have reached a proposed tentative agreement that could end a weekslong strike. GM and UAW announced the proposal  Wednesday, and  the union said  its national negotiators voted to recommend approving it. The UAW GM National Council will have to vote on the proposed deal. That's expected to happen Thursday.If the council approves it, the more than 48,000 UAW-GM members across the U.S. will have to vote to ratify the agreement. The council will also make a decision on whether to end the strike or keep it going until an agreement is ratified. Until then, the strike will continue.UAW President Gary Jones said in a statement, "I could not be prouder of our brothers and sisters, our National Negotiators, and the National Council as they continue to fight one day longer to secure the best deal for our members."Workers launched the strike a month ago to demand higher wages, health care protections and pensions. It's unclear what is included in the proposed deal.Additional reporting from  Newsy affiliate CNN . Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Uber Cuts 350 Jobs In Latest Round Of Layoffs


Watch Video Another round of layoffs at Uber has left about 350 employees without a job at the company.  According to TechCrunch , Uber's CEO announced the layoffs in an email sent to employees Monday. A spokesperson later  confirmed the news to CNN .Several teams across the organization were reportedly affected by the announcement, including Uber Eats, performance marketing, the advanced technologies group and recruiting. In all, the layoffs add up to about 1% of the company. This is the third round of layoffs at Uber in recent months. Back in September, the company cut 435 jobs across its engineering and product teams. And in August, about 400 employees were laid off from the marketing team.Additional reporting from  Newsy affiliate CNN . Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

737 Max Grounding Costs Are Still Rising For Boeing, Airlines


Watch Video Boeing's 737 Max aircraft have been grounded around the world for months now, ever since two crashes involving the aircraft left hundreds of people dead.And the financial consequences are continuing to pile up for the company and airlines as Boeing feverishly works to get the 737 Max back in the air.The ongoing issues with the 737 Max led to Boeing's largest reported quarterly loss ever — nearly $3 billion in the second quarter of 2019. The company also said it would record a  $4.9 billion  after-tax charge "in connection with an estimate of potential concessions and other considerations" to customers affected by the 737 Max grounding and delivery delays. Boeing said that charge would result in a $5.6 billion reduction of revenue and pre-tax earnings in the second quarter. On top of all that, the company's estimated costs to make the 737 Max went up by $1.7 billion.We'll learn more about how those numbers have changed in recent weeks when Boeing  releases its third-quarter financial results  on Oct. 23.The airlines that had to drop the 737 Max from their fleets are hurting, too.  American United  and  Southwest  have all taken the planes off their schedules until January. That's cutting into their profits and stunting their growth plans.Airlines have  reported losses in the hundreds of millions  of dollars thanks to their 737 Max woes. Passenger numbers have gone down, costs have gone up and some planned flights have been canceled entirely.That's bad news for customers looking to score reasonably priced flights this holiday season.  Travel experts say  the reduced airline capacity will likely send ticket prices soaring. Boeing has said it hopes to get the 737 Max back in the air in the U.S. by the end of the year. But the Federal Aviation Administration says it isn't following a "prescribed timeline" for the aircraft's return. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

New Report Criticizes FAA And Boeing For 737 Max Issues


Watch Video In a new  report , a panel of international aviation safety experts criticize the Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing for broad failures in the development and certification of Boeing's 737 Max.The Joint Authorities Technical Review, commissioned by the FAA to review aircraft certification processes, released its report on Friday. It details how the development and certification processes surrounding a new automated flight control system on the plane led to major oversights.According to the report, Boeing withheld crucial details about the system from the FAA, saying it "was not evaluated as a complete and integrated function in the certification documents that [Boeing] submitted to the FAA." The report also criticized the FAA for lacking the personnel necessary to evaluate such complex systems.Boeing's 737 Max has been grounded worldwide since March after two deadly crashes involving the aircraft occurred within months of each other. The crashes killed a total of more than 300 people.FAA Administrator Steve Dickson  responded  to the report, saying, "I will review every recommendation and take appropriate action. ... The accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia are a somber reminder that the FAA and our international regulatory partners must strive to constantly strengthen aviation safety."Meanwhile, Boeing's board  removed  CEO Dennis Muilenburg from his role as chairman of the company on Friday. The company said it wanted to "enable maximum focus on running the business" following the 737 Max crisis. Additional reporting from  Newsy affiliate CNN . Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Strike Is Costing GM $1.1 Billion And Denting The Automaker's Legacy


Watch Video "Leadership was rewarded and society benefited in countless ways. GM designers and engineers captured the spirit of the times in Motorama concept cars that anticipated what customers might want and need to travel farther, safer and smarter than ever before."This is how General Motors has sold itself to the world - as a pioneering American car company with its eyes optimistically fixed on the future. But amid a four-week walkout by nearly 50,000 workers, GM's immediate future is decidedly more tense and downbeat.A new economic analysis says GM will  lose $1.1 billion  in income if the strike that  has shuttered  34 U.S. assembly and parts plants isn't settled by this weekend.Striking United Auto Workers union members aren't faring well either. They've lost $624 million in wages, according to the analysis by the Anderson Economic Group. And workers' $250-a-week in union strike subsidies can't cover many bills.On Friday, GM made a direct appeal to those workers, in an end-run around the union. It came in a  letter  from executive vice president Gerald Johnson."Dear General Motors Employees," he wrote. "All of us in the GM family have been impacted by this strike. The strike has been hard on you, your families, our communities, the Company, our suppliers and dealers. The speculation in the media for four weeks adds to the uncertainty."He said the company has offered workers improved compensation and benefits and enhanced profit sharing, but said: "It's critical that we get back to producing quality vehicles."But UAW vice-president Terry Dittes said  this week  that negotiations "have taken a turn for the worse."The union is pushing GM to increase auto production in the U.S. after the company closed four American plants last year. It wants more jobs moved back to America from plants in other countries.While GM's foreign workers aren't on strike, it's had an impact on them as well. Parts shortages have closed  two assembly plants  in Canada and Mexico. And industry analysts say six other foreign plants may be next.  Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Renault Fires Its CEO In Abrupt Leadership Change


Watch Video French automaker Renault is once again overhauling its leadership after its board ousted its CEO on Friday. Renault didn't disclose why its board chose to vote Thierry Bolloré out of his position. It just said in a statement that the board's decision  was effective immediately . Bolloré became the automaker's CEO in January. He replaced Carlos Ghosn, who was first arrested in November 2018 for allegedly  underreporting his income  by more than $44 million over a five-year period. Since then Japanese authorities have charged Ghosn  with multiple counts  of financial wrongdoing. Before his initial arrest, Ghosn had also held top roles at Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors. All three automakers have an alliance together.  Multiple outlets say  Nissan execs weren't happy that Bolloré was serving as CEO at Renault, since he'd been a close ally of Ghosn.  Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Talks Between GM, United Auto Workers Stall 3 Weeks Into Strike


Watch Video Ongoing talks between General Motors and the United Auto Workers union hit a snag on Tuesday. It's just the latest hold-up in negotiations aimed at ending a national UAW strike.In a letter to union members on the 23rd day of the strike, UAW Vice President Terry Dittes said a lack of job security commitment by GM had become a major sticking point in negotiations. He said fears over job security were rooted in the company's auto production in foreign countries.Dittes wrote: "We have made it clear that there is no job security for us when GM products are made in other countries for the purpose of selling them here in the U.S.A. We believe that the vehicles GM sells here should be built here. We don’t understand GM's opposition to this proposition."The strike began on Sept. 16, with nearly 50,000 UAW members looking for higher wages, health care protections and pensions. A number of GM's U.S. factories have been forced to shut down, and the company's reportedly lost over $1 billion so far.The UAW said Sunday that talks for a new four-year labor contract had "taken a turn for the worse" after GM rejected UAW's most recent proposal and replied with an offer that had already been turned down.The strike is reportedly  the largest work stoppage  at a U.S. business since 2007.Additional reporting from  Newsy affiliate CNN . Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Private Equity Investment Is Soaring In Addiction Treatment Centers


Watch Video As the rate of opioid addiction soared over the past decade, so did the demand for treatment options. And as more for-profit treatment centers started opening, private equity firms quickly saw an opportunity. "Private equity of course wants to make money — that’s what they do — but my question on top of that is, are you using that money to provide the best quality of care so that people can and do get better?” said Tom Hill, vice president of practice improvement at the National Council for Behavioral Health and former presidential appointee to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).Private equity investment in addiction treatment centers has been increasing steadily over the past ten years. It really took off in 2014, the same year the Affordable Care Act  — which requires insurers to  cover substance abuse treatment  — was fully implemented. The mandate led to  millions of people  getting coverage, and was followed by the creation of more for-profit facilities — some of which are now backed by private equity.But scandals have left recovery advocates skeptical of whether investors are as patient-driven as they are profit-motivated. Earlier this year, owners and employees of  Liberation Way  were arrested for scamming insurance companies out of millions of dollars — less than a year after it was acquired by Fulcrum Equity Partners. Meanwhile,   American Addiction Centers  — a publicly-traded treatment company that attracted investment from Deerfield Management and Morgan Stanley — is facing multiple lawsuits regarding the death of their patients. Fulcrum denied knowing of any wrongdoing going on at Liberation Way, and none of the big-name investors once involved with American Addiction Centers have publicly commented.SEE MORE: Body Brokers Are Undermining Efforts To End The U.S. Addiction Crisis Still, a majority of those currently suffering from addiction in the U.S.  aren't getting help . And some healthcare experts say private equity is a way to expand access to those who need it.“I think overall, it’s probably been beneficial to have more investment in the sector. Mental health and substance abuse treatment has always sort of been the weak stepchild of the healthcare system. People haven’t viewed it as real healthcare, but it is,” said Jonathan Gruber, a professor of economics at MIT considered to be the “chief architect” of Obamacare. Before private equity firms go into business with addiction treatment centers, they typically conduct due diligence investigations with the help of their legal teams or healthcare investment consultants. Ideally, that process weeds out potential bad actors involved in fraud and abuse, and directs money into centers that are acting ethically. But as the U.S. continues to grapple with addiction, Hill says he hopes that investment of any kind will help all forms of care become more widely available. “Everybody assumes that treatment equals residential treatment. People think of 28 days of residential treatment or six months of residential. That’s not always the gold standard and it’s not always what’s necessary. We can’t think of the old paradigm and think it’s not enough, because maybe we do have enough right now. We just have to be more diversified in our thinking,” Hill said.  Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

American Airlines Extends 737 Max Cancellations Into 2020


Watch Video As Boeing 737 Max airplanes remain grounded across the globe,  American Airlines announced  it's extending flight cancellations into next year.American has 24 737 Max planes in its fleet. Those planes, and all other 737 Max aircraft operated by U.S. airlines, were  grounded indefinitely  back in March after two fatal crashes involving Boeing 737 Max 8s.American previously said it would cancel 140 flights each day through Dec. 3 to account for the temporary loss of part of its fleet. But on Wednesday, the airline said those cancellations would now extend through at least Jan. 15.Those 140 cancellations might seem like a lot — but it actually only represents 2% of American Airlines' 6,700 daily flights. The airline noted that the majority of flights that are affected by the cancellations will still fly on schedule — American Airlines will just substitute in a different plane. Customers on flights that are canceled will be contacted directly and given options to rebook their flight. If they choose not to rebook with American, they can ask for a full refund.Boeing's been working on a software update for its 737 Max aircraft, and it hopes to get at least some of the grounded planes back in the air in the U.S. by the end of the year. But the FAA  previously said  it's not working off any sort of timetable for the aircraft's recertification process. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

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