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Secrets to billionaire Zara founder’s US$11 billion property empire … steer clear of housing real estate


Spanish billionaire Amancio Ortega, the founder of clothing giant Zara, has built up a global real estate empire that includes offices used by Facebook and Amazon in Seattle and large swathes of London’s Oxford Street. Diversifying his fashion fortune to preserve his sizeable wealth, the value of the real estate portfolio owned by Ortega’s investment holding Pontegadea Inversiones stood at around €10 billion euros ($11 billion) at the end of last year. Pontegadea collects almost all of the… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg surges to number one spot in Iowa poll, ahead of Democratic rivals Biden, Warren, and Sanders


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg holds a clear lead among Democratic presidential candidates in Iowa, the state that will hold the first nominating contest in February, a new Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom opinion poll showed.Buttigieg’s support climbed to 25 per cent, a 16-point increase since the previous survey in September, CNN reported.It said there was a close three-way battle for second with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at 16 per cent, and former vice-president Joe Biden and… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

‘I’ve kept your secrets’: US businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri ‘heartbroken’ by Boris Johnson


A US businesswoman at the centre of controversy over whether Boris Johnson showed her inappropriate favouritism amid an alleged affair said Sunday she had been left “heartbroken” and “humiliated” by the British prime minister.Jennifer Arcuri, who is accused of getting privileged access to foreign trade jaunts and grants when Johnson was previously London mayor, told Britain’s ITV he was treating her like “some fleeting one-night stand”.The technology entrepreneur said the British premier, now… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Brexit-beset Britain and Modi’s India are plagued by an inward-looking nationalism that makes them lesser, not greater


In 1947, a senior adviser to the British government wrote: “We are not a great power and never will be again. We are a great nation but if we continue to behave like a great power we shall soon cease to be a great nation.” Those words particularly apply to Britain on the cusp of Brexit, but also have relevance for India.They highlight the pretensions of a Britain whose major political parties are both headed by people, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, who in very different ways live on past… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Trump impeachment investigators question White House budget official over decision to withhold funding from Ukraine


Impeachment investigators met on Saturday with a White House official directly connected to US President Donald Trump’s block on military aid to Ukraine, the first budget office witness to testify in the historic inquiry.In a rare weekend session, lawmakers drilled into Trump’s decision – against the advice of national security advisers, including John Bolton – to withhold funding from the ally, a young democracy bordering hostile Russia.It is a sign of a deepening of the constitutional… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Marshall Islands may be focus for US-China competition as elections loom and expiration of American deal for billions of dollars approaches


The Marshall Islands vote in a general election on Monday that could fan the flames of United States-China competition for strategic advantage in the Pacific – but despite the high stakes, one-third of the islands’ citizens are barred from voting.The vote comes amid escalating tensions between the US and China that has seen Kiribati and the Solomon Islands recently switch diplomatic allegiance to China after years of ties with US-backed Taiwan.In the election build-up, President Hilda Heine’s… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Venezuela protesters march for first time in months in bid to revive flagging anti-Maduro revolt


Supporters of Juan Guaido protested in Caracas in their first major showing in months as Venezuela’s opposition leader seeks to revive his campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro.A week after Maduro’s ally Evo Morales was toppled in Bolivia, Guaido is seeking to boost thinning crowds that have grown apathetic since a botched uprising in April failed to remove Maduro. Protesters played drums and sang anti-Maduro songs as they gathered Saturday in the streets of eastern Caracas.“I’m here… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Five family members dead in early morning San Diego shooting, including suspected gunman


Five members of a family, including three children, died in a shooting at a Paradise Hills home Saturday morning and another child was wounded and undergoing surgery, San Diego police said.The suspect is believed to be among the dead, homicide Lt. Matt Dobbs told reporters outside the home.The first 911 call to the home came in at 6.49am, Dobbs said, according to OnSceneTV. The caller did not speak to the dispatcher, but the sound of arguing could be heard in the background.While officers were… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

At least one dead as protests erupt in Iran over sudden petrol price increase


At least one person was killed as protests erupted in Iran after the government unexpectedly raised petrol prices, the semi-official Iranian Student’s News Agency reported.The fatality occurred during clashes in Sirjan in the southern province of Kerman on Friday, ISNA reported, citing the city’s acting governor, Mohammad Mahmoudabadi. Protests also flared in Iran’s second-largest city of Mashhad and in oil-rich Khuzestan province, home to a large ethnic Arab population, the state-run Islamic… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Teenage gunman who killed two in shooting rampage at California high school dies in hospital


The teenager who shot five fellow students in a 16-second killing rampage at a Southern California high school has died, authorities said Friday night.Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow died at about 3.30pm. Friday at a hospital with his mother nearby, said The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.Berhow had been in critical condition after shooting himself following the rampage, which killed two other students.Authorities say Berhow pulled a gun from his backpack Thursday at Saugus High School in… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

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