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VisitBruges Thursday 30 May 2019, the Procession of the Holy Blood returns to the streets of Bruges. Not to be missed, as it has been #Bruges main cultural event since the Middle Ages!

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Archdiocese of Washington caught unaware

23.5.2019 21:51
Archdiocese Washington caught unaware

Sister Mary BerchmansThe Archdiocese of Washington has said no more than that they were unaware of Sister Mary Berchman's brazen defiance of church teaching until after printing and distribution .Sister Berchmans decided to publish notification of same-sex unions in the alumni magazine of Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, "after much prayerful consideration and thoughtful dialogue".In her community letter, Sister Berchmans said the school faced a choice between focusing on church teachings on same-sex marriage or focusing on the Gospel commandment of love.In response, (courageous, faithful) Father Filardi rebuked Sister Berchmans through a letter published in his parish bulletin. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

20 States Sue to Overturn President Trump’s Pro-Life Rule, Force Doctors to Do Abortions


Earlier this month, President Donald Trump issued new rules that further protect doctors, nurses and medical professionals who don’t want to be forced to do abortions or refer for them. Trump announced new regulations through the Department of Health and Human Services that will more effectively enforce existing federal laws that protect the conscience rights of healthcare providers.Despite current law that has protected conscience rights for over 30 years, the lack of regulations resulted in confusion and a lack of awareness within the healthcare community, leaving healthcare personnel vulnerable to discrimination and forcing them to drop their specialties at a time of healthcare scarcity.But 20 states have filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn those pro-life conscience protections for medical professionals, putting doctors and nurses at risk of being forced to do abortions or refer for them.As LifeNews reported, the 440 pages of new regulations , issued by HHS Secretary Alex Azar, provide regulatory back… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Argentinian doctor convicted of refusing to perform abortion


.- Dr. Leandro Rodríguez Lastra, an OB-GYN in Argentina, was found guilty on Monday of having prevented an abortion, after he decided to save the life of an unborn baby whose mother had taken an abortion pill.After three days of arguments in the Rio Negro Court in Argentina, Judge Álvaro Meynet found Rodríguez guilty of failing to carry out his duty as a public functionary.In the coming days, the court will announce the sentence, which could range from suspension from practicing medicine to two years in prison.Rodríguez is the head of the department of gynecology at the Pedro Moguillansky Hospital in Cipoletti. In May 2017, he treated a 19-year-old woman who was suffering severe pain due to ingesting misoprostol, the first of a two-part abortion pill regimen, which had been administered by an abortion group.The doctor confirmed that the woman was almost 23 weeks pregnant and the baby weighed more than 1 lb. 2 oz., so in conjunction with the medical team and the hospital board, he decided not to … Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Brazilian Bishop Accused of Theft and Abuse Cover-up Resigns


Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Bishop Vilson Dias de Oliveira of Limeira.The bishop is being investigated by authorities for extortion of priests, mismanagement of the diocese’s funds and covering up alleged cases of abuse against minors by area priests. His resignation was announced May 17.“I request my resignation for the sake of the church of Christ and for the good of this diocese,” said the bishop in a statement read to parishioners.“I take with me in my heart this learning, in the confidence and assurance that this work is from God, and I place myself at the disposal of the Holy Mother church to serve her no matter the place and ministry entrusted to me by God from now on,” the bishop said.According to the Sao Paulo state police, Bishop Oliveira took $975 from a local parish to build an artesian well in his beach house in Itanhaem. When faced with the accusation, the bishop confessed he obtained a “donation” from the parish and alleged he was facing financial problems.Local media … Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Byzantine Prayer Box Found in Jerusalem Dig Miniature box adorned with cross dates from 6-7 century…


Gil Ronen, 27/10/11 21:07 in www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/149159 Archaeologists in Jerusalem discovered a miniature Christian prayer box that dates back to the sixth or seventh century CE.The box was found at the "Givati parking lot" dig in Ir David. Dig supervisors noted that illustrated Byzantine holy objects are very rarely found in the Holy Land.The box contained two icon paintings surrounded by gold leaf and was probably a personal prayer object. It is 2.2 cm. (about 0.9 inch) long by 1.6 cm. wide and is made from the bone of a large animal – cattle, a camel or a horse.The find was presented by dig supervisor Yana Tchekhanovets, along with Israel Antiquities Authority's Dr. Doron Ben Ami.One painting inside the box depicts a bearded man with dark hair, wearing what appears to be a white tunic. The other painting seems to show a female figure dressed in blue. Similar boxes were found on bodies discovered in burial caves in the Moshchevaya Balka site in the northern Caucasus.Dig … Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Was this a priest sporting a Planned Parenthood pin?

23.5.2019 17:07
this priest sporting Planned Parenthood

Man in priest's collar: "I teach is just what our doctrine says, is that all life is valuable and that abortion has been made a political football and it should not be."Alison Centofante of Live Action: "So all life IS valuable. Then why are you wearing a Planned Parenthood pin?" "That's bizarre!"This exchange took place at a rally on Capitol Hill called, "StopTheBans" in response to several states putting forth legislation limiting abortion. An article and video of the angry, profane crowd are found here . Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

The Bishops’ Council of the Serbian Orthodox Church calls the schism and actions of Constantinople …


The Sacred Bishops’ Council of the Serbian Orthodox Church held its regular session on May 9-18, 2019.In its final report, the Council points to the church schism in Ukraine and the failed attempt of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to solve the problem ‘without dialogue with the canonical Church in Ukraine and with the Russian Orthodox Church as a single whole and without common Orthodox consultations’ as the greatest problem of the Orthodox Church.The Bishops’ Council has reiterated its position expressed earlier at its previous session on November 6-7, 2018, and stated that the Serbian Orthodox Church ‘does not recognize the newly established para-church structure in Ukraine headed by citizens Denisenko and Dumenko’ and ‘remains in the liturgical and canonical communion only with the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church headed by His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry and with all the rest canonical Orthodox Churches’.DECR Communication Service Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Why Was Sister Inés Decapitated and Cut in Pieces?

23.5.2019 15:17
Sister Inés Decapitated Pieces

The area where Spanish born Sister Inés Nieves Sancho, 77, was decapitated and her body cut in pieces on May 20, was “relatively calm”, Bangassou Auxiliary Bishop Jesús Ruiz Molina, Central African Republic, told the media.Ruiz does not exclude that Sister Inés became the victim of a satanic rite "which abound in the region." Locals believe that her murder was part of a human sacrifice to attract good luck in the search for diamonds.Organs of white people are considered to be especially “efficient”. Local hairdressers are instructed to collect white people’s hair which later is used for satanic practices.Sister was forced out of bed by strangers who entered her room at night and led her to her sewing room, where she was stabbed to death. Nothing was stolen.Originally from Burgos, Spain, Sister belonged to the French congregation of the Daughters of Jesus of Massac. She had been in Africa for 27 years where she taught sewing to young girls. #newsZrvimqpuvw Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

77-year-old French-Spanish nun beheaded in Central African Republic


BANGUI, Central African Republic — A 77-year-old French-Spanish nun who taught impoverished women and girls in volatile Central African Republic has been decapitated, local authorities said W… Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

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