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Jersey City attack between premature statements and contradicting reports


enclosure image On Wednesday December 10th at approximately 12:30 pm a police officer was shot and killed after attempting to approach two suspicious individuals near the Bayview Cemetery in Jersey City, New Jersey, or at least that was the initial version, as we will later see. The two killers then stole a U-Haul vehicle and drove to a kosher grocery store on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and after barricading inside, they initiated an exchange of fire with the police that lasted for more than one hour; the assailants also opened fire against anyone passing in front of the store. The battle continued until the two killers were eliminated, with a final toll of six dead (the two killers, three civilians and a 39-years old police officer) and three wounded. Initial reports indicated that the incident was the result of a confrontation between undercover police and the killers in relation to a drug deal gone wrong, according to the local ABC affiliate, which cited the police department's "working theory". Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

The Myth of a Free Press in America and the West


enclosure image The dominant fourth estate long ago abandoned journalism the way it's supposed to be - serving the imperial state and monied interests exclusively. Real news, information, and analysis is still available from independent credible sources unbeholden to powerful interests, mainly online. Days earlier, America's leading proliferator of managed news misinformation and disinformation on issues mattering most NYT headlined: "Who Will Tell the Truth About the Free Press?" Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

WADA wants to bury Russian athletes alive


enclosure image The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has suspended Russia from all international competitions - including Olympic Games and world championships - for four years. Russian athletes will receive the right to participate in them if it is confirmed that they are "clean." However, they will be able to perform only under the neutral flag (including at the World Cup in Qatar in 2022). In addition, Russia will not be allowed to host major world championships, nor will it be able to apply for them, while Russian officials will not be able to attend them. The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) will lose the right to test athletes for doping.Russia will thus miss: 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing2022 World Cup in Qatar2021 World Student Games  2023 World Student GamesBecause of the ban, Russia probably will not be able to host the 2020 World Chess Olympiad, 2020 and 2021 World Ice Hockey Championships, the 2021 Women Hockey World Championship, the 2021 Beach Soccer World Cup, the 2022 Volleyball Men's World Championship, the World Wrestling Championship in 2022, the 2023 Summer Universiade-2023, the World Ice Hockey Championship in 2023 and other competitions. Their venues will be rescheduled, while Russian athletes will be able to take part in those tournaments only in neutral status, if proved clean.145 athletes, whose doping samples disappeared from the database of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory, were thus removed from competitions. The names of the athletes remain unknown. Russia delivered the database to WADA in January 2019 in order to lift all restrictions on participation in international competitions. Having studied the base, WADA experts came to conclusion that someone had made changes to it. The story continued until the beginning of 2019, although by that time the Russian Investigative Committee had seized the base as material evidence on the case of the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov.The head of RUSADA, Yuri Ganus, called WADA's new claims a "tragedy." Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called it an "anti-Russian series." Ganus suggested that it was Russian sports officials, who authorized changes to the database of doping samples to protect the reputation of former athletes, who currently take high positions. PM Dmitry Medvedev called WADA's sanctions "a continuation of the anti-Russian hysteria that has taken a chronic form."WADA originally wanted to bar Russian athletes from international sports competitions entirely. The head of the WADA Compliance Review Committee (CRC), Jonathan Taylor, said that the agency was seriously considering a possibility to remove Russian athletes from competitions entirely, but former athletes assumed that representatives of a new generation of Russian athletes should have an opportunity to participate in competitions."Russia may appeal against WADA's decision within 21 days. In the next ten days, the RUSADA Supervisory Board will announce whether Russia is going to file a lawsuit at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev believes that Russia should fight, but the head of RUSADA, Yuri Ganus, said that Russia would have no chances to win such a lawsuit. Almost a year ago, Yuri Ganus warned President Putin of the imminent sanctions. However, the Kremlin simply said that Ganus was overreacting as he was not familiar with the process to deliver the data to WADA.The report from the CRC said that there was a whole team working at the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, for the purpose to conceal changes in the database before delivering it to WADA. It is believed that the team was editing the data related to the winners of the Sochi-2014 Games, who retained their medals following the trial.As a result, WADA found inconsistencies between the two versions of the databases from the Moscow laboratory. WADA received the first version of the database from Grigory Rodchenkov, the former head of the agency, who had fled Russia. The second version was received from the Russian authorities in exchange for restoring the status of RUSADA. During the interval, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation sealed the laboratory as part of the federal investigation. The Russian authorities of the Russian Federation claim that nobody had manipulated the database. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

NATO: An anachronism or the cutting edge of the Arms Lobby?


enclosure image NATO: An anachronism or the cutting edge of the Arms Lobby? President Emmanuel Macron has called NATO "brain dead", claiming it should focus on real threats and reinvent itself. To what point is this the case? From the outset, NATO was a fallacy. It claimed to be a defensive organization serving to protect Western Europe and the United States of America against any attack by the Soviet Union, although the structure of the USSR's forces after the Second World War was defensive and NATO's, as we have seen, is and has always been offensive. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Russia to take nuclear triad as close to US borders as possible


enclosure image The Russian authorities take measures to ensure the country's security in case Washington does not renew the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-3).The treaty is to be terminated in February 2021. Russia intends to increase the aviation component of its Strategic Nuclear Forces (SNF) and take these weapons closer to the borders of a potential enemy.According to a source in the Russian defence industry, this goal is to be achieved through the construction of new Tu-160M aircraft, as well as through deep modernisation of Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3M strategic bombers. Supposedly, the Tu-95MS aircraft will be equipped with the modernised NK-12MPM power plant, which will extend airborne time without the need for midair refuelling and double the number of units of onboard weapons.Tu-22M3M missile carriers will also be changed. The modified versions of the Tupolev Tu-22M3M aircraft will be able to increase their flight range from 6 to 12-15 thousand kilometres (taking into account midair refuelling). This task is relevant today - the Russian Federation has 16 strategic Tu-160 missile carriers of various modifications. Ten Tu-160M worth 15 billion rubles each are to be supplied to the Russian Air Force according to the contract signed in January 2018. Currently, two aircraft of this series get ready for trials. This, of course, is not enough given the changing geopolitical situation near the Russian borders. Therefore, more than 60 Tu-95MS aircraft of Russian Aerospace Forces are going to be modernised as well. At the same time, the Russian Air Force will receive Tu-22M3M missile carriers in the same quantity.It is worth noting that this type of aircraft requires refuelling in the air with the help of Ilyushin Il-78 air tankers, but Russia has just a few of these air tankers left. In Soviet times, air tankers for long-range aviation used to be produced at the Tashkent Aircraft Plant (the republic of Uzbekistan). Nowadays, Russia may launch the production of such aircraft in the city of Ulyanovsk.It also goes about the enhancement of airbases on the example of US and NATO military infrastructure. It is possible that the question of the approximation of Russian military objects that may open a missile and nuclear attack in response to the actions of a potential enemy will be included in the Military Doctrine.According to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, a tactical flight exercise was carried out in August of 2019 with the participation of ten Tu-160, Tu-95MS, as well as Il-78 tankers.According to the plans, the Tu-22M3M aircraft will be based in the Crimea, near Dzhankoy, as well as in Belarus and Armenia. Negotiations are underway on the use of airfields in Cuba, Venezuela and Algeria. South Africa, Syria and Egypt are likely to join the list, but this is a matter of distant future. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Erdogan personally ordered to shoot down Russian Su-24


enclosure image Turkish President Erdogan personally ordered to shoot down the Russian Su-24 fighter jet on November 24, 2015, when the aircraft was on a combat mission in Syria.According to the Nordic Research Monitoring Network, this is evidenced by documents from NATO private briefings. At the same time, Turkey does not conceal the fact that it did not want to expose the order to strike the Russian fighter aircraft.The information about Recep Erdogan's responsibility for the Su-24 shoot-down is contained in the report from legal adviser of the Turkish General Staff, Ercan Agin. His report analyses the legal side of the tragedy. It was the Turkish president himself, who ordered to shoot down the Russian bomber. According to Erdogan, "every military element approaching Turkey from the Syrian border ... will be seen as a military threat."The document also says that the Turkish side had warned the Russians through emergency communication channels about the violation of Turkish airspace at least ten times before the aircraft was attacked.From Turkey's point of view, the Russian authorities had been duly notified of the possible reaction to any military object that was approaching Turkey from the direction of Syria. In particular, the Russians should have informed their crews that they should stay at least five miles away from Turkish airspace.This made it possible to blame Russia for the incident. The results of this act were discouraging and very expressive from the financial point of view, and seven months later Erdogan had to apologize to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, as well as to the family of pilot Oleg Peshkov, who was killed by militants during ejection.The author of the report was later accused of helping the rebels who staged attempted coup in Turkey in 2016. Specific perpetrators of the attack on the Russian Sukhoi Su-24 were taken into custody. It is believed, however, that the serviceman was not arrested, but continued serving in the Turkish Armed Forces under enhanced security.
 Kerim Khas, a political scientist, believes that the Kremlin knew about Erdogan's involvement in the order to shoot down the Russian Su-24. The Turkish President had repeatedly warned of Turkey's readiness to attack in response to repeated violations of the country's airspace. Then-prime minister Davutoglu did not conceal the fact that it was him who gave the order, but it could never be possible without the participation of the head of state. Yet, in order to achieve peace with Russia, Erdogan was forced to dismiss Davutoglu in May 2016.Interestingly, Erdogan made his apologies to Russia a few weeks before the coup. Khas notes that Turkey's elite was behind the coup, and it was then important for them to restore channels with Russia in order to avoid dependence on the West. The political scientist also believes that Moscow knows what exactly happened both at the time of the attack on the plane, and at the time of the coup in Turkey in 2016, including about the relationship between the Turkish political elite and the Islamic State terrorist organisation* (banned in the Russian Federation).At the same time, it is not only Russia, but also the USA, the UK and Germany, who have this information at their disposal. They use this information to blackmail Erdogan and obtain advantageous concessions. Erdogan will try to blame Davutoglu for the Su-24 shoot-down, in order to prevent him from creating his own party, and eliminate him as a possible competitor. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Mystic Women of India: Karaikkal Ammaiyar


enclosure image Mystic Women of India: Karaikkal Ammaiyar The Bhakti era of seer poets in India was spread over many centuries. Indeed, the role of women in this unique tradition has been exemplary. This has been a  unique channel, where this tradition has allowed, women's sexuality to be denied and transcended or conversely it has led to the sexuality being accepted but channelized towards an accepted God. In both the cases, the more interesting part to be observed is how the feminine sexuality poses a threat to the society specially when she wields it openly, even if only in surrender to the paranormal world, she considers herself to be a part of. The narrative, interestingly, left behind by these women-poet-seers does point out, that almost all of them idealized the God as male, but it remained outside the rigidity of the patriarchal norms where the God was sometimes an equal-a lover or a husband and at others, the woman remained subservient to the "authority", as with Karaikkal Ammaiyar-who considered Lord Shiv as her father. The tradition of Bhakti, gave women the freedom to reclaim their voices by breaking through the "normal" social barriers of marriage and child bearing and rearing. The women found an ideal companionship in the divine and this, very importantly opened up the possibility of an alternative model of gender relations. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Are we ready for democracy?


enclosure image Are we ready for democracy? The School of Democracy. It sounds great, does it not? But what is democracy, do we have it, are we ready for it, do our schools educate pupils towards it? Having covered several elections recently in Brazil, Portugal and the UK, the signals I have been receiving are alarming and by this I mean the attitudes of people on the street and the connection they have with politics. Let me give you some examples: Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Hampton and Clark: 50 years gone, never forgotten


enclosure image Hampton and Clark:  50 years gone, never forgotten    One of the most frequent criticisms I receive whenever I write articles drawing attention to the racial, social, legal, political, and/or economic injustices in the United States is, "Why don't you write about 'such-and-such' country, because it is much worse there." Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Reality on Thanksgiving Weekend


enclosure image Reality on Thanksgiving Weekend America's privileged class never had things better throughout the year.  The vast majority of ordinary people struggle to get by, a few lost paychecks from homelessness, hunger and despair. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

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