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Sputnik is a major new media brand with modern multimedia centers in dozens of countries. Sputnik is uniquely positioned as a provider of alternative news content and as a radio broadcaster. Offering a fuller picture of the world with a truly diverse range of views, Sputnik tells the untold.

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No Role for Foreign Firms in India’s Multi-Brand Retail Sector - Commerce and Industry Minister


enclosure image New Delhi (Sputnik):  With the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Party having stayed mum in its election manifesto of 2019 on the issue of multi-brand retail, there was speculation of a major possible policy shift. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Argentine Recession Expected to Deepen Ahead of Elections as Trade Bites


enclosure image Rampant inflation and an ongoing GDP contraction continue to dog Argentine President Mauricio Macri's chances at getting re-elected this year, as his popular opponent Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner is leading a centre-left charge against his neo-liberal economic policies. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Apollo 11 Astronaut Tweets Unseen Moon Landing Crew Photo Found ‘In a Box’


enclosure image The social media-savvy astronaut published his discovery as the world prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the lunar surface this July. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Bank of Japan to Discuss Int'l Risks Amid Spat with PM Abe


enclosure image There is growing dissent between Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor Haruhiko Kuroda and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over the central bank's 2-per cent inflation target, as officials consider a possible policy response to the spillover effects of global trade tensions. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

India Agrees to Review US Concern on Data Localisation Ahead of Bilateral Meets


enclosure image New Delhi (Sputnik): Trade issues will be the primary topic on the agenda for the discussion, scheduled for later this month between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump at the G-20 summit on 28-29 June in Osaka, Japan. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Russia Chips Away at US Debt Holdings, Dumping Another $1.6 Bln in Treasuries


enclosure image The targeted selloff brings Russian holdings of US Treasuries to a 12-year-low; total holdings have fallen by over $150 billion over the last decade. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

After Counter-Tariffs, India Braces for Tough Time Ahead During Pompeo's Visit


enclosure image The Indian government expects some kind of demand for concessions on data localisation and e-commerce from the US. Washington has termed India's draft national e-commerce policy, such as data localisation requirements and restrictions on cross-border data flows, as "discriminatory in nature". Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Deutsche Bank Aims to Create ‘Bad Bank’ for 'Toxic' Assets, Plans Staff Cuts in UK, US – Reports


enclosure image Amid the restructuring, Germany’s largest lender will also reportedly reduce or entirely close equity and rates trading businesses outside continental Europe. The overhaul follows money laundering allegations, years of struggling to generate sustainable profits, and a failed attempt to create a financial behemoth by merging with Commerzbank. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

UK Investment Outlook in Focus as Chances of 'No-Deal' Brexit Rise to 60%


enclosure image Economists from the British Chambers of Commerce paint a bleak picture of UK economic growth and investment after a possible no-deal Brexit, while a KPMG survey of corporate CEOs reveals a high level of optimism spread across the UK's private sector. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

European Central Bank Vows Action if Eurozone Inflation Continues to Slow


enclosure image A top European Central Bank (ECB) official has vowed additional stimulus in case of a slowdown in Eurozone inflation or a deterioration in economic growth, despite the concerns such measures could hurt the central bank's credibility. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Strana: 1/ 1221 Celkem nalezeno 12206 záznamů.

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