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Man wanted for Amber Alert said he was going to kill cop who asked for ID


Dariaz Higgins tells Milwaukee Police he almost killed a cop in Michigan while he was on the run from a murder charge. There is body camera video of the encounter and the department involved is now speaking out. In the body camera video on an unidentified police officer you see a SUV sitting in a hotel parking lot. The officer approaches the vehicle and a woman gets out of the passenger side. "I was coming to check to make sure everything is ok," said an unidentified officer from Livonia Police Department. That officer is approaching Higgins. He has no idea Higgins in wanted for shooting and killing Sierra Robinson. Plus, he is the subject of a nationwide Amber Alert for his missing daughter, 2-year-old Noelani Robinson. "They were from out of state. The driver seemed very nervous," said Captain Ron Taig from the Livonia Police Department. When the officer asked Higgins for his ID, Higgins put the car in drive and took off. That decision could have saved the officer's life. Higgins later told Milwaukee Police after his arrest that he had a sawed-off shotgun against his leg. He had planned to shoot the officer when he got to the vehicle because he had nothing to lose. "The hair on the back of my neck literally stood up when we made contact with the Milwaukee detectives and they said during the interview the suspect said he was going to shoot our police officer as he approached him," said Taig. Police said the woman in the body cam video is Deloise Lipsey. She is charged with helping Higgins elude police while he was wanted for murder. No charges have been filed for anyone in connection to the death of Noelani Robinson. {{file t=aaJJ4_1553230310}} Číst dále >>> Přeložit do cs

Google Treason Proves Globalists Have Been Building Up China For Decades

22.3.2019 05:48
infowars, newswars, alex jones show
Google Treason Proves Globalists Have Been Building China Decades

Google has been exposed for assisting the Chinese government with their efforts to censor information on the internet. Alex breaks down how this has been on the globalists' agenda for decades. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do cs

SPD releases bodycam video from Melrose Ave 'officer involved' shooting


Seattle Police have released new details and officer-worn bodycam footage from the incident on Melrose Ave Tuesday night in which a reportedly suicidal man carrying a gun opened fire and was shot by officers. The video shows a tense scene outside a Melrose Ave apartment building where the 37-year-old can be seen leaving the building carrying a pistol and later is confronted by police as he holds the weapon. "Go ahead and shoot me," the man appears to say. "Nobody wants to shoot you," an officer yells back. "I just want to talk to you but I can't talk to you with a gun in your hand." As the officer trying to negotiate with the man yells "Do not point that gun at me," a single shot rings out followed by a barrage of bullets as officers returned fire. The man sustained serious injuries in the shooting and was taken to Harborview for surgery but we do not know his condition. SPD says his injuries are considered non-life-threatening. He has not yet been charged. The officers involved in the shooting were not identified by SPD. Officers are generally placed on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation. {{file t=kdg6Y_1553229931}} Číst dále >>> Přeložit do cs

Mr. Reagan Releases Identity Of AOC's Secret Handler

22.3.2019 05:40
alexandria ocasio-cortez, new york, handler, puppe
Reagan Releases Identity Secret Handler

Mr. Reagan, the YouTube personality that exposed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's casting call response that led to her running for office in New York, joins Alex Jones to drop another bombshell and release the true identity of the openly socialist representative's secret handler behind the political scenes. **Watch the uncensored video streams at: https://infowars.com/show **Download The Official Infowars Free App https://www.infowars.com/app/ http://www.infowarsapk.com/ **Subscribe: https://infowars.com/newsletter **GET NEW TURBO FORCE TODAY!>>> https://www.infowarsstore.com/turbo-force.html Číst dále >>> Přeložit do cs

LL,Then and Now.

22.3.2019 05:33
YourSay., LiveLeak, Members, User, names, Stats, u

I see some Familiar Names on these pages. Dec, 2007 Číst dále >>> Přeložit do cs

It Ain't That Big Around But It Sure Is Short

22.3.2019 05:30
LiveLeakers. WTF. Entertainment, Little Dick,
That Around Sure Short

Shocking Truth About My Dickie Číst dále >>> Přeložit do cs

The MSM's FAKE Love for McCain is True TDS


Published on Mar 21, 2019 The mainstream media is still going after Trump for his comments about the late Sen. John McCain. It's a weird obsession, considering Trump's been consistent about his feelings toward McCain since day one. That's because the love for McCain is fake. It's just one of the many symptoms of their Trump Derangement Syndrome. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do cs

Jimmy Carter set to become the oldest living president in U.S. history


Published on Mar 21, 2019 Jimmy Carter on Friday will pass George H.W. Bush to become the longest living president. In the years since he left office, he's become perhaps the most accomplished former president in American history. Chip Reid explains. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do cs

U.S. Air Force Deploys B-52 Bombers to Europe in Message to Russia


Published on Mar 21, 2019 The US Air Force recently deployed six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to Europe for "theater integration and flying training" exercises with regional allies and NATO partners -- a move viewed as sending a strong message to Russia, which is celebrating the five-year anniversary of its military annexation of Crimea. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do cs

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