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Playful Dog Can't Get Enough Of Going Down The Slide

28.1.2020 05:53
no-reply@thrillist.com Stephen Messenger
Playful Enough Going Down Slide

The other day, Anabela Cohen was visiting a local park with her son near their home in Argentina when they spotted something adorably unusual. There, casually hanging out with a group of kids at the park’s playground, was a dog who clearly knows how to have a good time. As the pup's young friends looked on, she entertained herself by going up and down the slide all on her own — again and again and again. “I’d never seen anything like it,” Cohen told The Dodo.Though the dog, in all her joyful excitement, left little opportunity for her human playmates to make use of the slide, too, none seemed to mind. "The crowd of kids were happy to just watch," Cohen said. "Even my son, who was playing nearby, stopped to see the show."Cohen came to learn that the dog's name is Berta — and that this wasn't her first encounter with a slide. Evidently, Berta came to learn of the thrill of sliding by watching her school-aged owner, and is now super eager to do it any chance she gets.Chances are, on any given day if the weather is fair, Berta and company can be found making the most of all the playground has to offer. However, just catching a glimpse of that happy routine of a dog and her pals is something Cohen won't soon forget. "I thought it was amazing," she said. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Nice Lady Gives Little Blanket And Beanie To Iguana Stunned By Cold Snap

25.1.2020 05:22
no-reply@thrillist.com Stephen Messenger
Nice Lady Gives Little Blanket Beanie Iguana Stunned Cold Snap

In parts of Florida, a recent cold snap caused temperatures to fall well below norm  — leading some animals to do more than merely shiver. Being cold-blooded, local iguanas especially found the chilly weather disruptive. Shocked by the unusual cold, they began to fall from trees in a stupor.Jan 21 - This isn't something we usually forecast, but don't be surprised if you see Iguanas falling from the trees tonight as lows drop into the 30s and 40s. Brrrr! #flwx #miami pic.twitter.com/rsbzNMgO01 — NWS Miami (@NWSMiami) January 21, 2020 South Florida resident Lori Bale knew the weather was prime for it to rain reptiles, and she was concerned for the ones who live around her house. “Yesterday was the coldest temp we've had in years,” Bale told The Dodo. “When I woke up, I immediately checked our yard for downed iguanas.”And sure enough, she found one. Iggy, as Bale named him, was clearly having a rough time. Credit: Lori BaleRather than leave Iggy to face the cold weather unprotected, which would cause his internal temperature to drop even more, Bale decided to get creative. She improvised a little blanket for him from a towel, and placed a torn piece of her dog’s plush toy on Iggy’s head like a beanie. “I hoped that it would help a little,” Bale said. Credit: Lori BaleTurns out, it did seem to have helped. “I left for work and came back home hours later and found his blankie, but no Iggy,” Bale said. However, Iggy had apparently decided to keep the hat. Credit: Lori BaleBale's sweet gesture toward the iguana was a thankless one, but she feels grateful regardless to have had the chance to help him out. "I'm happy to know he survived," Bale said. "I'm sure I'll see him sunning himself by the canal as soon as our weather gets better." Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Man Rents Billboard So Everyone Will Know It’s His Dog’s Birthday

25.1.2020 04:29
no-reply@thrillist.com Lily Feinn
Rents Billboard Everyone Will Know It’s Dog’s Birthday

Maxx Chewning knew he wanted to do something big for his dog Dood's first birthday.  Not only did he want to show his pup an amazing time — he wanted his entire Texas town to know about it. Credit: Instagram/maxxchewningThe best way to get his message out? Rent an electronic billboard for the day and put Dood’s smiling face on it. “The billboard company had never heard of anything like this and they were excited for something creative and fun to be on their digital screen,” Chewning told The Dodo. But not all of Chewning's friends were as positive about his plans. Friends questioned why Chewning would actually pay to rent a billboard for his dog’s birthday — especially since Dood can’t read. But to Chewning, it was a worthwhile investment.  “I don’t even have a girlfriend so I’m not spending any money on that, so why don’t I spend it all on my dog?” Chewning said in a video on YouTube . “Seems like the better option, to be honest.” Credit: Maxx ChewningSince Dood came into Chewning's life, the two have been inseparable. “Dood is a very energetic puppy who loves to be around people as much as possible,” Chewning told The Dodo. “He goes with me everywhere I go, and I bring him to work every day.” “Every time I walk through the door he bursts up from the ground and greets me with a bundle of energy and love," he added. "Dood is a great dog and he truly has brought happiness into my life. He is my best friend." Credit: YouTube/maxxchewningWhen the big day finally arrived, Chewning filmed it from start to finish. First, he drove Dood to Starbucks for a Puppuccino and stopped by the billboard. Dood didn't seem too interested in the sign, so they continued on with their plans. They played a game of fetch and then Chewning presented Dood with a custom dog-friendly cake. At night, Chewning took Dood back to the billboard to see it all lit up. “Look at that, Dood! Everyone’s so happy to see your face up there,” he said in the video.  Dood's big day wrapped up with a trip to the pet store: “I let him pick out anything he wanted,” Chewning said. “He gets spoiled every day, so basically his birthday is all the time.” You can watch the video of their adorable day here:Dood was clearly thrilled to go on an adventure with his dad and with all the special treats he was getting. Whether or not Dood knew what was going on didn’t matter to Chewning. What was important was that Dood got the best day a dog could ask for. “I think getting Dood was probably one of the best things I’ve done in my life and he brings a lot of happiness to my day ... that I didn’t know that I needed,” Chewning said. Good thing Chewning has an entire year to plan for the pup's second birthday. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

'World's Worst Cat' Is Looking For Someone Who Appreciates Her Attitude

25.1.2020 04:23
no-reply@thrillist.com Lily Feinn
World Worst Looking Someone Appreciates Attitude

It takes quite an attitude to earn you the title of World’s Worst Cat. But as Mitchell County Animal Rescue says, Perdita is “not for the faint of heart.” The 4-year-old cat is not interested in your petty human need for affection. She doesn't care to interact with other animals — especially kittens — no matter how “cute” they might be. Perdita simply wishes to rule over her domain from the comfort of her gray fleece bed. Credit: Mitchell County Animal RescueThe occasional head scratch is allowed, and paying homage with treats is encouraged. However, if you get on her bad side, prepare to be nursing a hand covered in scratches and bites.  But before you judge Perdita too harshly, her life has not been easy. “Her story is actually a sad one ,” Amber Lowery, executive director of Mitchell County Animal Rescue, told The Dodo. “Her owner passed away and she was left home all alone for some time.” The neighbors, who had been feeding Perdita, eventually called the animal rescue for help. Credit: Mitchell County Animal RescueWhen Perdita finally arrived at the shelter, she was so cranky that staffers thought there might be something medically wrong with her.  As the vet soon discovered, Perdita was perfectly healthy. "We thought she was sick, turns out she's just a jerk," the shelter wrote. Shelter staffers quickly realized that finding Perdita a home would be a challenge, so they started to think outside the box. “We got together and we decided that we would be brutally honest about her strong personality,” Lowery said. “That way, the right person would be able to adopt her and understand that she is not the cuddly kitteny type.” Credit: Mitchell County Animal RescueWhat resulted was a hilariously honest Facebook post advertising Perdita’s less-than-pleasant qualities, and labeling her the “World’s Worst Cat.” The post quickly went viral. The Facebook post reads: "Meet Perdita, not for the faint of heart. LIKES: staring into your soul until you feel as if you may never be cheerful again; the song Cat Scratch Fever, the movie Pet Cemetery (Church is her hero), jump scares (her specialty), lurking in dark corners, being queen of her domicile, fooling shelter staff into thinking she's sick (vet agrees...she's just a jerk) DISLIKES: the color pink, kittens (yuk they are so chipper), dogs, children, the Dixie Chicks, Disney movies, Christmas and last but NOT least...HUGS. She's single and ready to be socially awkward with a socially awkward human who understands personal space.”These words may seem harsh, but they were for Perdita's benefit, noted Lowery: “Our plan was to highlight all the differences that she has … so when you take her home you’re not surprised , and it’s a better chance of the adoption actually sticking and her not coming back to us.” With over 100 applications, it won't be long before Perdita finds someone willing to accept her just as she is.“We are sc Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Cat Lost Her Ears — So The Shelter Made Her A New Pair

25.1.2020 04:17
no-reply@thrillist.com Caitlin Jill Anders
Lost Ears Shelter Made Pair

Lady in a Fur Coat was found as a stray near Madison, Wisconsin, in early December and quickly brought to Dane County Humane Society . As soon as she arrived, everyone at the shelter could see that she was in pain, and immediately began trying to figure out how to help her.  “Our veterinarians gave her a thorough exam and determined that she was suffering from chronic ear infections and hematomas in both ears,” Ash Collins, donor relations specialist at Dane County Humane Society, told The Dodo. Credit: Dane County Humane SocietyDue to the pain she was in, it was decided that the best thing to do would be to remove Lady’s ear flaps. While she recovered from her surgery, she stayed at the veterinarian's office, getting attention and love around the clock. As her pain went away and she began to hear a little better, the sweet cat came out of her shell more and more each day, and once she was back at the shelter, everyone there fell head over heels for the earless cat, too.  “Lady is such a sweet cat,” Collins said. “She loves to cuddle and give head bumps, and our staff and volunteers really enjoyed spending time with her while she recovered.”  Once Lady fully healed and was ready to find her forever family, her new shelter friends were a little worried that her lack of ears would scare away potential adopters. Lady is still so cute even without her ears, of course, but as Collins wondered if other people would see that, she suddenly had the sweetest idea Credit: Dane County Humane Society“We worried that her adoption process may take longer since she looked a little funny, so I decided to use my crochet skills to help her stand out with an adorable purple ear bonnet,” Collins said.  As soon as Lady’s new ears were ready, Collins gently placed them on her head and snapped a few pictures, and the reactions they got from the rest of the world were absolutely perfect.  “Our staff and volunteers thought she was so adorable in her new ears, and we have had lots of positive reactions from our supporters as well,” Collins said. “Lady was adopted the same day she was made available for adoption, thanks to her picture on Facebook with her crocheted ears!”  Credit: Dane County Humane SocietyLady was just so cute in her photos, with and without her new ears, that someone applied to adopt her right away, and she’s now happily settled into her new forever home. She’s already doing so well, and everyone is thrilled that the quirky cat got her very well-deserved happy ending.  “I was happy to be a small part of Lady’s second chance,” Collins said.  Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Tiniest Kitten Won't Let Her New Family Go Anywhere Without Her

25.1.2020 04:16
no-reply@thrillist.com Caitlin Jill Anders
Tiniest Kitten Family Anywhere Without

When Natalie Cocks and her girlfriend found out about some people who had an unwanted litter of kittens, they decided they were ready to adopt and drove to the home to claim one, a tiny 5-week-old kitten they named Wildfire. Unfortunately, the conditions the kittens were living in were less than ideal, and the couple were worried for the safety of the other four.  “We were talking to my girlfriend’s sister about how we were worried for the rest of them but really don’t have the room or facilities to hold the other 4 — so she ran down there and took them,” Cocks told The Dodo.  Credit: Natalie CocksAfter ensuring that all the kittens were safe and would have loving forever homes, the couple were able to turn their focus to getting Wildfire settled into her new life. From the moment they brought her home, Wildlife was obsessed with her new parents, and she decided she had to follow them absolutely everywhere.  “She hates being by herself and will cry for hours if we are not around,” Cocks said. “She never leaves our side and always needs to be with someone. For example, I went from the bedroom to the kitchen and she didn’t see me leave and as soon as she noticed I wasn’t there she started basically howling.”  Wildfire is so grateful to her new family for rescuing her and therefore wants to be around them every minute, no matter what.  Credit: Natalie CocksOne day, Cocks’ girlfriend was taking a shower and Wildfire decided that, as usual, she needed to be right by her side — so she hopped in the shower too. After hearing the story, Cocks wondered if Wildfire would start doing the same thing with her, and the next time she went to take a shower, Wildfire was ready.  The tiny kitten cautiously joined her mom in the shower, stretching against her and begging for attention. The water didn’t necessarily bother her — as long as she didn’t have to deal with it too much.  “The water really didn’t bother her . If I was covering most of the stream, she would happily walk in and out, but if the shower was running fully on her she wasn’t as keen,” Cocks said. Wildfire was still willing to brave the water in order to be right next to her mom, and Cocks had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last time she tried to join in on shower time.  “I have to keep the shower door closed or else she would follow me in every time — but if it’s closed she will stand there and try [to] open the door the whole time we are in there,” Cocks said.  Wildfire is just so happy that her new parents welcomed her into their family that she’ll do literally anything to be near them at all times, even if it means getting a little wet sometimes.  Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Dog Sees Cow Taking A Nap And Decides To Join In

25.1.2020 04:14
no-reply@thrillist.com Caitlin Jill Anders
Sees Taking Decides Join

Some things in life are so delightful and pure that you can’t help but smile — and recently, a man in India was able to capture one of those moments for everyone to enjoy.  Sarthak Gambhir had just left his house for the day and was passing a local snack stall when he spotted a cow curled up next to it. Normally this wouldn’t be a strange sight, as there are often cows out and about where Gambhir lives, but this particular cow had a very unusual friend with her.  Credit: Sarthak GambhirCurled up on the cow’s back, taking a snooze , was a dog, and as soon as Gambhir spotted the pair, he stopped in his tracks.  “It was the first time I was seeing something like this,” Gambhir told The Dodo.  Credit: Sarthak GambhirThe cow seemed to be aware that there was a dog sleeping on her back and didn’t mind one bit. Gambhir tried to get a little closer to the pair to snap some pictures and was worried he might accidentally scare them off — but the dog was sleeping so soundly, and the cow didn’t dare move because she didn’t want to disturb her friend.  It’s impossible to know if these two are frequent friends or if this was the first time it had ever happened, but regardless, Gambhir couldn’t stop smiling at them.  Credit: Sarthak GambhirEventually, Gambhir had to move on and continue his day, but he was reluctant to leave the adorable pair. He’s of course hoping the cow and dog make a habit of napping together, so that he’ll have a chance to witness the cuteness all over again.  Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

4 Ways Your Tax Refund Can Help With Pet Care

25.1.2020 04:00
no-reply@thrillist.com Marissa Stephenson
Ways Your Refund Help With Care

Credit: ShutterstockYep, it’s really tax time again — doesn’t it feel like you just did this?? — and like most mildly tedious things in life, it’s best to get it done early and fast. But there is some exciting news: Your dog or cat can actually help you get more money back in your tax refund — which, of course, means having extra cash on hand to spoil them even more! There are a couple ways to approach adding your pet to your return. For instance, the adoption fee you pay for your pet can count as a charitable donation and having an Instagram-famous kitty influencer can mean chalking up care fees to business expenses. It’s also good to know that if you have a certified service animal, you can deduct some associated costs such as training and medical services. While not everyone will qualify for those options, knowing the tax code will help you get the largest refund possible. If you’re struggling to find all of the deductions you deserve this year, don’t fret: H&R Block has tax experts waiting for you. Either visit an office and file in person or use H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go , which matches you with a tax pro who’s best suited for your unique tax situation. Submit your documents online and they’ll send your completed return back for approval before filing for you. It saves you time and stress so you can get back to what’s most important: Your pet. Of course, receiving your maximum refund is especially important for pet parents because our best friends can come with unexpected expenses. Here are the top ones to know about -- plus tips on how to prevent or cushion these unforeseen costs so you’re always prepared and able to give your pet the best care.THE SURPRISE: Emergency care From late-night tummy aches to an injured paw, one in three pets may require emergency care this year. (One eye-opening stat: more U.S. dogs have knee surgery than people.) Those sudden vet visits can pack a wallop on the wallet, too: Pet parents may spend well over $1,000 in a single emergency appointment. BE PREPARED Go to the Vet Regularly You go to regular check-ups with your doctor, right? Give the same level of care to your pet! Schedule annual appointments with your vet and increase those visits to bi-annual as your pet reaches senior age — 7 or 8 years old in most dogs, 10 years old in most cats. Pet-Proof Your House Just as you would for a human baby, keep easy-to-swallow objects out of your pet’s range, especially if they’re young, curious, and mischievous. ( Procedures to remove objects trapped in teeth or in a tummy can run anywhere from $1,600 to upwards of $3,000). Keep Them Safe If your pet enjoys the great outdoors, make sure they’re in a well-gated area or on a leash at all times. (A heart-breaking stat: 1.2 million dogs a year are hit by cars , and if surgery is possible, it can cost thousands of dollars.) Consider Insurance Out of the 183 million pet dogs and cats in the U.S., only 1.2 percent are insured . While pet insurance averages $44 a month , the cost can be well worth the investment to safeguard against sudden, astronomical hospital bills (the average cost to treat stomach problems , a top illness in both dogs and cats, is $6,500). The upshot: Many pet insurers pay out around 90% of the total costs.  Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Shelter Takes In The Chubbiest Cat They’ve Ever Seen

24.1.2020 02:50
no-reply@thrillist.com Lily Feinn
Shelter Takes Chubbiest They’ve Ever Seen

When shelter staffers first saw Bazooka Joe, they had to do a double take. Pictures of the gentle giant just didn’t do him justice. Tipping the scales at over 36 pounds, Bazooka Joe couldn’t even fit in a normal cat carrier. In fact, when he tried to squeeze into one, he got stuck .  He can barely fit in someone's arms. Credit: SPCA of Wake County“It’s jaw-dropping how large he is — and how long he is, too,” Darci VanderSlik, director of communications for the SPCA of Wake County , told The Dodo. “He’s 34 inches long, so he’s a very square cat.” Bazooka Joe entered the North Carolina shelter system when his former owner passed away. The large cat arrived at the shelter matted and dirty because his size prevents him from caring for his coat adequately — and there a lot of fur to care for. “He’s struggling to groom himself properly, he’s struggling to play with toys, to do what normal cats do,” VanderSlik said. “But he’s still very agile for the state that he’s in — he’ll jump up on the bed and climb up the stairs.” Credit: SPCA of Wake CountyAt only 5 years old, Bazooka Joe is still a young cat with a long life ahead of him, noted VanderSlik: “He’s got this kitten personality in this oversized body .” And while he looks imposing, his personality couldn’t be sweeter. “This cat is the coolest cat ever. He’s so mellow and chill,” VanderSlik added. “He’s just happy all the time.” Credit: SPCA of Wake CountyRobin Anderson was scrolling through the Maine Coon Rescue Community on Facebook when the tabby’s sweet face popped up on her screen. After losing her Maine coon in August, she had finally found a cat large enough to fill the hole in her heart. Anderson immediately called the shelter, hoping that the cat hadn’t already been adopted. Credit: SPCA of Wake CountyWhen shelter staffers heard her personal story, they knew they had found the perfect home for Bazooka. “She herself had lost over 120 pounds and now runs marathons,” VanderSlik said. “So she was super excited to step in and help him and document his weight loss journey. She even wants to harness train him so he can get some cardio.” You can watch their first heartwarming meeting below:Bazooka Joe went home Monday, less than a week after arriving at the shelter, and has since been renamed King Augustus. For now, the chonky kitty is taking a few days to get used to his new surroundings, but soon he’ll be meeting his “little” brother, a 10-pound dog named Rufus.  With a new name and a family, it's clear that King Augustus will have many happy — and slimming — years ahead. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Dog Stops Traffic So Group Of Kids Can Safely Cross The Street

23.1.2020 05:04
no-reply@thrillist.com Stephen Messenger
Stops Traffic Group Kids Safely Cross Street

Unfortunately, there are still some drivers out there who apparently don’t know how to treat pedestrians with the respect that they deserve. But this little dog is doing his best to set them straight. Credit: Beqa TsinadzeThe other day, Beqa Tsinadze happened upon a curious scene in the town of Batumi, Georgia. There, at a clearly marked crosswalk, a group of young kids were waiting for cars to yield so they could safely cross the road. Regrettably, though, it seems that many drivers weren't eager to extend that courtesy without being told to. So, that's exactly what this dog did — taking on the role of crossing guard on the kids' behalf.Here's that moment on video:The thoughtful dog tackled the situation like a pro. But apparently this wasn't just a one-time thing. Tsinadze shared another video of the same dog stopping traffic and escorting yet another group of kids across the street.Though it's unclear why the pup came to adopt the role of crossing guard, it may be as a way of saying thanks. According to Georgian media , the dog arrived to the area as a helpless stray a few years back, and has since endeared himself to members of the community who have taken it upon themselves to care for him.The report above states that the dog goes by several names among folks in the neighborhood who know him — but there's no doubt that you'd be safe in calling him a very good boy. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

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