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Report: Instagram and Facebook Opioid Recovery Hashtags Filled with Drug Dealers


enclosure image A recent report from BuzzFeed News reveals that while Facebook claims that it helps individuals with opioid addictions, hashtags on the Facebook-owned Instagram platform related to addictions are filled with drug dealers offering their services. Číst dále >>>

Nevada Authorities Consider Legal Action Against Facebook over Area 51 Event


enclosure image Nevada authorities are reportedly considering taking legal action against Facebook over the "Storm Area 51" event taking place this week that was organized on the social media platform. One event producer said, "Good luck with that. Facebook—I mean you might as well go after the Queen of England." Číst dále >>>

'Free the Nipple' Activists Force City to Erase Topless Ban

20.9.2019 19:15
Amy Furr
Free Nipple Activists Force City Erase Topless

enclosure image Erasing a ban on women going topless will save Fort Collins, Colorado, a lot of money, city officials said Wednesday. Číst dále >>>

Police: Facebook Employee Dead After Jumping from Company Building


enclosure image A Facebook employee reportedly died by suicide after leaping off the company's headquarters building in Menlo Park, California, on Thursday. Číst dále >>>

Chick-fil-A Has Doubled Its Sales Despite Increased Protests

20.9.2019 19:12
Tom Ciccotta
Chick Doubled Sales Despite Increased Protests

enclosure image Although protests against Chick-fil-A have popped up on campuses and in cities around the country this year, the chain has more than doubled its sales in recent years, reaching $10.5 billion in sales and adding 700 new locations. Číst dále >>>

Trump Admin Tells UNC, Duke to Revise Islam Program or Lose Taxpayer Funds

20.9.2019 18:55
Alana Mastrangelo
Trump Admin Tells Duke Revise Islam Program Lose Taxpayer Funds

enclosure image The Trump administration is calling on the University of North Carolina (UNC) and Duke University to revise their joint Middle Eastern studies program or lose taxpayer funding. According to the Department of Education, the program offers very few, "if any," programs focused on the historic discrimination against religious minorities in the Middle East, and lacks balance, focusing on the "positive aspects of Islam" while having an "absolute absence" of a similar focus on the positive aspects of Christianity and Judaism. Číst dále >>>

Nolte: Climate 'Experts' Are 0-41 with Their Doomsday Predictions

20.9.2019 18:49
John Nolte
Nolte Climate Experts with Their Doomsday Predictions

enclosure image For more than 50 years Climate Alarmists in the scientific community and environmental movement have not gotten even one prediction correct, but they do have a perfect record of getting 41 predictions wrong. Číst dále >>>

Al Sharpton: Ask 2020 Democrats at Next Debate if They Wore Blackface

20.9.2019 18:45
Joshua Caplan
2020 Election
Sharpton 2020 Democrats Next Debate They Wore Blackface

enclosure image MSNBC host Al Sharpton on Thursday called for moderators at the next 2020 Democrat debate to ask White House hopefuls if they have ever worn blackface. Číst dále >>>

Kamala Harris Changes Campaign Strategy: 'I'm F*cking Moving to Iowa'

20.9.2019 18:44
Hannah Bleau
2020 Election
Kamala Harris Changes Campaign Strategy F*cking Moving Iowa

enclosure image Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is beefing up resources in Iowa and accidentally confirmed her change in campaign strategy after a reporter overheard the presidential candidate telling a colleague that she is "f*cking moving to Iowa." Číst dále >>>

Canisius College Forces Students to Play Social Justice Board Game

20.9.2019 18:41
Tom Ciccotta
Canisius College Forces Students Play Social Justice Board Game

enclosure image Student leaders at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, were required to play a "social justice" themed board game during a training session. Číst dále >>>

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