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This is what could happen if Roe v. Wade fell

15.5.2019 22:17
Grace Panetta, Samantha Lee and Shayanne Gal
This what could happen Wade fell

Alyssa Milano georgia abortion HB 481

  • If the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade , which granted Americans a constitutional right to abortion in 1973, each state would again be able to decide whether their residents are legally allowed to have abortions.
  • While 10 states currently have laws on the books that would keep abortion legal within their borders, 18 states have laws that could make it illegal if Roe falls.
  • In the decades since Roe, states have also passed laws that have chipped away at abortion access in the US, causing clinics to close and the reality of women's' ability to get one dependent on where they live or whether they have the means to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest location.
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The landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade and subsequent rulings upholding it have granted Americans the right to abortion since 1973, but the reality of that right varies dramatically from state to state. Since Roe became the law of the land, individual states have found dozens of ways to make it as difficult as possible for patients to actually access the procedure. From strict regulations on clinics and bans on abortion after a certain number of weeks, to requiring patients to receive counseling and undergo waiting periods, these laws have tested the limits of Roe — with some ending up in federal court. President Donald Trump has nominated two justices to give the Supreme Court a solidly conservative majority, causing many abortion rights advocates to fear that such a makeup could overturn Roe altogether. The more likely scenario, according to legal experts , is for the high court to chip away at abortion rights by ruling in favor of the state-level restrictions that reach their docket. These seven charts and maps illustrate what abortion access in America actually looks like today, and what could happen if Roe fell.SEE ALSO:  23 ways states are keeping women from getting abortions in the US — that could erode Roe v. Wade without repealing it DON'T MISS:  Roe v. Wade probably won't get overturned — but here's what could happen to slowly chip away at abortion rights if the Supreme Court becomes largely conservative State laws that would explicitly outlaw or allow abortion if Roe v. Wade falls If the Supreme Court does overturn Roe, the issue of abortion will go back to the states. Elizabeth Nash, a senior state issues manager at the Guttmacher Institute , explained all the possible outcomes to Business Insider. Seven states passed "trigger laws" after Roe was decided, which would automatically make abortion illegal as soon as the decision is overturned. But nine states have pre-Roe abortion bans or restrictions still on their books that are currently un-e Číst dále >>>

A productivity expert shares 5 must-read books for anyone who wants to get ahead at work


third door blue must reads 4

  • Adrian Shepherd is a British productivity consultant who's lived and worked in Japan for the past 24 years.
  • Through his work, he's kept his own library full of books on what it takes to be successful. It started out as a collection of business and productivity books, but soon it had a wide range of genres.
  • While many of his favorites are best-sellers, there are a few excellent books on success that have slipped through the cracks but are worth reading, including "Blue Mind" by Wallace J. Nichols and "The Third Door" by Alex Banayan.
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I used to think a library was a place you visited on the weekend to read books or a quiet place to study at school. Jim Rohn, the American business philosopher, taught me otherwise. He used to say, "Every house over $250,000 has a library in it. Why do you think that is?" That was the day I started my own library. First, it was a box in my closet. Today, my success library has swelled to over 700 physical books and another 800 online. I didn't limit my studies to just business and productivity, but added books on marketing, copywriting, psychology, linguistic programming, history, and nutrition. Read more: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shares the 3 essential traits that great leaders like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg all have in common I've got nearly every well-known book, including "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," "The Four-Hour Work Week," and "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." They each sold millions of copies and helped spawn a series that made their authors well-known keynote speakers in every corner of the globe. While these books were game-changers, I'm always on the lookout for those books that slip through the cracks. Here are five books that didn't really get the attention they deserved.SEE ALSO:  The 25 most influential books ever written about business "Thick Face, Black Heart" by Chin Ning Chu Chin Ning Chu isn't an author I'd ever come across in any of my books. If it weren't for listening to a Dan Kennedy seminar, I might never have known about this little gem. It's an incredibly insightful look into how ancient Eastern philosophy and mindset can help us navigate the treacherous waters of business and life. Considering the recent meteoric rise of China and other Asian countries, I can think of no better book to read to help prepare us for the years ahead than this book. It's become a centerpiece of my studies and a must-read for any company or business person looking to expand into Asia or do business with Asia firms.  "Blue Mind" by Wallace J. Nichols I started out focusing on strategies and tactics to help people achieve more. However, the more I study productivity, the more I realized that on a personal level, energy is the key element. Our body dictates how well we can perform throughout the day, which is why I found "Blue Mind" such an interesting read. Seems I wasn't the only one. Microsoft Research invited Wallace J. Nichols to give a speech in  2016 as part of the Visitor Speaker Series . We all know that our body is 90% water, but Nichols explains why water is much more than simply Číst dále >>>

I switched from a Keurig to this French press with over 2,400 Amazon reviews and a near-perfect rating — it's worth the extra few minutes to use


Insider Picks  writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. Coffee Gator French Press

  • I recently made the switch from my Keurig single-cup coffee maker to this 34-ounce Coffee Gator French press
  • Though it takes a little longer to brew, I'm really pleased my choice. This French press is easy to use, makes a great cup of coffee, and looks nice in my kitchen.
  • It's not super cheap at around $45, but its features — like an insulated carafe to keep your coffee hot — make it a worthy investment.
Chaotic weekday mornings happen more often than I'd like to admit. Either the subway is running behind, my hair isn't cooperating, or I need to run back to my apartment for my phone. Despite the unpredictable chaos, one thing is certain — I always have a cup of coffee in hand. I drink black coffee, meaning a bland brew can't hide under a ton of sugar and cream. Since my early high school days, I've counted on my trusty Keurig machine for my morning coffee fix, and though my colleagues claimed that I needed to "up my coffee game," I was hesitant to make a switch. After talking to our team's coffee expert, Owen , I finally caved and decided to try a French press. Not knowing anything about how a French press works or what specifications to look for, I resorted to the review section on Amazon. I ended up settling on the large, 34-ounce French press by Coffee Gator . With over 2,400 reviews and an impressive 4.6 stars out of five stars, I was willing to give it a shot. frenchpress The design The Coffee Gator French press comes with three separate pieces — a vacuum-layered stainless steel carafe, a double-layered filter, and a to-go container for grounds (great for camping). You can choose one of five colors for the carafe, and each one is built from military-grade steel. I got the gray one for $42.99 and was pleased with the sleek design, packaging, and the durable feel of the product. One of the best features of the product is the vacuum-layered carafe that keeps the coffee hot for longer. Most French press devices are single-walled, meaning that the hot water will cool quicker since it has closer contact with the temperature outside the container. The double-layered wall is a strong insulator and keeps the heat sealed inside the container — I noticed that my coffee stayed hot for over an hour, eliminating the need to microwave my second cup (and this size holds quite a few cups).  As an avid Keurig user, I didn't know how to gauge the quality of the filter, so my coffee-knowledgeable teammate checked it out and agreed with reviewers — it seemed to hold its shape during the drop test and fit flawlessly in the carafe to avoid grounds flowing into my mug. Brewing process I'm used to popping a pod into a single-serve brewing machine or going next door to my nearest coffee shop, so I was hesitant about putting in extra time and effort to use a French press. To my surprise, the process was actually pretty simple. I use the grocery store grinder to grind my coffee beans, but if a grinder isn't available, you'll want to purchase pre-made medium to coarse-ground coffee for best results. You can also grind your own whole-bean coffee beforehand. Once you have the French press and coffee grounds, you'll need to heat water — Coffee Gator recommends using near-boiling water at around 200-degrees Fahrenheit. Once your supp Číst dále >>>

'Why won't my iPad charge?': How to diagnose and fix common iPad charging issues


Apple iPad 4

  • If your iPad has stopped charging, there are many potential causes, but they're all easy to test for and fix.
  • You should methodically test every part of the charging process, including software, the AC adapter, Lightning cable, and Lightning port.
  • The most common problems with iPad charging include a failed USB cable and a USB port that can't deliver enough power.
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If your iPad is plugged in and refuses to charge, there's understandable cause for concern. But before you pack it up and head to an Apple store to get it serviced, there are several things you can try at home first. It's entirely possible that there's an easy fix and your tablet will be charging again in no time.SEE ALSO:  The best tablets you can buy Make sure that your iPad isn’t charging For starters: Are you sure that your iPad isn't charging? Start by verifying that something is amiss. Connect your iPad to an AC adapter and see if the lightning bolt appears in or beside the battery icon at the top right of the iPad's screen. If the battery is already dead, leave it to charge for about two hours and then check on it. Restart your iPad You've probably heard the classic advice ( immortalized in the British sitcom "The IT Crowd" ) that the first thing you should try is to turn it off and back on again. Assuming that your iPad still has some battery life remaining, restart the iPad and then try to charge it again. There's a good chance that the simple act of rebooting it will solve the charging problem. Don’t try to charge it via computer iPads draw more current than smaller devices like iPhones, and many — if not most — computers don't have high-power USB ports which can deliver enough energy to charge an iPad . There's no harm in trying — you can't damage your iPad this way — but it's likely that your computer won't be able to charge your iPad competently. You can generally tell if a USB port can't deliver enough juice because you will see a message that says "Not Charging." Check your charging cable for damage Číst dále >>>

21 handy cooking tools we rely on in our own kitchens


Insider Picks  writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. juicer Every time I go to my local grocery store, a general home goods store, or Target, I'm surprised at the sheer amount of kitchen gadgets and cooking tools that exist. It seems like there's a slicer, dicer, peeler, and chopper for just about every fruit and vegetable. There are different spatulas and pans for cooking all sorts of things. You can even get machines that are made to only make waffles.  When shopping for your kitchen, many of these little gadgets and tools may seem frivolous. You may be left to wonder, "Will I actually use that avocado slicer ? Or would a regular knife suffice?"  To help you answer that pressing question, and others like it, we rounded up our favorite handy kitchen gadgets and cooking tools we've come to rely on. Keep reading for 21 clever cooking tools you didn't know you needed: A foldable cutting board Joseph Joseph Foldable Cutting Board, available at Amazon, $12.57 If you do a lot of batch cooking or you tend to prepare meals that require lots of chopping, you need this cutting board. The handle makes it easy to hold and maneuver around the kitchen, and the foldable sides ensure that nothing falls off the board while you do so. — Remi Rosmarin, reporter A handheld citrus juicer Cucisina Lemon Juicer, available at Amazon, $5.88 If you frequently cook with lemons or limes, or you just make a lot of guacamole, you need this $7 tool in your drawer. It stops seeds falling into your food and ensures you get every last drop of juice. — Ellen Hoffman, director of content strategy for Insider Picks A hand mixer Breville Hand Mixer, available at Amazon, $129.95 I don't have the space for a KitchenAid stand mixer in my small New York City apartment, so I opted for a Breville hand mixer instead — and woah, I did not realize how effortless it could be to prepare cookie doughs and cake batters. I especially like this mixer's easy-to-adjust speed control and built-in light. It comes with three different types of attachments and a see-through container to store both the attachments and the device itself. — Ellen Hoffman, director of content strategy for Insider Picks A citrus zester and cheese grater Microplane Coarse Grater, available at Amazon, $15.70 Whether you're zesting lemons or grating Parmesan cheese or even fresh nutmeg, this is the best possible tool for the job. The top has a little rubber cover that keeps the grater stable on a cutting board, and the handle provides a comfortable grip. It's dishwasher safe, very sharp, and extremely effective. I store mine on a hook for easier access I also really appreciate that there's a built-in loop for hanging. — Sally Kaplan, editor A fish spatula Číst dále >>>

Rekordní prohra Sparty. Horňák: Nepřejeli nás, ale byli produktivní


V základní části fotbalisté Sparty o čtyři góly Plzeň porazili, ve 3. kole nadstavbové části skupiny o titul Fortuna ligy naopak 0:4 podlehli a zaznamenali nejhorší prohru v éře samostatné české ligy. „Zápas nám hrubě nevyšel, soupeř je o hodně zkušenější než my,“ prohlásil dočasný trenér Michal Horňák.

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SLEDUJEME ŽIVĚ: Německo - Slovensko 1:0. Klíčové body Slovákům oddaluje Michaelis


Hokejisté Slovenska v košické skupině mistrovství světa ve středu od 20:15 nastoupili proti Německu. Pořadatelská země sice na úvod šampionátu porazila USA, v dalších dvou utkáních proti Finsku a Kanadě ale ztratila a je v nepříjemné situaci. Jak si Slováci poradí se zatím prvním týmem své skupiny A? Sledujte v naší online reportáži.

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An influx of jewelry and bedding startups are selling candles now — here's why it's actually not a surprising move


Insider Picks  writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. candle startup trend 1

  • Nowadays, you won't only find candles at home brands, or pricey specialty candle manufacturers like Diptyque and Byerdo
  • Even jewelry and lingerie startups like Mejuri and LIVELY  are making and selling their own candles, both as a thematic complement to their core business and as an affordable alternative to traditional luxury brands.  
  • Though these $30 to $40 candles come from a variety of companies, what ties them together is their ability to create a relaxing atmosphere and draw shoppers deeper into the brand experience. 
You're shopping for jewelry for yourself when you notice your favorite gold delicates startup also sells its own candles. As you move on to browsing lingerie , you get an eerie sense of déjà vu — there it is again, like a hazy mirage inviting you to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Candles are becoming a popular offering for not only home startups, which naturally revolve around creating a peaceful, comfortable space, but also unexpected companies like jewelry and apparel.  If your main goal today is to find a set of stacking rings, why would you veer off course to a candle? For Mejuri , an online company whose mission "is to have women embrace a daily dose of luxury," candles are a natural extension of its brand, and it's hoping you'll see rings and a candle as a natural pairing.  Believing broadly that "luxury comes from the small moments," the founders wanted to introduce a complementary, self-care product that gives its customers the same little thrill as when they put on a beautiful necklace or pair of earrings.  It sells two varieties of hand-poured, small-batch candles, the A.M. and the P.M. , meant to match your changing moods throughout the day. Bedding startup Brooklinen sells a similar concept in its A.M. to P.M. set of candles, which takes you from the fresh, invigorating morning air of the oceanside to the warm, comforting embrace of a nightcap.  Home startups Snowe also center their can Číst dále >>>

The 10 worst major airports in the world


Lisbon Portela Airport

  • The air-travel website AirHelp has released a ranking of 133 major airports across the world.
  • The airports were evaluated on criteria like customer service, cleanliness, on-time performance, and the food and shopping options available to travelers.
  • AirHelp selected airports that are the" best known and most used" for its rankings while leaving out airports for which data was unavailable. 
  • Eight of the 10 airports that received the lowest scores are located in Europe.
The air-travel website AirHelp has released a ranking of major airports around the world. The list includes 133 airports evaluated on criteria like customer service, cleanliness, on-time performance, and the food and shopping options available to travelers. Airports were given an overall score on a 10-point scale, with on-time performance accounting for 60% of the score, service quality accounting for 20%, and food and shopping options representing 20%. "We chose the airports based on the best known and most used airports - but we exclude airports that we are unable to get data for," AirHelp said in an explanation of its methodology.  Eight of the 10 airports that received the lowest scores are located in Europe. One airport from Asia and one from North America also made the list. These are the world's 10 worst airports, according to AirHelp.SEE ALSO:  Frustrated US lawmakers tear into safety officials over the government's slow response to 2 Boeing 737 Max crashes FOLLOW US:  On Facebook for more car and transportation content! 10. London Gatwick Airport Location: London, United Kingdom On-time performance score: 5.7 Service quality score: 8.0 Food and shops score: 7.9 Overall score: 6.62 9. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Location: Toronto, Canada On-time performance score: 5.8  Service quality score: 8.1 Food and shops score: 7.0 Overall score: 6.50 8. Porto Airport Location: Porto, Portugal On-time performance score: 5.6 Service quality score: 7.9 Food and shops score: 7.6 Overall score: 6.46 7. Paris Orly Airport Location: Paris, France On-time performance score: 5.4  Service quality score: 7.9 Food and shops score: 7.8 Overall score: 6.37 6. Manchester Airport Location: Manchester, United Kingdom On-time performance score: 5.2 Service quality score: 7.8 Food and shops score: 8.0 Overall score: 6.26 5. Malta International Airport Location: Malta, Malta On-time performance score: 5.0  Service quality score: 7.7 Číst dále >>>

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