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Zpravodajství - Cestování - - 15. května 2019

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Сизова - Королева "Sizova - Koroleva"


ДТП 15 мая на пересечении проспектов Сизова и Королева в Петербурге. Белый Hyundai при перестроении столкнулся с Peugeot, который от удара перевернулся... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

The best eyelash curlers you can buy

15.5.2019 20:00
Maria Del Russo and Jada Wong
best eyelash curlers

Insider Picks writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. best eyelash curlers

  • If perky, lifted lashes are what you seek, then it's time to add an eyelash curler to your makeup bag.
  • With its sleek design, flat surface, and no-pinch curling, the Surratt Beauty Relevée Lash Curler is the absolute best of the bunch.
Applying mascara without first curling your lashes is kind of like cooking pasta without first salting the water. Sure, you'll get edible pasta, but it's not going to taste good. Even if you're using a curling mascara, you'll never get the results you'd get with the help of a tool created specifically for the task. All that said, lash curlers can seem scary to a lot of beauty newbies. Let's be honest — they look like mini medieval torture devices. The idea of placing something made out of metal that close to your eyes is enough to make your skin crawl. What if it pinches? What if you poke yourself in the eye? Or worse, what if you pull out your lashes? Just the thought of using an eyelash curler is exhausting and intimidating. The trick is to know exactly how to use a lash curler, which is not as difficult as you may think. All you've got to do is gently lay the rounded side of the curler flush against your eyelid so that the top clamp is right above your lashes. Then, gently and slowly pulse the lever two to three times to curl your lashes. If you go slowly, you'll be able to catch yourself before you pinch your eyelid, which is probably what scares people the most about this whole process. You can curl your lashes both before and after you apply mascara. It's always a good idea to give your lashes a curl ahead of application to get that perfect U-shape and then a second curl after your mascara dries for some more drama — and who doesn't love that? But just because all lash curlers tend to look the same doesn't mean they're actually the same. They're shaped, sized, and curl differently. So which are the best of the bunch? We've put together the top lash curlers on the market. Your perfect eye makeup look is only one curl away. Here are the best eyelash curlers you can buy in 2019: Updated on 5/15/2019 by Jada Wong: Updated formatting, prices, links, added Tweezerman Classic Eyelash Curler Model No. 1034-R in place of Sonia Kashuk Dramatic Dramatically Defined Lash Curler as it's been discontinued, and added Prima Curl Up Japanese Eyelash Curler in place of Shiseido The Makeup Eyelash Curler,  Keep scrolling to check out our top picks. Číst dále >>>

В Петербурге КАМАЗ снёс крышу автомобилю такси. ВИДЕО "V Peterburge KAMAZ snjos kryshu avtomobilju taksi. VIDEO"


ДТП произошло 14 мая утром на пересечении проспектов Кондратьевского и Металлистов. У Камаза вылетела выдвижная опора и снесла крышу автомобилю Vоlkswagen. От удара такси отбросило еще на два стоящих позади автомобиля... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

This crossbody purse is actually a sophisticated DSLR camera bag in disguise — it was the only purse I used for a 12-day trip to France


Insider Picks  writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. LightGreyClaremont_OverviewPage_Small_17

  • The Claremont by Lo & Sons ($298) is the perfect camera bag. It's stylish enough to pass as a purse but specifically designed to protect a DSLR — minus the utilitarian look or bulk of a standard camera bag.
  • I've owned a DSLR for four years, but the Claremont is the only reason I've started packing my "real" camera for trips again. 
  • On a recent trip abroad, I used it as an everyday travel purse as well as a camera bag. It's pricey, but it's been one of the best travel bags I've found in a while. 
Four years ago, I invested in a DSLR camera. While iPhone photos suffice most of the time, they aren't always able to capture the truest representations of an experience. So, to extend the shelf-life of my best memories — and the most beautiful places I'd ever visit — I was willing to part with a few hundred dollars. What I didn't anticipate was how clunky owning a "real" camera really is, or how unattractive most of the necessary accessories are. If I wanted to bring my camera anywhere — either to a local NYC exhibit or on a tiring, sweaty day of tourism abroad (all the occasions I'd bought it for) — I had to pick between three equally unappealing options: commit to buying and carrying a heavy briefcase-like camera bag, throw it haphazardly into a backpack with the rest of my loose possessions, or wear the DSLR around my neck like a $400 rock necktie. In the end, it spent more time gathering dust than shooting photos. In the four years that I've owned it, I've probably brought my DSLR on only one or two trips. But, before a recent trip abroad, I stumbled across a camera bag that solved virtually all of my usability problems: The Claremont ($298) . It's the unlikely Goldilocks design for anyone who wants the usability of a functional nylon camera bag, but can't quite compromise on either the weight of such a bag or utilitarian, proud-dad-at-middle-school-dance look. collagehkhgk It hails from the buzzy bag startup Lo & Sons (you probably know the name for the company's weekender, The Catalina ($128) ), and is sculpted out of soft full grain leather. Up close, it looks indistinguishable from any other high-end purse (it won't scream "steal me, there's a camera inside"), but was designed specifically to schlep a DSLR Číst dále >>>

Тройное ДТП на Багратиона "Trojjnoe DTP na Bagrationa"


Омск. ДТП на перекрестке Багратиона — Барнаульсякая 2-я. «Приора» столкнулась со «Шкодой», которую отбросило на «Хонду». Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Snažíme se pomáhat těm nejvíce ohroženým skupinám. Máme dobrý systém sociální pomoci


Praha 7 Naše městská část má dobře fungující systém sociální pomoci pro občany v nouzi. Zajištění bydlení lidem v nepříznivých životních situacích je nedílnou součástí tohoto systému. Snažíme se pomáhat těm nejvíce ohroženým skupinám, jako jsou nízkopříjmové rodiny s dětmi, rodiče samoživitelé, senioři a další sousedé, kterým z různých důvodů reálně hrozí, že by skončili na ulici.

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ANO připravuje zákon na legalizaci eutanazie. Chce ji většina sester i lékařů


Ve Sněmovně vzniká návrh zákona na legalizaci eutanazie. Na konferenci České lékařské komory to v úterý řekli poslanci hnutí ANO Milan Brázdil a Věra Procházková. Asi 55 procent českých lékařů a 70 procent sester podle průzkumu, který byl na konferenci prezentován, s eutanazií souhlasí.

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