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My favorite snack bar has 20 grams of protein and very little sugar — and it comes in fun flavors like blueberry cobbler and maple-glazed donut


Insider Picks  writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider, Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. One Protein review

  • If you're constantly on the go, it can be difficult to find a snack that tastes good and also keeps you full.
  • I've been relying on One bars ($25 for 12) to hold me over between meals when I'm out running around or having a busy day at work.
  • There are 15 flavors of its popular protein bar — each one has 20 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar, so they're relatively healthy, and yes, they actually taste good.
Between commuting, working, volunteering, and going on daily grocery runs, I rarely have time to sit down for a full-fledged meal until dinner rolls around. This generally leads to mindlessly snacking on food that lacks nutritional value and leaves me feeling hungry 30 minutes later, which is why I went on a hunt to find a good protein bar that kept me full. What most people fail to recognize (myself included), is that a lot of protein bars are marketed as "healthy," but trainer Jillian Michaels says that many of them contain the same basic ingredients as a candy bar. I came to terms with the fact that my search for a moderately nutritious bar was going to tougher than I expected, but I knew there had to be something out there that was both healthy and that didn't taste like rabbit food. My trip to the nutrition store around the block led me to the One Protein Bar . The brightly colored packaging was an immediate draw, but I ultimately bought the bars because there were lots of flavor options and solid nutrition. I've tried every flavor bar from the original line and I'm hooked. With only 1 gram of sugar and 20 grams of protein per bar, I've finally found a way to snack mindfully for my active lifestyle. These are the bars that I'll continue to buy because they actually keep me full for a while after eating them. I don't use them as a meal replacement as some might, but I do find that they're sufficient enough to hold me over until my next meal. ONE protein bar review What are they made with? The main ingredient in One bars is a protein blend that contains a mix of whey protein and milk protein. Since whey is derived from milk protein, the One bars are not vegan. The other major ingredients on the list include a prebiotic fiber called isomalto-oligosaccharide — a vegetable-sourced sweetener found in the bars — and soluble vegetable fiber. The bars only contain one gram of sugar from natural ingredients, but they do contain a small amount of sucralose, an artificial sweetener. For a full list of ingredients, you can check out the label here . So, how do they taste? Let's be honest. No matter how healthy a product is, you're going to struggle to eat it if it doesn't taste good. In addition to being nutritious, One bars knock it out of the park when it comes to taste. Currently, the brand has 15 flavors with my personal favorites being the dark chocolate sea salt, birthday cake, white chocolate truffle, and blueberry cobbler. Some of the flavors aren't extremely unique (I'm looking at you peanut butter cup), but other flavors like maple- Číst dále >>>

How to wax your car properly and the tools you need to do it


Insider Picks  writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. Waxing a car

  • Most people don't wax their cars because they don't have the patience it requires.
  • When done correctly, waxing your car is the best way to protect your paint from UV damage, swirl marks, and chipping. It'll also give your car a shiny finish.
  • Paste wax is the most effective and lasts the longest, but it also takes the most effort to apply. Liquid wax is easier to apply and lasts a while, but it can be easy to apply too much. Spray wax is by far the easiest to apply, but it doesn't last very long.
  • Based on my personal experience, I recommend Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell for paste wax, Zymöl Cleaner Wax for liquid wax, and Mothers California Gold for spray wax.
  • While I've used all three types of waxes, I personally prefer liquid wax because it takes less time and effort to apply than paste wax, while still lasting much longer than spray wax.
While most people have some level of appreciation for their cars, very few go beyond a car wash and maybe some new air fresheners to show that they care. One of the most effective ways to preserve your car's factory finish is to regularly apply a coat of wax. It'll protect the paint from UV damage, swirl marks, and paint chips. Even with those undeniable benefits, the average person rarely (if ever) does it — and the very few who do wax, are probably doing it wrong. We've all seen the famous scene from "The Karate Kid" when Mr. Miyagi made Daniel wax a car to learn the value of hard work, but you'll need to know a little bit more than the "wax on, wax off" mantra in order to do it successfully. As a car enthusiast, I've used all different kinds of waxes including pastes, liquids, and sprays. So, to help you make your car shine like new, I've explained the pros and cons of each wax type, my personal recommendations, and a step-by-step guide on how to properly wax your car.  Here's everything you need to wax a car: Keep scrolling to learn how to wax a car.The differences between paste, liquid, and spray waxes First, let me start by saying that waxing a car can be a very tedious job, but the results are usually worth it. When choosing a wax, you'll want to take into account your level of patience, how much time you have to spend on waxing, and your expectations for the results.  While there are plenty of different kinds of waxes, they're generally broken down into three categories: paste, liquid, and spray waxes. Paste wax is usually the most effective and lasts the longest on your car and in the can. Since it's a paste, you'll waste far less of it. A single container of wax should be enough to last a pretty long time. The only downside to paste wax is that it takes much longer to apply since it must be applied to an applicator pad before it can be put on the car. Liquid wax, on the other hand, goes on a lot easier. You can squeeze it directly on to the surface of your car or onto an applicator pad and start waxing. Naturally, it's not as concentrated as solid paste wax, so it may not last as long.  However, you can find convenience and longevity in liquid wax by choosing a highly-rated brand. The downside to liquid wax Číst dále >>>

8 powerful life lessons a tech exec learned when her charity climb to one of the highest summits in the world tested her physically and mentally



  • By day, Elena Kvochko is a technology executive, but outside of her career, she's passionate about philanthropy work that supports good causes.
  • That's what led her to climb Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest mountain in the Americas, at the end of 2017 when she was raising money for the non-profit Refugees International.
  • She committed to the arduous physical challenge because she was hoping to inspire colleagues and friends to stand up for causes they believe in — and she also learned many valuable lessons from the experience.
  • On the way down from the peak of the mountain, Kvochko fractured her leg. No rescue was available, so she had to slide down the mountain by foot, an experience that taught her to always be prepared for the unexpected and to keep going even when you think you can't.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.
As a technology executive, I started mountaineering initially as a charity challenge — and in that process, I learned invaluable life lessons and discovered endurance I didn't know I had. Last year, I climbed to the peak of the Americas: Aconcagua at 22,841 feet. I dedicated this effort to the non-profit Refugees International and donated 100% of my proceedings to this organization. With this experience, which meant getting far outside of my comfort zone, I was hoping to inspire colleagues and friends to stand up for the causes they believe in. I realized valuable lessons that can ring true for everyone — no matter their circumstances — in both business and in life.            SEE ALSO:  I'm a tech exec who hiked Mt. Everest to help refugees — and it taught me what it really takes to be successful 1. Preparation is everything — and you really only need the essentials (Location: Confluencia, 9,678') What would you pack to the mountain top? was a pressing question. We needed layers of clothing for all weather conditions, mountaineering gear — crampons (special footwear that provides traction in ice and snow); an ice axe; high-altitude double boots; gaiters; wind-, soft-, and hard-shell layers; an expedition down parka; expedition mittens; a helmet; glacier glasses; a sleeping bag for the -40F temperatures we would be facing; water purifiers; repair and medical kits; solar charging panels; satellite communicators; a route tracker; an oxymeter; a radio; and an SOS button — and it all had to weigh under 20 kg (about 44 pounds). In nearly the first week, my duffle bag ripped apart. Since every ounce counts, it made me realize what is necessary — and that much of the "baggage" we carry every day is not actually essential. This minor setback with the duffle bag taught me that preparing and organizing can save you a lot of time. I started to get used to the camps and living on very limited means. Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas were the only camps with running tap water from the melting glaciers. One had to wait until the sunrise for the water to unfreeze so we could drink it and use it to get ready for the day. Every time I went to get water, I would remember how easy it was back home. It is easy to forget that it is not the case in most of the world. By the looks of the other expedition members, I could see the constant question to each other: "You sure you want to do this?" 2. The team you work with matters (Location: Číst dále >>>

В Воронеже в ДТП погиб мотоциклист "V Voronezhe v DTP pogib motociklist"


ДТП произошло 19 мая в 3:55 часов на улице Хользунова в Воронеже. 21-летний водитель мотоцикла «Kawasaki» не справился с управлением, наехал на бордюрный камень и опрокинулся. Мотоциклист от полученных травм скончался на месте... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

25 funny but useful Father's Day gifts that'll give your dad a good laugh


Insider Picks  writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. 018957ac 80f5 4b19 ac08 563084cc26c7 2017 0426_olympia provisions_salami bouquet_mid_james ransom_254

  • If the dad you're shopping for is best known for his humor, below are 25 funny gifts he'll enjoy — and actually use.
  • If you don't find the perfect gift on this list, take a look at more  Father's Day 2019 gift ideas here .
Dads are — for better or worse — known for their humor. Whether he really is the funniest guy you know or his dad jokes are simply hall of fame worthy, he might appreciate a good joke (and some lighthearted sentimentality) more than anything else on Father's Day. Especially if he's hard to shop for, these 25 funny gifts are a good jumping off point. Pair them with one of our favorite Father's Day gifts or keep them short and sweet on their own. And if you're looking for some more guidance, check out these posts: If you're looking for more  Father's Day gift ideas , we have you covered: Below are 26 funny Father's Day gifts dad will love this year:A Beeropoly board game Beeropoly, $35 For a fun night in with his family and kids or for the next get-together with friends, this is something he'll get a kick out of (and probably won't already have).  A meat bouquet Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet, from $50 If a bouquet of delicious meat is more his speed than flowers, he's going to really love this one filled with salami.  Scotch-infused toothpicks Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set, $35.95 For the man who has everything, scotch-infused toothpicks take his love of the stuff to the next level.  "Game of Thrones"-inspired glasses Číst dále >>>

A travel photographer who spends half her life on the road shares her 2 favorite travel credit cards, and how they make traveling the world easier every day


Business Insider may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network if you apply for a credit card, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. Erin Sullivan

  • Credit-card points and travel benefits can help anyone afford to travel more — or more comfortably. The trick is to use your credit card is if it was a debit card, and only spend what you can afford to.
  • Travel photographer and blogger Erin Sullivan — also known as @erinoutdoors — uses rewards and perks to help run her business, and make the most of all of her trips.
  • In an interview with Business Insider, she explained how she's always looking out for a new sign-up bonuses, and shared her two everyday go-to cards: the Chase Ink Business Preferred Credit Card , and the Chase Sapphire Reserve .
The world of credit card rewards can open a ton of doors — as long as you use them responsibly. By only spending what you can afford to pay off right away — therefore avoiding credit card debt and interest fees — you can earn rewards for free travel or upgrades, and benefits that can help you travel more comfortably, or even save you money with built-in protections and insurance . That's something that travel photographer and blogger Erin Sullivan began to realize soon into her career. Shortly after graduating college, while employed as a guide for an adventure tour company, she opened her first credit card in order to start building her credit score . After she opened that first card — a Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card — she began to realize what an opportunity points — and credit card travel benefits — presented. Using points to pay for travel — or to make it more comfortable A post shared by Erin Sullivan (@erinoutdoors)  on Mar 16, 2019 at 10:45pm PDT Číst dále >>>

How to sync a Google Calendar with your iPhone's built-in calendar app


icloud iphone calendar

If you're a Gmail user and keep your schedule in Google Calendar , one way to ensure you always have that information while on the go is to install the Google Calendar app . But if you'd prefer to see your Google Calendar activities in the iPhone's built-in Calendar app, that's quite easy to do as well. How to sync Google Calendar with your iPhone 1. Start the Settings app. 2. In the pane on the left, tap "Passwords and Accounts." calendar 1 3. Scan the list of accounts on the right. If you see the Google account that includes your calendar information, tap it and skip down to step 6. 4. If you don't already have the account on your iPhone , tap "Add Account." 5. Tap "Google" and, on the sign-in page, follow the instructions to sign in with your Gmail address and password. If you have 2-Step Verification enabled for your Gmail account, you will need to visit your Google Account's Security page , create an app password, and enter that instead of your regular Google password. 6. Once you're logged in, you'll be taken to a page with your email address at the top and some options. On this page, you can choose which Google services — mail, contacts, calendar, and notes — you want to sync with your iPhone . If the calendar is the only thing you want to sync, turn off the others by swiping the sliders to the left. Make sure that Calendar is turned on. If you're setting up the account on your phone for the first time, tap "Save." Číst dále >>>

Раскрыта тайна гибели инспектора ГАИ в Могилеве "Raskryta tajjna gibeli inspektora GAI v Mogileve"


Следственный комитет Республики Беларусь раскрыл обстоятельства гибели инспектора ГАИ в Могилеве. По словам следователей, версия о похищении и убийстве милиционера не подтвердилась... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

17 of the best styles from Cole Haan's huge Memorial Day clearance sale


The  Insider Picks  writes about products and services to help you navigate when shopping online. Insider Inc. receives a commission from our affiliate partners when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. 56913503_405048753384642_5206162665129108035_n

With Memorial Day right around the corner, people are bringing out their grills for backyard barbecue parties and preparing their homes for sun-filled gatherings. Though collecting outdoor supplies is essential, you'll also want to make sure your wardrobe is ready for the big holiday weekend. Right now through May 29, you can save 40% off on already discounted sale styles at Cole Haan. The big Memorial Day sale includes styles from the ZERØGRAND line , along with sneakers , walking flats , and strappy sandals that are perfect for weekend festivities. To ensure you're getting the best deal, enter the code "EXTRA40" at checkout. This sale is one of the largest Cole Haan events of the year , so we expect the more popular products go out of stock relatively quickly. We compiled a list of 17 great finds from the Memorial Day sale . View our picks below or find other outstanding deals on the site Číst dále >>>

How to install Snapchat and other iPhone-specific apps on an iPad


FILE PHOTO: The Snapchat app logo is seen on a smartphone in this picture illustration taken September 15, 2017. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. Originally designed as a secure way to send pictures and video to someone else, the app intentionally made anything shared inaccessible a short time later. That made everything in Snapchat ephemeral, like a private conversation you couldn't archive.   Snapchat has evolved a lot since those earliest days, adding many tools and capabilities that make it a full-featured messaging app. One thing hasn't changed: it's available only for smartphones, such as Android and iPhone. If you want to install Snapchat on your iPad , though, you're not out of luck. You can install iPhone-only apps on your iPad with, so you simply need to install the iPhone version. How to install Snapchat and other iPhone-only apps on an iPad 1. Start the App Store app on your iPad. 2. Tap the "Search" tab at the bottom of the screen. 3. Type "Snapchat" in the search box at the top of the screen and tap "Search." 4. Tap "Filters" at the top of the screen and then tap "Supports" in the drop-down menu. By default, the App Store only shows you apps made to work with the iPad, but you can tap "iPhone Only" to see iPhone apps which are normally hidden from iPad users. snapchat 1 5. You should now see Snapchat among the top search results. Tap "GET" or the cloud icon to install it. (If you've previously installed Snapchat on your iPhone, then the cloud icon will appear to indicate you own the app and can re-download it to the iPad.) After you install Snapchat, it'll run on your iPad , but will run as an "enlarged" version of the iPhone app. You can choose to run it full-screen or to shrink the app down to the size it would normally appear on the iPhone (with a black border around the app) Číst dále >>>

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