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Zpravodajství - Cestování - - 28. května 2019

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How to play YouTube videos in the background on your iPhone without having to keep the app open


YouTube app for iPhone

Say you're riding shotgun in your friend's car. It's Friday night, and you're playing music from your favorite YouTube playlist. Then, someone asks you to look up directions. Since your iPhone is already connected to the car's stereo, once you leave YouTube, the music stops and everyone in the car collectively sighs. YouTube lovers have long expressed dismay over this inconvenience. There used to be a way to get around this by navigating to YouTube using Safari instead of the YouTube app and playing music from there, but that trick has since been patched out. That means that, unfortunately, the only way to play music from YouTube in the background is to sign up for  YouTube's paid subscription service, YouTube Premium . YouTube Premium costs $11.99 a month for a single account ($6.99 a month if you're a student), or $17.99 a month for six accounts in a "Family Plan." Signing up will get rid of all ads on YouTube videos, allow you to download videos to watch offline, and give you access to both "YouTube Original" videos and YouTube Music, the site's music streaming service. And, of course, you'll receive the ability to listen to audio from YouTube videos in the background, even while using other apps. Here's how to sign up for YouTube Premium , and start listening to YouTube whenever you want in the background. How to play YouTube in the background using YouTube Premium First, you need to sign up for YouTube Premium. 1. Navigate to the YouTube Premium homepage, which can be found here . 2. Click the blue button that says "TRY IT FREE," which will open a window for you to enter your payment information. Screen Shot 2019 05 28 at 4.36.38 PM 3. Enter your payment information and zip code. YouTube Premium offers a one-month free trial, so if this is your first time signing up, you won't be charged the $11.99 fee until a month has passed. YouTube may, however, charge you a $1 fee at first to make sure that the payment information you've given them is valid — this dollar should be refunded within a few days. Screen Shot 2019 05 28 at 4.42.29 PM 4. The YouTube account you used to sign up for Premium will be immediately granted access to all the new features of Premium. Now, here's how to play songs in the background. 5. Open the YouTube app. 6. Navigate to the video that you want to listen to in the background. 7. O Číst dále >>>

Travel Channel YouTube Trailer


Subscribe to Travel Channel on YouTube for trip inspiration, packing hacks and behind-the-scenes footage from your favorite shows! Find more great content from Travel Channel: Travel Channel YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/travelchanneltv Subscribe to Travel Channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=travelchanneltv Follow Travel Channel on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/travelchannel Like Travel Channel on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TravelChannel/ Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

В Тамбове 4-летний ребенок за рулем автомобиля сбил пенсионерку "V Tambove 4-letnijj rebenok za rulem avtomobilja sbil pensionerku"


ДТП произошло 27 мая в 18:33 на улице Гоголя в Тамбове. 4-летний мальчик, которого мама оставила одного, пересел на водительское сиденье автомобиля «Citroen C4», запустил двигатель и на тротуаре сбил 80-летнюю старушку... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Погоня за пьяным мотоциклистом в Минеральных Водах "Pogonja za pjanym motociklistom v Mineralnykh Vodakh"


23 мая в Минеральных Водах водитель мотоцикла «Днепр» не остановился по требованию сотрудников полиции и попытался скрыться. В ходе погони он был задержан. Мужчина заявил, что его напоили спиртным инспекторы... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

В Сыктывкаре подростки на ВАЗ-2106 попали в ДТП и сбежали. ВИДЕО "V Syktyvkare podrostki na VAZ-2106 popali v DTP i sbezhali. VIDEO"


27 мая на улице Морозова в Сыктывкаре ВАЗ-2106 не уступил дорогу имеющему преимущество автомобилю, после чего врезался в припаркованную «Мазду». После ДТП из «шестерки» без госномеров выбежали подростки 15-16 лет и сбежали... Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

This Texas BBQ joint smokes its own meat — inside an airport terminal


  The International Houston Airport is home to Q, a Texas BBQ joint that smokes meat and uses an all-natural wood grill — all inside the terminal itself. Here's how they cook up over 3,800 pounds of meat every week.  This post was created by Insider Studios with Elijah Craig Join the conversation about this story » Číst dále >>>

'Why won't my AirPods connect?': What to do if your AirPods aren't connecting to your iOS device or Mac


apple airpods and charging case

  • AirPods are typically reliable accessories that pair easily and connect automatically.
  • If you're having trouble getting your AirPods to connect, make sure your AirPods are charged, Bluetooth is turned on for the device you want to connect, and reset the device before trying again.
  • If none of those steps work, you should un pair your AirPods from your device, reset the AirPods, and try to reconnect them.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories .
Few things are more frustrating than when something that's supposed to "just work" … doesn't work. Your Apple AirPods are designed to seamlessly and effortlessly connect to your phone, iPad, and other devices, so it's unusual (and annoying) when things go awry. If you've already followed all the steps to try to connect your AirPods to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac , here's what you can do to try to get them working. Make sure you're running the right version of iOS If you've never connected these AirPods to your iPhone or iPad before, make sure that the devices meet the minimum system requirements. If you have first generation AirPods, your iOS device must be running iOS 10 or later; for the second generation AirPods, you need at least iOS 12.2. 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. 2. Tap General, and then tap Software Update. 3. On the Software Update page check which version of iOS you're running, and install an update if needed. airpods 1 Troubleshoot your AirPod connection There are a few simple steps you can try that will get your AirPods working properly most of the time.
  • Make sure your AirPods are charged; to be sure, place the AirPods in their case and connect it to a USB power source for 1-2 hours.
  • On the iPhone or iPad you want to connect to, make sure Bluetooth is turned on. You can open the Control Panel by swiping down from the up Číst dále >>>

US Bank's travel rewards card is a solid option — especially if you already bank with them


Business Insider may receive a commission from The Points Guy Affiliate Network if you apply for a credit card, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. gas station credit card

  • With the US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Signature Card , you can earn 2x points per dollar in your top spending category between gas stations, grocery stores, and airlines.
  • Plus, you'll get 2x points per dollar on your cell phone bill and charitable donations.
  • Redeeming points for travel is easy, with extensive booking options and no blackout dates.
Saving up rewards points for travel can unlock flights, hotel nights, and more at fun and exciting destinations around the world. The US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards credit card offers up to 2x points per dollar spent, which can go a long way towards free travel. To decide if you should add this card to your wallet, it's important to look at the rewards, benefits, and costs. Read on to learn more. The US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa has a somewhat unique rewards structure The US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Signature card offers an interesting combination of benefits and rewards. It isn't the very best rewards card out there, but it may be worth considering depending on your spending habits and travel preferences — and your desire to stick with US Bank. This card is also good for people who are averse to high annual fees, as it offers an especially valuable rewards program in relation to the cost. The card earns 2x points per dollar on purchases with cell phone providers, plus charitable donations. It also potentially earns 2x points per dollar at gas stations, grocery stores, or airlines — but only on one of those categories. Whichever of those categories gets the most of your spending each monthly billing cycle will earn 2x points — the other categories, and all other purchases, get 1x point per dollar. Points are worth 1.5¢ each when redeemed for travel. That means you earn an equivalent of 3% on the best purchases and 1.5% on others.  The card currently offers a 25,000 point bonus worth $375 toward travel purchases after spending $2,000 in the first four months. It charges a $49 annual fee. Considering the annual fee, you would break even spending just $3,267 per year on "everything else" purchases. But there is potentially even more value from the card's benefits that make it worth consideration. The FlexPerks Travel Rewards card has plenty of useful benefits The card charges no foreign transaction fees, something useful and expected with this type of card. But it has one unique feature that is very cool and potentially very valuable. For each flight you book with the card using your points, you get up to $25 in reimbursements for baggage fees or in-flight purchases. If you book two award flights per year and take full advantage of the $25 allowance, you made up the cost of the annual fee right there. Another benefit the card offers is the Vi Číst dále >>>

Злостный нарушитель (с) "Zlostnyjj narushitel (s)"


Автор при повороте направо не пропустил второрядника, и тот решил отомстить. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Jméno nového šéfa komise chtějí mít lídři na summitu v červnu, oznámila Merkelová


Prezidenti a premiéři 28 zemí Evropské unie chtějí mít o jménu osoby, kterou europarlamentu navrhnou jako příštího předsedu Evropské komise, jasno na řádném unijním summitu 20. a 21. června. Novinářům to po úterní neformální večeři se svými partnery z ostatních evropských zemí řekla německá kancléřka Angela Merkelová.

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