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7 brands that make sustainable jeans using organic cotton and eco-friendly production methods


Taylor Stitch organic denim

  • On average, it takes 1,500 liters (about 396 gallons) of water to produce a single pair of jeans.
  • Along with the massive amount of pesticides used to grow cotton and the energy consumption in factories, jeans are one of the least eco-friendly clothing items to produce.
  • As consumers become more concerned with how the products they buy affect the environment, brands are continually finding new ways to make jeans more sustainably.
  • Below you'll find seven brands using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and sustainable production methods that use less water, energy, and toxic chemicals. You'll find familiar faces like Levi's along with relative newcomers like Warp + Weft
The way I see it, jeans are the cornerstone of any wardrobe worth having. People of all ages, styles, professions, and income levels wear them, but as common as the popular pant style is, they're actually rather harmful to the environment.  From the pesticides and insecticides used to grow cotton to the massive amounts of water, energy, and chemicals used to process the materials and turn them into denim, jeans rank as one of the least eco-friendly clothing items to make. According to Everlane , it takes about 1,500 liters (that's roughly 396 gallons) of water to produce a single pair of jeans . Realistically, those stats aren't going to prevent anyone from buying jeans. But as responsible consumers, we can do our part by shopping brands that value sustainability in their production methods. So, to point you in the right direction, we rounded up seven brands that are making jeans more sustainably by implementing less wasteful manufacturing techniques and more effective recycling programs.  From startups like Frank And Oak and Outerknown to legacy brands like Levi's , you won't have a problem finding denim with high-impact style and low-impact everything else. 7 brands making sustainable denim:Everlane Learn more about Everlane denim and shop for men and women here Everlane has always been about transparency. In addition to prioritizing ethical labor practices, it has made sustainability a major tenet of it its production process. You'll find apparel made from recycled plastic in the ReNew Collection along with what the brand calls the "world's lowest-impact sneakers" from its shoe line, Tread. But jeans are another area Everlane has made huge strides in as far as sustainability goes.  The jeans are made in Saitex, the world's cleanest denim factory. The facility recycles 98% of its water and uses clean energy. After the water is recycled, Everlane's jeans use 0.4 liters of water compared to the whopping 1,500 liters of water per pair when using traditional production methods. Outerknown S.E.A. Jeans Číst dále >>>

The best umbrella strollers you can buy


  • An umbrella stroller is a smart investment to make. Once your child needs a sippy-cup holder and footrest, it's time to purchase an umbrella stroller.
  • When it comes to choosing the best umbrella stroller for you and your family, there are a few different criteria to consider, including weight, folding ability, and maneuverability.
  • The Maclaren Triumph Stroller is a well-made umbrella stroller with a variety of features that is guaranteed to last through multiple kids.
An umbrella stroller is a smart investment to make when it comes to buying baby products. Once your child needs a sippy-cup holder and footrest, it's time to purchase an umbrella stroller. From the moment I used my first umbrella stroller on a family holiday, I've been hooked. They are lightweight and fold up easily. You can store them in places like the trunk, the back seat of your car, or in an overhead luggage bin. And if your home is short on space, they fit in smaller closets without taking up too much room. Also, at a certain point, often around the 6-month mark, you just won't need a larger stroller. Once your little one is walking, they'll often want to explore rather than be confined to a stroller. Having a lightweight umbrella stroller will ensure you're not lugging around a heavy buggy while trying to chase down an energetic toddler. When it comes to choosing the best stroller for you and your family, there are a few different criteria to consider:
  • Weight: The lighter, the better
  • Quality: You want them to last through multiple kids and trips
  • Folding ability: Nothing is worse than struggling with both a toddler and a stroller
  • Maneuverability: How easily it handles different terrain
  • Cost: Your budget
Here are the best umbrella strollers you can buy:

Seznamte se s Českým Krumlovem


V Českém Krumlově se rozhodně nudit nebudete i po létu má stále co nabídnout. Máme pro vás několik skvělých tipů. Číst dále >>>

One of the richest people in Hong Kong has lost $1 billion over the course of the 10-week protests, and now he's joining the chorus of wealthy citizens calling for the protests to end


peter woo

Protests have disrupted life in Hong Kong for 10 weeks, closing streets, causing volatility in the stock market, and disrupting flights at its airport. Several of the city's wealthiest citizens have had enough, including billionaire real-estate developer Peter Woo. "It's time to think deeply," Woo, the former chairman of real estate developer Wheelock and Co. wrote in the Hong Kong Economic Journal on August 12, according to Bloomberg . "Going against the extradition bill was the 'big tree' of this movement. This one and only big appeal has already been accepted by the government, so this tree has fallen."  Over $1 billion has been wiped off of Woo's personal net worth since the protests began, according to Bloomberg . Woo is now worth $11 billion. According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index , Woo is the eighth-richest person in Hong Kong. Swire Pacific, the owner of airline Cathay Pacific — the flag carrier of Hong Kong —  also released a statement on August 13 calling for an end to the protester's "illegal activities and violent behavior." "Swire Pacific is deeply concerned by the ongoing violence and disruption impacting Hong Kong," the Hong Kong-based conglomerate said in the statement . The company also said it supports law enforcement and Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam "in their efforts to restore law and order." Read more: One in 10 ultra-wealthy Hong Kong residents lost their millionaire status in 2018, and an expert says the extreme wealth loss highlights the volatility of their net worths The real-estate developer run by Asia's third-richest family, the Kwoks, has also called for an end to the unrest. "The recent series of violent acts to challenge the rule of law have damaged Hong Kong's economy and seriously affect citizens' daily life," Sun Hung Kai Properties said in a statement , according to a translation by Bloomberg . The Kwok family is worth $40.4 billion, according to Forbes . The net worths of Hong Kong's billionaires are unusually sensitive to market volatility, Business Insider previou Číst dále >>>

A beginner's guide to YouTube Studio, YouTube's built-in video editor, which offers basic editing for free


FILE PHOTO: A 3D-printed YouTube icon is seen in front of a displayed YouTube logo in this illustration taken October 25, 2017. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Ilustration/File Photo

  • YouTube's YouTube Studio (Beta) video editor lets you edit YouTube videos in very basic ways, such as trimming the start and end points of a video, or clipping out a section from the middle.       
  • You can also use YouTube's editor to blur faces or other objects in a video to anonymize them.
  • If you need more sophisticated video editing capabilities, you can use a standalone video editor before uploading your video to YouTube
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories .
With about 300 hours of new video content uploaded to YouTube every minute, if you want your video to stand out, you need to perform at least some rudimentary editing.  If you don't own a video editing program, you can do some simple editing in YouTube's own video editor, called YouTube Studio. It's currently in beta, but offers a few simple video editing tools, like video trimming.   How to open the YouTube Studio video editor 1. Navigate to YouTube in a browser. For best results, you should use Google Chrome, since some features may not work properly in other browsers.  youtube 1 2. Click your avatar at the top right of the screen and choose "YouTube Studio (Beta)." 3. Click "Videos" in the pane on the left of the screen. You should see a list of all your videos that you've published or drafted on YouTube.  4. Click the title of a video you want to edit.  5. Click "Editor" in the pane on the left of the screen.  youtube 2 How to trim the start and end of a video 1. Open the video you want to edit in the YouTube Studio video editor. 2. Click "Trim" under the video preview.  3. Drag the blue bars on the left and right edge of the video timeline to set the start and endpoint of the video.  4. In the bar at the bottom of the screen, click "Preview" to see the change.  youtube 3 5. You can continue to make additional changes — click "Edit Trim" to reenter the edit mode and then click "Preview" to make the additional change.  6. When you're done making changes to your video and want to save these edits to the published video, click "Save" at the top of the screen. Note that you can't save your changes to a video until you first click the Preview button at the bottom of the screen.  Číst dále >>>

Globale Umweltverschmutzung: Plastik aus der Schneewolke


Winzige Kunststoffteilchen schaden Menschen und Tieren weltweit. Eine neue Studie zeigt, dass die feinen Partikel sogar vom Himmel schneien - nach oft Tausenden Kilometern Reise, in unerwartet hoher Konzentration. Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Na Brněnsku našli desítky mrtvých zajíců, někdo je otrávil jedem na hraboše


Brněnští myslivci našli v Tuřanech a blízkých Šlapanicích desítky mrtvých zajíců a několik bažantů. Vzorky poslali na rozbor, který potvrdil otravu látkou Stutox II na hubení hrabošů. ČTK to ve středu řekl předseda Okresního mysliveckého spolku Brno-město Zdeněk Živěla.

Číst dále >>>

How to put music on your Instagram Story and customize it


instagram explore phone

If you have a smartphone, chances are you're on Instagram .  Whether you love posting selfies or vacation snaps, or you're just there for the cute dog pics or the yummy recipes, the popular social media app likely has some form of entertainment for you to consume.  Most Instagram users also take advantage of the Instagram Stories feature, which allows you to post 15-second snippets of video or photos and add in fun things like gifs, emojis, and even music.  But how do you add music to your Instagram Stories?  It's a quick and easy process that you'll pick up in no time. Here's how to do it on your iPhone or Android .   Check out the products mentioned in this article: iPhone Xs (From $999.99 at Best Buy) Google Pixel 3 (From $ at Best Buy) How to put music on your Instagram Story  1. On your iPhone or Android's home screen, locate the Instagram icon and tap to open the app.  2. Swipe left from your feed's home screen to open the Stories feature.  3. Either take or select the photo or video you want to post to your Instagram Story.  4. In the menu bar along the top of your screen, tap the small square smiley icon, which looks like a Post-It being peeled away.  IMG_9654 5. Tap the Music option. Then, in the search box which appears, type in the song you want to include on your Instagram Story.  Číst dále >>>

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