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Zpravodajství - Cestování - - 9. října 2019

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Massive 'Cluckingham Palace' built for $15 million by the cofounder of a chicken empire is being auctioned off to the highest bidder two years after his death


pilgrim estate 800 south greer boulevard east texas05

In 1992, a 18,327-square-foot home sitting on 43 acres of land in Pittsburg, Texas, was built for billionaire Lonnie Alfred "Bo" Pilgrim. Pilgrim cofounded Pilgrim's Pride, which used to be one of the largest suppliers of poultry products in the world, with his brother Aubrey in 1946, growing it from a small feed store in Pittsburg and turning it into a global powerhouse after Aubrey's 1966 death. Eventually, the company became a supplier for major brands like Walmart, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Wendy's.  Read more: Boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard is selling his California estate for nearly $52 million. Here's a look inside the property, complete with a sprawling mansion, a 2-story guest house, and its own putting green. After amassing his fortune in the chicken business, Pilgrim commissioned architect Richard Drummond Davis to build a "French Renaissance dream" palace with ornate gold leaf and marble decor, according to Robb Report ; it cost about $15 million to build at the time. But now, two years after Pilgrim's 2017 death , his son is auctioning off his father's dream home through Concierge Auctions . According to the company's listing, the online sale will run from October 15 through October 18. Local agents are also currently listing the property for $8.95 million .  Here's a look inside the six-bedroom, 10-bathroom estate known to locals as "Cluckingham Palace."SEE ALSO:  George Vanderbilt started building himself a private mansion in North Carolina in 1889 — and 130 years later, it's still the biggest house in the US. Take a look inside. DON'T MISS:  A 200,683-acre ranch where the Mrs. Fields Cookies founder once lived is selling for $45 million. Here's a look inside the sprawling property, complete with cattle, Scottish stained glass, and its very own river. The massive Pittsburg, Texas, estate is being auctioned off in an online sale starting Oc Číst dále >>>

Toto jsou nové naděje modelingu. V Pure Model 2019 bodovali blonďáci


Druhý ročník modelingové soutěže Pure Model zná své vítěze. Odborná porota ze zástupců světových modelingových agentur vybrala z deseti dívek Terezu Faltinovou (14) a z šesti chlapců Jana Hamala (17). Vítězové získali garantovaný kontrakt v hodnotě 1,5 milionu korun.

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How to update Google Maps on your iPhone or Android phone, to get the latest features and security updates


google maps phone

If you're the type of person who often ignores update prompts on your various devices, it's probably a good idea to take things into your own hands and do some manual updates. While this can feel like a bit of an inconvenience, keeping your apps up to date is necessary since those updates can help keep your apps running properly, while also getting the best security that's available for those apps.  On Google Maps , for example, staying updated can even impact whether or not you can share your location. Here's what you'll need to do to update your Google Maps app manually, whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone : Check out the products mentioned in this article: iPhone 11 (From $699.99 at Best Buy) Google Pixel 3a (From $399.99 at Best Buy) How to update Google Maps on your Android phone 1. Open the Google Play Store. 2. Tap the three stacked lines in the top-left corner of the screen. 3. Tap "My apps & games." 1 HOW TO UPDATE GOOGLE MAPS 4. If you see the Google Maps app in the "Update" section, tap the button next to it that says "Update." How to update Google Maps on your iPhone 1. Go into the App Store. 2. Tap "Updates," located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. 3. If you see the Maps app listed there, tap "Get Updates" next to it. 4. Enter your password to continue and press "Okay" to confirm your choice.   Related coverage from  How To Do Everything: Tech :

S kým vyraziť na dovolenku, ak ste sám? Vyskúšajte toto


Ak sa rozhodujete koho vziať so sebou na dovolenku, neexistuje žiadna univerzálna rada. Berieme vždy toho, s kým ju chceme, vieme a môžeme stráviť. The post S kým vyraziť na dovolenku, ak ste sám? Vyskúšajte toto appeared first on Magazín Cestovanie . Číst dále >>>

Příprava oslabených velmocí Německa a Argentiny neměla vítěze


Fotbalisté Německa neudrželi v přípravném utkání s Argentinou dvoubrankový náskok a prestižní duel výrazně oslabených rivalů skončil v Dortmundu nerozhodně 2:2. Číst dále >>>

The Jaybird Vista wireless earbuds are my go-to pair for running — I never worry about them popping out, and their battery life lasts through a marathon



  • Jaybird makes some of the best tech for runners, and its new Jaybird Vista earbuds ($179.99) are their best wireless earbuds yet.
  • The Vista earbuds are sweat and waterproof (IPX7) and have six hours of playtime. You'll get an additional 10 hours supplied by the charging case, and a five-minute charge translates into one full hour of playtime. 
  • In comparison to previous iterations, the Vista earbuds are more comfortable, the case is more compact, the Bluetooth connectivity is faster and more reliable, and the audio quality is richer and more nuanced.
  • The Vista earbuds aren't perfect, and you'll likely be able to find similar options for less, but these are my favorite wireless earbuds for convenience and performance overall. 
  You don't need a lot when you head out on a run, but the tools you do need take on greater importance. The wrong socks, headphones, sports bra, or even underwear can turn an otherwise enjoyable challenge into something categorically closer to a punishment. Instead of smooth, meditative motion, the mind is glued to developing blisters, chafing, and the threat of one earbud leaping out of your ear and into a storm drain.  I've spent years creating a tool kit of trustworthy products for runs. And, in terms of tech, I've come to rely upon Jaybird for comfortable, no-frills, long-lasting earbuds. I've tried most of the company's wireless earbuds over the past three years, and their latest iteration — the Jaybird Vista earbuds ($179.99) —  is my favorite version yet. These are my go-to earbuds for running — I never have to worry about them popping out, and the battery life lasts through a marathon They're not fussy about sweat or weather. The Vista Earbuds have an IPX7 sweat and waterproof rating. Or, in layman's terms, you can drop them into a meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damage. So you don't need to worry about sweat or drizzle corroding a $180 investment. They have pretty good battery life. Fully charged, you'll get six hours of playtime with the Vista earbuds — enough to last you an average marathon time and then some. In comparison, the previous XT version only offered four. With the case, you'll get an additional 10 hours of playtime. And five minutes in the case translates into one hour of playtime, which is a godsend for all the times I've realized both earbuds were dead while already halfway out the door. You won't have to risk losing momentum or motivation waiting for them to charge. If you're only using one earbud, you can expect about 32 hours of playtime.  They're secure and really comfortable. I've run with Jaybird earbuds for three years, and I've never had a pair fall out of my ears. I've also never felt Číst dále >>>

How to find the serial number on your Samsung Galaxy S10, which you'll need if you ever have it serviced


Samsung S10 Smartphone

If you ever need to find your Galaxy S10's serial number, like if you're getting the phone serviced and need to give the number to technical support, you can find it with just a few taps.  It's not imprinted or inscribed on the Galaxy S10's case, but there are two ways to display it onscreen. Check out the products mentioned in this article: Samsung Galaxy S10 (From $899.99 at Best Buy) How to find your Samsung Galaxy S10's serial number using Settings 1. Start the Settings app. 2. Tap "About phone." 3. You can see the serial number along with other details about the phone, including the phone number and IMEI number (which you may need if you want to unlock the phone from your cellular provider).  serial 1 4. To copy the serial number to the clipboard so you can paste it into a document, tap and hold the serial number until you see a pop-up that says "Copy to clipboard." Tap it. How to find your Galaxy S10's serial number with a dial code 1. Start the Phone app.  2. In the dialer, enter and call "*#06#." serial 2 3. You should see your serial number and IMEI number displayed, along with scannable barcodes for each of those numbers.  serial 3 4. When you're done, tap "OK" to close the window. Related coverage from  How To Do Everything: Tech :

How to add a printer to a Samsung Galaxy S10 and print wirelessly using Wi-Fi


FILE PHOTO: A Samsung employee poses with the new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G smartphone at a press event in London, Britain February 20, 2019. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

If you've ever needed to print something quickly, but didn't have access to a computer, you're in luck. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has the capacity to print from anywhere with access to a Wi-Fi connection. To print something from your Samsung Galaxy S10 , you will first need to add a printer to your device. Check out the products mentioned in this article: Samsung Galaxy S10 (From $899.99 at Best Buy) How to add a printer to a Samsung Galaxy S10 1. Open the "Settings" app by tapping on it. How to add printer Samsung Galaxy S10 2. Tap on "Connections." 3. Make sure that your Wi-Fi is enabled. Your phone and printer must both be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order to print from your phone. How to connect printer to Samsung Galaxy S10 4. Slide to the bottom of the "Connections" list and tap "More connection settings." 5. Tap on "Printing." 6. Select "Samsung Print Service Plugin" and switch the slider to "On." 7. Tap on "Download plugin" and select the app that matches the type of printer you wish to use. How to connect printer to Samsung Galaxy S10  8. Tap "Install" and follow the instructions on your phone screen. 9. Select the printer you want to use. Číst dále >>>

28 gifts for 'Star Wars' fans of all ages


star wars gifts

  • For every "Star Wars" fan out there, there are at least three gifts to satisfy their inner geek. 
  • We found the 28 best options for fans of all ages and fans with all interests.
  • If they like to get hands-on with "Star Wars" paraphernalia, you can gift a lightsaber , huge Lego set, or a slime kit . If not, there are gift options like books , posters , and vinyl records .
  The Star Wars franchise has captivated and continues to captivate audiences of all ages around the world. Nearly everyone can identify at least one person in their lives who loves the epic space story and has watched each of the movies a dozen times.  Thanks to the franchise's long-lasting and universal popularity, there are more than enough Star Wars products to go around, from props and clothing to decor and books. Finding a Star Wars-related gift isn't the hard part — finding one that's creative and unexpected is.  You can surprise them during the holidays with one of these 28 Star Wars gifts they don't already have. As you'll see, there is a wide range of ways to incorporate new and interesting galactic fun into their lives. A Darth Vader figurine that's also an alarm clock Clic Time LEGO Darth Vader Alarm Clock, $20.90, available at Amazon What makes this alarm clock even more fun is that they can move the arms and legs to make Darth Vader sit or stand on their night stand. When they push down on his head to snooze the alarm or check the time, he lights up with a red glow.    Loungewear featuring intergalactic dance party prints Star Wars Disco Collection, from $45, available at MeUndies MeUndies' limited-edition collection, available for its underwear, onesies, and lounge pants, come in three funky, dance-worthy "Star Wars"  prints of Ewoks, lightsabers, and stormtroopers. We love its soft and stretchy micromodal underwear so much, we recommend MeUndies as some of the best underwear men  and  women  can buy. A doormat with a friendly welcome message Číst dále >>>

6 safe and trusted places to shop for designer clothing, shoes, and bags online



  • Treating yourself to a luxury fashion item should be a fun experience, but sometimes you don't want to go into a store. 
  • Luckily, we have a world of online shopping at our fingertips. Understandably though, when you're spending a lot of money, you want to do your due diligence and make sure where you're shopping is reputable, has legitimate products, and good customer service. 
  • We did all of that research for you and came up with six retailers that offer great selections of high-end wear for both men and women. They include Shopbop , East Dane , Matches Fashion , Farfetch , Net-A-Porter , and Mr. Porter .
  • All of these retailers have simple shipping and return policies and user-friendly interfaces that'll get you excited about your purchase. Keep reading to find them below.
Online shopping is an amazing innovation. You get all of the excitement of adding new pieces to your wardrobe without any of the effort of getting to the store and trying things on under the horribly artificial lighting of a dressing room. But, when you're spending a lot of money on luxury pieces, online shopping can actually be a little nerve wracking. What if the piece looks nothing like it does online? What if the return policy is expensive or just a hassle? When you're dropping hundreds of dollars or more on a shopping haul online, you probably want to make sure that everything will ship relatively quickly (who wants to wait weeks for what you could get in days) and is easy to exchange. And, of course, you want to peruse a great selection.  If luxury shopping is what you're looking for, we rounded up the six sites that you should check out. We've outlined what makes each stand out, the shipping and return policies they offer, and some of the notable labels you can find at each retailer. Keep reading to see learn about six of the best spots to buy luxury fashion online: Shopbop Shop women's luxury fashion and everyday essentials at Shopbop If you're looking to leave your next shopping adventure with a balanced cart, filled with a mix of high-end and everyday brands, Shopbop should be your go-to. Shopbop offers a large selection of contemporary and designer labels with plenty of timeless and trendy pieces to fill your wardrobe. You'll find clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories that fit a range of budgets — so you can buy a luxury bag alongside a more affordable plain white T-shirt . Plus, Shopbop curates style guides, lists, and on-site designer boutiques to help guide and inspire your looks.   Shipping & returns: Shipping is free on Shopbop and should take between one to three days. Amazon Prime members get Prime shipping benefits (free two-day shipping) on Shopbop orders, but if you're not a Prime member, you can pay extra for expedited shipping. If you don't love your purchase, Shopbop merchandise must be returned within 30 days. For the first 15 Číst dále >>>

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