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Zpravodajství - Bulvár - - 8. května 2019

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Priyanka Chopra Dishes on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Surprise Las Vegas Wedding


media thumbnail Although Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner ‘s nuptials came as a surprise to many, sister-in-law Priyanka Chopra says their Las Vegas “I dos” perfectly suited the A-list couple. “That was so fun. It was so fun! And it’s so Jophie, I call them Jophie. It’s like, trust them to do that. That is Jophie!” Chopra, 36, told Access in a new interview of the newlyweds’ May 1 wedding. The ceremony took place following the Billboard Music Awards, which was documented on Diplo’s Instagram live feed and was officiated by an Elvis impersonator at Chapel L’Amour inside A Little White Wedding Chapel. “It was really funny. We were at the Billboards. Joe I think had this idea that he wanted to do this. But we were at the Billboards and he had these little black cards that we all got. We were randomly inviting our friends, like people that we met. We were like, ‘alright, we’re going to set up this wedding now, we’re going to the chapel right from here, and please arrive, please arrive.’ We had Diplo, Khalid, they were really sweet, they arrived. Diplo Instagram Live-d the whole thing, it was awesome,” said Chopra, who confirmed that there wasn’t a dress code. That evening, the bride and groom, alongside Chopra and her husband Nick Jonas , drove around Sin City in a pink Hummer limo. RELATED: Newlyweds in the Big Apple! Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Enjoy N.Y.C. After Surprise Vegas Wedding “It was so funny! I mean, we were driving around this pink Hummer limo. I was outside the window. It was just epic,” said Chopra. “I had that long hair extensions that I thought was going to fly out of the window. It was that kind of night — a Jophie kind of night.” Their wedding came months after Chopra and Nick, 26, tied the knot with multiple extravagant ceremonies and receptions in India. RELATED: Sophie Turner Jokes About Revealing Her ‘New Name’ After Marrying Joe Jonas in Surprise Wedding And while Joe, 29, and Turner’s first wedding differed from Chopra’s, they each represented the couples’ individual tastes and styles. “It’s exactly who and what we stand for. Nick and Joe both are so different but are best friends, and that’s what’s beautiful about their relationships. And you can see that in the weddings as well. It was very reflective of the two of them and us as couples, you know?” she said. She also confirmed that Joe and Turner will be having another “amazing, beautiful wedding,” which will include playing rugby and football. “I’m going to be on the cheering team,” said Chopra. ” ‘Yay, you guys are great! Well done!’ while I sip on a Bellini.” While she’s ecstatic that the Game of Thrones star, 23, and the musician will spend forever together, she’s also thankful to call her sisters-in-law friends. “Thank God. Can you imagine?” she said in reference to Turner and Kevin Jonas’ wife, Danielle. “That would have been rough. That would have been hard. I lucked out. They’re amazing girls and they’re girls girls. That’s what I love about them.” While a source told PEOPLE that Joe and Turner intend on throwing a traditional wedding ceremony later this summer, the couple “had to get married in the States to make it legal, but the wedding is still in Europe.” RELATED: Joe Jonas Reveals the One Thing That’s Necessary for His Wedding to Sophie Turner in France On Monday, five days after they made their love official by getting married, Joe and Turner hit their first red carpet as a married couple at the Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Chinese Construction Company Rakes in Millions While Venezuelans Starve


enclosure image Reuters on Tuesday took a close look at the adventures of the Chinese state-run CAMC engineering company, which somehow managed to pocket over a billion dollars from the socialist government of Venezuela for an agriculture project that never produced any food, even as the people of Venezuela descend into abject poverty and starvation. Číst dále >>>

Bolsonaro Expands Brazilian Gun Rights with Executive Order


enclosure image Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro kept one of his campaign promises on Tuesday by signing an executive order to relax his country’s 2003 firearms law. Číst dále >>>

Avengers Endgame digital streaming release date CONFIRMED – What about Blu-ray and DVD?


AVENGERS ENDGAME digital dates confirmed by Disney bosses today for an exclusive release on the Disney + streaming platform. What about DVD and Blu-ray? Číst dále >>> Přeložit do en

Nadler: 'We Are Now in a Constitutional Crisis'


enclosure image During a press conference after the House Judiciary Committee voted to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt on Wednesday, House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) stated that we “are now in a constitutional crisis.” Nadler said, “We’ve talked Číst dále >>>

George Clooney Vows to Fundraise to Make Trump a ‘One-Term President’


enclosure image George Clooney has no plans to endorse anyone in 2020 Democratic primaries, but he promised to fundraise for anyone who can make Donald Trump a "one-term president." Číst dále >>>

Strana: 1/ 107 Celkem nalezeno 1070 záznamů.

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