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Cyka blyat

9.5.2016, 18:33
Author: Cyka
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27.10.2015, 9:50
Author: CNEWS
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Vivez toute l’actualité en direct sur CNEWS, la chaîne qui explique l'info

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    A car-sharing car rolled over near the building of the Ministry of Defense

    20.10.2019, 19:45
    An eyewitness posted footage of a serious accident that occurred on Sunday afternoon, October 20, near the building of the Ministry of Defense on Frunze Embankment in Moscow. Judging by the video, the driver of the car-sharing car lost control after a sharp braking. The car flew outside the carriageway and rolled over. According to preliminary data requiring official confirmation, one person was injured in the incident. {{file t=kbDED_1571593506}}

    Pick up driver dumps rebar goes wrong

    20.10.2019, 18:57

    Team Jesus

    20.10.2019, 17:30
    Driving down the road one day I come across a guy pulling a push mower out of his drivers window. By the time I got the camera out he had started to turn. At one point he had to have been going about 45mph. I don't know what else to say. Never seen anything like this before.

    Unhinged lady

    20.10.2019, 17:10
    Went to Sprouts. Woman was yelling about the lines being too long. Defiantly a "white people":problem. Chill pills on aisle 12

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    Chyba, nepodařilo se načíst zdroj.

    Chyba, nepodařilo se načíst zdroj.

    Chyba, nepodařilo se načíst zdroj.

    Hillary Clinton Is Secretly Running For Office Says Tulsi Gabbard

    21.10.2019, 4:19
    Tulsi Gabbard Roasts Hillary Clinton: 'I Stand Against Everything That She Represents' https://banned.video/ **Download The Official Infowars Free App>> https://www.infowars.com/app/ ** http://www.infowarsapk.com/ **Subscribe>> https://infowars.com/newsletter By the way, our [Everything Must Go Emergency Sale](https://www.infowarsstore.com/?ims=coimo&utm_campaign=everything-must-go-emergency-sale&utm_source=banned.video&utm_medium=Video&utm_content=EMGundervideotext) is now live! Get 70% off Survival Shield X-3 and an additional 50% off other products with free shipping and double Patriot Points

    Dashcams From Straya

    21.10.2019, 3:55
    Yeah Brah
    Some amusing variety this month. {{embed t=CAaFR_1571622891}}

    Ukraine whistleblower has ties to Adam Schiff's staffers.

    21.10.2019, 3:52
    Could this be the end of the pencil neck bug eyed shifty Schiff?


    21.10.2019, 3:48
    great idea

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    Chyba, nepodařilo se načíst zdroj.

    Chyba, nepodařilo se načíst zdroj.

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    Live Corobizar

    17.10.2013, 18:48
    Author: Corobizar
    Visited: 63140984
    Viens sur http://corobizar.com pour te taper des barres assez gentilles :3

    Pour te tenir au courant de mes dernières news :
    Like ma page facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Baramout
    Follow moi : https://twitter.com/Corobizar

    VIDEO 1 REV 11

    22.7.2016, 22:16
    Author: Opciones Binarias
    Visited: 62557836
    Duration: 00:19:42

    Millenium TV Hearthstone

    2.10.2013, 16:29
    Author: Millenium_TV
    Visited: 60635132
    Liveplay des jeux de carte en ligne Hearthstone : Heroes of Warcraft et Duel of Champions.