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Mecnun Giasar

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Yacht - The Boat of Life | Documentary by Mecnun Giasar

25.2.2019, 22:35
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 5678 work.with.mecnun@© ____________________________________ "Life without a defined purpose is similar to a boat without a crew in the middle of the ocean." Be a part of the Journey of a young Artist, who is willing to make a change based on all the Tragedies happening in our World. let us all be aware. share. and make our voice count. help to be a part of a CHANGE. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Yacht - The Boat of Life / The Documentary created & brought to life by Mecnun Giasar Footages taken in more than 30+ Countries appearances in the documentary ; Mecnun Giasar Shi Wisdom (Artist of the Soundtrack) Mecnun Giasar’s Family & Friends Dancers/Artists/People from 30+ Countries Mexican Kids selling stuff on the Streets Refugee’s crossing the Meditterean Sea NBC News M.I.A Bam Martin Shaun Evaristo Syrian Kids on the Street’s of Istanbul Mecnun’s Piece of Mind Cast Brian Puspos Chris Martin Fan from Italy (with a Mecnun Tattoo) Larkin Poynton Tokyo Ysabelle Capitule Alisa Tsitseronova Joseph Tsosh Rio H2K Laurine Gros Ola Frydrich Cheryl Lofreda Kerrie Milne Zacc Milne Special Thanks to all the Studios, Music Labels, Shi Wisdom, Family & Friends, Organizations, The Refugees, Mecnun’s Theater Cast, Assistants, Artists, and all the brave Humans in this Documentary, and YOU for being a part of making a Change. and extra special thanks to my manager Kenneth Cassar. Much Love, Mecnun Giasar

Billie Eilish - when the party's over / Choreography

9.2.2019, 7:37
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 5725
choreography by Mecnun Giasar & Alisa Tsitseronova performed by Mecnun Giasar / Alisa Tsitseronova song : when the party's over artist : billie eilish

CHOOSE ME // Mecnun Giasar

21.3.2018, 12:58
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 3491
Choose Me ___________ An untold true story of a young man, who traveled the world. Bittersweet Relationships and sacrifices. With optional scenarios of escaping the thought "What if?" Brought to life by Immersive movement/artwork. Escaping society, turning the forbidden dreamworld into reality. but then reality becomes a dreamworld. What is reality? You choose. ________________________________ lived, written, visualized and brought to life by Mecnun Giasar Music by James Blake and some samples of Mecnun's 'Piece of Mind' selfmade backdrops @mecnungiasar

Piece of Mind // BABYBOY

16.1.2018, 16:01
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 2435
When your heart talks, it talks. It leads to hearing voices in your head. To be in Love, is the most bitter/beautiful thing. This is for my Askim. Truly Yours - Mecnun Giasar Ps. My Team is the very best. (: Last Minute adjusting and jumping in till 6am putting a 20 min Zjushz together. even learning how to record and visualize my Ideas. Beatrice Alessi Desiree Di Guiseppe Shady Salem Orlando Moltoni Kelly De Nigro Cheryl Lofreda Ola Frydrych Laurine Gros Amedeo Crilesi Andrea Crilesi Peter Valentin Music : Adlips, Secret Vocals, Filters, from Beyonce's "Babyboy"

PIECE OF MIND | Meet The Cast ; // ATTITUDE by Mecnun Giasar @leikeli47

15.9.2017, 22:30
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 6379
its time. my time. time to speak up. Piece of Mind ; Meet the Cast Premiere of "Piece of Mind" the Show on the 17th of December 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. More infos & Tickets available soon. XO, Mecnun Giasar social media @mecnungiasar special thanks to Leikeli 47 Sandra Granada Quality Dance Studio


15.8.2017, 20:02
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 3881

Mecnun Giasar | Countdown

10.6.2017, 15:13
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 4805
back in 2011 i danced to this song, not relating to the lyrics. 6 years later, i danced to this song, relating to the lyrics. in between things changed, the countdown of different stages of a relationship, of life, of everything summing up to a result of nothing being changed. That is my countdown. 3, 2, enjoy. @mecnungiasar

Mecnun Giasar | QueenKing

8.4.2017, 22:55
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 11920
Choreography - Direction - Concept - Editing by @mecnungiasar Performed by Soulfresh Fam Location Los Angeles, United States of America Camera @stevepark_ Special Thanks to Ricky Cole, Steve Park & Lulu Be.

youknowwhoYOUare. | part 2/5 @mecnungiasar

4.11.2016, 17:15
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 3474
' youknowwhoYOUare ' is a tribute split in 5 parts to someone specific. The title says it all. With the help of my artistic visions and my beautiful talented friends i was able to bring it to life LAST MINUTE with my iPhone 6s Plus. ' youknowwhoYOuare ' part 2 : Music : "Down in The Dm" Cover by Chloe X Halle (mastered by Mecnun Giasar) Creative Direction - Choreography - Visuals - Editing by Mecnun Giasar Camera : Samanie Performed by : Arnold Arkaza Hazel Culliney Jomecia Oosterwalde Kevin Cruden Kishan Indallal Brian Mandels Shari Ashley Mecnun Giasar Special Thanks to Shaker & Global Dance Center Amsterdam

youknowwhoYOUare. | part 1/5 @mecnungiasar

6.10.2016, 20:02
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 5157
' youknowwhoYOUare ' is a tribute split in 5 parts to someone specific. The title says it all. With the help of my artistic visions and my beautiful talented friends i was able to bring it to life LAST MINUTE with my iPhone 6s Plus. ' youknowwhoYOuare ' part 1 : Music : "Are YOU that somebody" by Aaliyah & Timbaland (mastered by Mecnun Giasar) Creative Direction - Choreography - Visuals - Editing by Mecnun Giasar Camera : Mitchell Kalf Performed by : Jowha Laak Huy Truong Bas Kunz Sergio Santos Reis Kevin Cruden Kishan Indallal Mecnun Giasar special thanks to CardioDanceDepartment & Creative Academy of Dance (C.A.D)

VISIONS OF LOVE | a dance shortfilm by Mecnun Giasar

30.4.2016, 7:47
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 44

SECRET SOUNDS : The process of creating Art. | "Blow" by @Beyonce // MASTERED by @MecnunGiasar

14.1.2016, 15:39
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 5100
As an ARTist i have always wanted to share the process of how i come up with the most of my Work. I put this together to show the exact situation of HOW i mostly create. This is the turn out i luckily captured pulling my iPhone out. I am extremely grateful for the people i can call my friends in this Video. performed by Kimbo Tran Jerome Esplana Baiba Klints Jun Quemado Simone Ginanneschi Johnny Vongratsavai Zachary Venegas also known as Zack Venegas Music : Blow by Beyonce (Mastered by Mecnun Giasar) choreographed.created.filmed.directed.edited by yours truly. (: including footages mostly taken in several Countries in Europe & Asia make sure you subscribe and follow me on social media @MecnunGiasar

Meet The SQUAD; Mecnun Giasar presents LA FAMILIA

30.12.2015, 23:16
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 13212
Hello Youtube. We meet for the last time for 2015. It has been a CRAZY YEAR for me. I have done a lot, judged too many competitions, taught all over the world, worked with crazy individuals, choreographed so many things but what i wanna share with you is the people i met during my journey. The people who got my back for 2016. ;) Choreographed, Artistic Directed, Recorded (when not on screen), Performed, Edited by @MecnunGiasar Co Choreography & Camera Desiree Di Giuseppe & Amadeo Crieisi Special Thanks to : Orlando & Johnny Danced and performed by LA FAMILIA. with love.

Justin Bieber - No Sense (Duet Dance Video) | "Love has no Gender" @mecnungiasar @justinbieber

10.12.2015, 21:10
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 4655
one choreography. two different versions. love has no gender. or color. or limit. we all need LOVE. i am so grateful for my people jumping in last minute and have patience with me always! enjoy. Music : Justin Bieber - No Sense Dancers : Johnny Vongratsavai, Alisa Tsitserenova, Kimbo Tran, Mecnun Giasar. Choreographed, Directed, Filmed, Edited by @mecnungiasar ### NOTE : I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS OF THIS MUSIC ### for promotional use only. Here are the lyrics to track 8 of Justin's Purpose album which is No Sense and features Travis Scott. As previously mentioned go purchase the album which is incredible. Like, comment, share and/or subscribe. ‘Purpose’ Available Everywhere Now! iTunes: Stream & Add To Your Spotify Playlist: Google Play: Amazon:

Mecnun Giasar | "(Wo)Men In My Head" | @WORLDOFDANCE ft. Jun Quemado, Duc Anh Tran, Atilla & Dusan

4.12.2015, 20:19
Mecnun Giasar
Views: 17726
PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU WATCH IN HD. hi everyone. after an incredible tour with world of dance in 2015 i decided to share the stage with my friends during my last judge demo for the year. it was also my 10th world of dance in 2015 that i was judging so, i wanted to do something special. i am so grateful for everything that happened in 2015. i don't remember how many countries we did, but all i have to say is that i am so proud of what our dance community has become. this performance means a lot to me, some of my guys did not even hear the music before going on stage, it was the craziest 6 minutes set i ever put together. judging of 10 hours in between my pee-breaks i was trying to fix the music, routines so we can at least look good on stage. I AM NOT EVEN LYING. no rehearsals together, no nothing. you can also see me on stage telling them when to enter the stage.. but still .. NONE OF IT MATTERED TO ME. because it was pure, real, passionate, everything that i wanted it to be. the energy i exchanged with my friends on stage was incredible and i still can't forget. and i don't care how messy it looks or what you have to say about it because I LOVE IT and i am HAPPY with it. I put this set together with recent routines of mine, that matches my personality. people being confused about me, here it is. even a 1 min speech to give u a closer look of who i am. THIS IS ME. this is who i became. AN ARTIST. Dance is beautiful. to me it became a platform to share my visions i have when i go through LIFE. i wanna thank all my beatiful friends who jumped in ON SPOT. Jun Quemado, Duc Anh Tran, Attila Boehm & Dusan Kassanin, I love you Forever. Ricky Cole, Chrstian, Luciano, and of course MICHELLE AND SANDY! thank you all WOD FAM See you all next year. @mecnungiasar

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