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S MUDr. Jonášem o zdraví - 10. díl | youtube - Wallets search |

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S MUDr. Jonášem o zdraví - 10. díl

Video zhlédnuto: krát.

S MUDr. Jonášem o zdraví - 10. díl

Author: Kinosvět - záhady a tajemství
MUDr. Josef Jonáš, jeden z nejznámějších českých badatelů v oblasti přírodní a celostní medicíny, radí jak pečovat o své tělesné a vlastně i duševní zdraví.

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10 Best Men's Wallets for 2019 // Fossil, Anson Calder, KORE, Campbell Cole and MORE

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  • Woman sneaks item, possibly a wallet, from elderly victim's purse

    11.9.2019, 21:47
    Police are looking for a suspect who was caught on camera stealing from an elderly woman in Walnut Creek. Walnut Creek PD shared the video. It shows the suspect standing behind the woman, watching her as she is distracted, hunched over and looking intently at items on the shelf. The thief slowly sneaks her hand into the woman's purse, grabs what appears to be a wallet, and walks off. It is unclear in which store the incident took place. {{file t=kjK6a_1568231225}}

    Criminals prey on elderly woman

    14.9.2019, 0:36
    Two women worked together to steal a wallet out of the purse of a stooped, elderly woman at a Walnut Creek grocery store, according to Walnut Creek police, who have released surveillance video to the public in hopes of identifying the suspects.

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    CCTV captures theif 'stealing cash' from British tourist's bag as he plays pool in Thailand

    4.9.2019, 20:00
    This is the moment a British tourist allegedly had his cash stolen while playing pool at a bar in Thailand. The pensioner, 69, was seen playing pool with a barmaid at the venue in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, on August 23 (corr). CCTV footage around 11.30 pm shows how a street vendor walked inside and began leaning on the chair where the holidaymaker had hung his fanny pack. He appears to be pretending to watch the game while keeping an eye on the victim's belongings. The alleged victim, who would only give his name as Taran,was walking back to his seat and standing next to the suspect while waiting for his turn to play. The suspect looked around nervously while slowly putting his hand in the bum bag and took the wallet inside before leaving the bar. CCTV footage shows the alleged thief then put the wallet back in the same bag before dashing away. The tourist later noticed that 4,000 baht (108 GBP) in cash had been stolen and along with the bar owner took the footage to the police. A Chiang Mai police spokesman said: ''The initial investigation found that the suspect is still living in the province but he has gone home for couple days. ''The suspect was also seen pick-pocketing locals and foreigners around Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. The team will continue looking for him and take him to pursue legal proceedings.''

    Horrifying moment 88-year-old wheelchair-bound UK man robbed AGAIN in less than 2 months

    4.9.2019, 0:42
    The horrifying moment is captured when an 88-year-old wheelchair-bound UK man is robbed for the second time in two months last week (August 27). Police have named a man they urgently want to trace over a burglary in Leeds where an elderly vulnerable victim was targeted for the second time in two months. Officers want to speak to 24-year-old Slovakian national Tomas Mizikar in connection with an incident at 88-year-old veteran Dennis Birch's home in Harehills on August 27. "My step-dad is technically of sound mind and can make his own decisions, he is adamant that he wants to stay in his house of 40 years," said his step-son, Paul. A West Yorkshire Police statement said: "At 6.35pm that day, the victim was asleep in his wheelchair with the front door open due to the warm weather when the property was entered and searched and cash stolen from a wallet. "When the victim woke up a suspect engaged him in conversation at the front door before being disturbed by passers-by and leaving the scene. "Tomas Mizikar has been linked to the offence as a result of enquiries and officers are keen to establish his current whereabouts. "He has previously used the name and has links to the Harehills area and to Slovakia." The second burglary comes just weeks after Mr Birch watched as a man entered his home in July and stole money. West Yorkshire Police said: "The same victim was targeted in similar circumstances on July 10 [seen here] in what is being treated as a separate offence." In this earlier incident, security cameras capture the moment the brazen thief enters the home of Birch, who was sitting in his wheelchair watching television at his home when the robber entered the property. Footage shows the man attempt to speak in a friendly manner to Mr Birch in broken English, while clearly scoping the surrounding area for items of value. While distracting Mr Birch, the thief picks up his wallet from the counter, quickly rifles through it and walks off with a five-pound note. The theft happened so quickly that Mr Birch didn't even realise he'd been robbed, according to his stepson, Paul Daley. The family only suspected something had happened when his carer called to say he'd seen the live video of an unknown man entering the property. Birch's family then went over to his house to view the footage. Enquiries are still ongoing to identify the suspect shown in the CCTV images for that offence. Paul has set up a GoFundMe for his step-dad to stay secure in his home of over 40 years, which is under the name "Help Dennis stay safe in his own home."

    World's Chillest Man Lights Cigarette at Gunpoint During Bar Robbery

    30.8.2019, 8:07
    Staring down the barrel of a semi-automatic rifle wasn't enough to spook a cigarette-puffing St. Louis man into giving up his valuables early Wednesday morning when an armed robber came into a local bar demanding money. Bartender Dustin Krueger was serving six customers around 12.30am Wednesday at Behrmann's Tavern on Maramec Street near S. Compton Avenue on the city's south side when the unidentified gunman stormed in wielding a huge, military-style gun. Soundless surveillance video of the incident shows most of the bar patrons quickly raising their hands and sprawling on the floor as the thief made his way through the room. But one anonymous bar customer wasn't having it. While everyone else was squatting and cowering on the floor, the defiant and unfazed patron took a swig from a soft drink can before pulling out his cellphone and staring at the screen. When the gunman approached the man and tried snatching the cellphone from him while sticking the barrel of the rifle in the man's side, the customer simply refused to let go of his device, snatching it back before laying it face down on the bar counter. 'He just was very adamant about it like, "I'm not playing your game," Krueger told KMOV after the incident. The attacker stood there briefly in disbelief, seemingly unsure of what to do. He eventually moved on and walked behind the bar while the stubborn customer says something to him before placing a cigarette in his mouth and lighting it. The gunman is seen pulling items off the shelves along the back wall of the bar while the customer puffs away on his cancer stick. It seems there's no money to be found behind the bar, so the robber walks back around and sticks the barrel of his gun in the back of another customer who was crouching in fear next to the stubborn cigarette smoker. This victim quickly pulls out his wallet and opens it to remove a few bills that he throws on the counter. The gunman snatches them and puts them in his pocket before walking back up through the corridor and demanding the same from another person laying on the ground. Eventually he confronts Krueger, who was laying next to a table, telling the bartender to open the cash register, which he does before laying face down on the floor behind the bar. {{file t=KqIY_1567145198}}

    Wait for it...

    28.8.2019, 19:56
    Houston, TX - On Monday, August 26, 2019 at 1:08 pm, two unknown males entered the Family Dollar, located at 1420 Gulf Bank, in Houston, Texas. The males stayed in the store until 1:22 pm, at which time they walked outside and stood around the front door. At 1:25 pm, a 74-year-old elderly female walked out of the store towards her vehicle while holding her wallet under her arm. One of the males then quickly approached the elderly female and forcibly took her wallet from her, causing bruising to her arm. The suspects then ran in an unknown direction. It is possible that the suspects live in the area.

    Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? Featuring Physicists Willie Soon and Elliott Bloom

    28.8.2019, 2:50
    Honestus Civis
    Willie Soon exposes the bad science tricks being used by the "global climate change" shysters to empty your wallet. 108 minutes, or 54 minutes on 2x speed if you like chipmunk Willie. {{embed t=9RW3c_1566953036}}

    Get Out Of The Car Bitch

    23.8.2019, 17:54
    Philadelphia, PA - On August 18, 2019, at approximately 6:30AM, the victim, a 21 year-old female, went to her vehicle on the 20xx block of North 9th Street and was approached by two unknown black males. Suspect #1 pulled a handgun and placed it to her stomach demanding she get out of her vehicle. After complying with the suspects demands the suspects took her car with her wallet and belongings still inside. The victim then ran to Temple Police and reported the incident.

    Mum-Of-Two Has Salary Nicked By Crafty Thief At Market

    22.8.2019, 9:07
    ViralTab Video
    This is the moment an alleged thief reaches into a mum's handbag and appears to snatch her wallet as she bends over to pick up produce at a market stall. The incident, which happened in front of a small child, occurred in the city of Aktau, along the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. In the clip, we see the woman accompanied by a toddler bending over to pick out products from a box on the ground at a market.

    Crook steals wallet from woman's purse

    9.8.2019, 0:36
    Surveillance video released Thursday shows a man stealing a woman's wallet from her purse that was left in a shopping cart while she was selecting fruit at a grocery store.

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