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Elektronomia - Energy [NCS Release]

18.9.2016, 18:25
Elektronomia - Energy [NCS Release] Author: NoCopyrightSounds
NCS: Music Without Limitations NCS Spotify: http://spoti.fi/NCS Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/energy Connect with NCS: Snapchat: ncsmusic ...

What is Energy? | Space Time

14.2.2018, 20:21
What is Energy? Space Time Author: PBS Space Time
Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you ) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: https://to.pbs.org/DonateSPACE Energy is the most powerful and ...

Nikola Tesla - Limitless Energy & the Pyramids of Egypt

15.10.2019, 18:00
Nikola Tesla - Limitless Energy & the Pyramids of Egypt Author: After Skool
Stream 2 full seasons of Ancient Civilizations for free at http://bit.ly/Ancient_Civilizations only on Gaia. Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was a ...

BURNS, A$AP Rocky, Sabrina Claudio - Energy (Audio)

30.4.2019, 18:00
BURNS, A$AP Rocky, Sabrina Claudio - Energy (Audio) Author: BurnsVEVO
BURNS, A$AP Rocky & Sabrina Claudio "Energy" out now!: http://smarturl.it/ENERGYx Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/ENERGYx/applemusic iTunes: ...

World's Most Asked Questions: What Is Energy?

28.10.2014, 17:00
World's Most Asked Questions: What Is Energy? Author: SciShow
What is Energy? The short answer is EVERYTHING. But what does that mean? Let SciShow explain. And if you're in New York, join us to talk about energy ...

Thoughts are Energy, Use them wisely! (Law Of Attraction)

19.1.2016, 20:00
Thoughts are Energy, Use them wisely! (Law Of Attraction) Author: YouAreCreators
Sign up to YouAreCreators.Tv (PayPal Available) for Exclusive videos, Affirmation Downloads, and to gain access to the largest MasterMind Group in the World!

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    19.12.2018, 13:57
    Author: The Audiopedia
    Visited: 31
    Duration: 00:00:47

    The Energy functional is the total energy of a certain system, as a functional of the system's state.

    In the energy methods of simulating the dynamics of complex structures, a state of the system is often described as an element of an appropriate function space. To be in this state, the system pays a certain cost in terms of energy required by the state. This energy is a scalar quantity, a function of the state, hence the term functional. The system tends to develop from the state with higher energy (higher cost) to the state with lower energy, thus local minima of this functional are usually related to the stable stationary states. Studying such states is part of the optimization problems, where the terms energy functional or cost functional are often used to describe the objective function.

    In Hamiltonian systems, the energy functional is given by the hamiltonian.

    ZOFT - Energy Gum, Energy Tablets, Energy Lozenges, Energy Mints, Energy Candy

    11.3.2014, 19:08
    Author: ZOFT Gum
    Visited: 54
    Duration: 00:00:24
    ZOFT is one of the largest U.S. contract manufacturers of value-added chewing gum. We specialize in the development and production of customized functional chewing gum products as well as chewable tablets, lozenges, mints and candy — all with functional purposes and customized to our customers' requirements.

    ZOFT is a leader in using chewing gum and other confectionery products as an optimal system for delivering health related ingredients including vitamins, minerals, herbals, botanicals, amino acids, antioxidants and more.

    We contract manufacture and offer both sugar and sugar-free products in addition to products sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute.

    Official Website: http://www.zoft.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zoftgum
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/zoft
    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/zoftgum
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/zoft-gum-company
    Google+: http://www.google.com/+ZoftGum

    How To Save Energy, Energy Alternatives, What Is An Alternative Energy Source, Ways To Save Energy

    6.1.2015, 16:46
    Author: Lauraroque31
    Visited: 43
    Duration: 00:01:39
    How To Save Energy, Energy Alternatives, What Is An Alternative Energy Source, Ways To Save Energy


    Here's how to get "Power Innovator Device"

    You need to move fast on this one, because we simply don't know for how long this website is going to stay up.

    The first time people heard about the Power Innovator Program, things turned out really bad for me.

    and we fear it might happen once again.

    But still. we want to get this into as many hands as possible.

    Tesla technology has already changed the face of the modern world.

    and it can do it one more time.

    People need to hear about this amazing device, so they can break free from Big Energy, and stop paying for electricity that should be available to everyone.

    The Power Innovator Program is available in digital format, as videos that you can watc.

    You could be re-watching them just 5 minutes from now.

    and you can enjoy the 80% electricity bill cut by the end of the day click here.


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    How To Save Energy, Energy Alternatives, What Is An Alternative Energy Source, Ways To Save Energy
    10 ways to save heat energy,
    how to reduce energy use,
    fun ways to save energy,
    saving energy resources,
    electric energy,
    tips of saving energy,
    save money on your electric bill,
    ways of saving energy,
    save money on electricity,
    alternative energy source,
    electric supply,
    renewable energy sources,
    best electricity deals,

    Energy Trading Investing: Trading, Risk Management, and Structuring Deals in the Energy

    Author: dm_4dce372d41a7285b003e21ed26080289
    Duration: 00:00:34
    Click Here : https://dailyispiration00.blogspot.com/?book=1259835383

    Metals And Energy Finance: Advanced Textbook On The Evaluation Of Mineral And Energy Projects

    Author: dm_43dfe08c735d5c758aaaa246d5ccc6bc
    Duration: 00:00:36
    Click Here : https://dailyispiration00.blogspot.com/?book=1783268514

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  • Турнир радио Energy по Пляжному Волейболу среди Моделей! "Turnir radio Energy po Pljazhnomu Volejjbolu sredi Modelejj!"

    23.7.2015, 14:18
    Visited: 6150
    Duration: 00:08:12
    Мы во вконтакте - http://vk.com/nrj

    " Visited: 6150 Duration: 00:08:12 My vo vkontakte - http://vk.com/nrj"

    Capital - Alimentation, banque, energie : enquete sur les nouveaux casseurs de prix 1-2 cptl

    12.3.2018, 10:46
    Visited: 180
    Duration: 00:44:21
    ▶ Energie : jusqu'à - 30 % sur la note, c'est possible ! Nouveaux opérateurs, installation d'éoliennes ou de panneaux solaires... il est possible de payer moins cher son eau, son électricité ou son chauffage. ▶ Frais bancaires, comment les eviter ? De nouveaux acteurs arrivent sur le marché, proposant des comptes « zéro frais ». La formation de conseillers dans les banques traditionnelles et celles en ligne a été suivie. ▶ Alimentation : et si c'etait nous qui fixions les prix ? Un entrepreneur bouscule les règles du jeu en créant une marque qui se propose de rémunérer toute la chaîne comme il se doit : les consommateurs déterminent la qualité du produit et fixent le montant.

    Capital - Alimentation, banque, energie : enquete sur les nouveaux casseurs de prix 2-2 cptl

    12.3.2018, 11:04
    Visited: 173
    Duration: 00:50:24
    ▶ Energie : jusqu'à - 30 % sur la note, c'est possible ! Nouveaux opérateurs, installation d'éoliennes ou de panneaux solaires... il est possible de payer moins cher son eau, son électricité ou son chauffage. ▶ Frais bancaires, comment les eviter ? De nouveaux acteurs arrivent sur le marché, proposant des comptes « zéro frais ». La formation de conseillers dans les banques traditionnelles et celles en ligne a été suivie. ▶ Alimentation : et si c'etait nous qui fixions les prix ? Un entrepreneur bouscule les règles du jeu en créant une marque qui se propose de rémunérer toute la chaîne comme il se doit : les consommateurs déterminent la qualité du produit et fixent le montant.

    Une vie de chiot - Canaliser son energie (2018) France 5

    1.5.2019, 20:12
    Visited: 12
    Duration: 00:41:40
    Cette série documentaire suit les étapes de la vie de plusieurs jeunes chiens : la naissance, l'adoption, l'apprentissage, l'adolescence… Issus d'un environnement urbain ou rural, les toutous racés ont leur personnalité. Entre cinq et douze mois, leur appétit est insatiable. Leur sommeil quotidien dure parfois seize heures ! Rory, rejeté par trois familles d'accueil, est désormais éduqué dans un foyer pour trouver d'autres maîtres. Quant à Axel, il est en formation pour être chien guide. De son côté, Yoshi souffre du manque d'espace dans l'appartement.

    Self-Development DVD #2 - Regenerative Breathing Energy

    Visited: 54
    Duration: 00:01:44
    Some breathing types may result in serious physical or psychological illnesses. Therefore, it is very important to keep track of your breathing while working with energy, practicing martial arts or doing daily routines. Regenerative Breathing Energy is the set of simple restorative breathing exercises that will help you to release stress and tension, increase healthy internal energy, and feel fresh, rejuvenated and powerful. Language: English Running time: 60 min Format: NTSC, ALL region

    Лена Горностаева — ведущая радио Energy! "Lena Gornostaeva — vedushhaja radio Energy! "

    23.5.2016, 18:52
    Visited: 37829
    Duration: 00:01:29
    Еще больше девушек — http://www.maximonline.ru/devushki/ Лучшие ролики с девушками: — Настасья Самбурская: https://youtu.be/mYQXaE3v__0 — Екатерина Волкова: https://youtu.be/5cVqcG3UUbs — Анна Хилькевич: https://youtu.be/ScMjO60KY1w — Юля Михалкова: https://youtu.be/9Uuy1fHjfuY Мы в соцсетях: ВКонтакте: http://vkontakte.ru/maximrussia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MAXIMGalaxy Twitter: http://twitter.com/ru_maximonline Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+maximrussia Одноклассники: http://www.odnoklassniki.ru/maximofficial Instagram: https://instagram.com/maximmagazinerussia/ Мой Мир: http://my.mail.ru/community/maxim_russia/ А КТО ЭТО? Знакомься: Елена Горностаева, ведущая утреннего шоу «Black 2 White» или «Утро с черным перцем» на радио Energy.

    " Visited: 37829 Duration: 00:01:29 Eshhe bolshe devushek — http://www.maximonline.ru/devushki/ Luchshie roliki s devushkami: — Nastasja Samburskaja: https://youtu.be/mYQXaE3v__0 — Ekaterina Volkova: https://youtu.be/5cVqcG3UUbs — Anna KHilkevich: https://youtu.be/ScMjO60KY1w — JUlja Mikhalkova: https://youtu.be/9Uuy1fHjfuY My v socsetjakh: VKontakte: http://vkontakte.ru/maximrussia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MAXIMGalaxy Twitter: http://twitter.com/ru_maximonline Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+maximrussia Odnoklassniki: http://www.odnoklassniki.ru/maximofficial Instagram: https://instagram.com/maximmagazinerussia/ Mojj Mir: http://my.mail.ru/community/maxim_russia/ A KTO EHTO? Znakomsja: Elena Gornostaeva, vedushhaja utrennego shou «Black 2 White» ili «Utro s chernym percem» na radio Energy."

    Cтудия прямого эфира Радио ENERGY "Ctudija prjamogo ehfira Radio ENERGY"

    24.8.2015, 15:05
    Visited: 1465
    Duration: 00:03:30
    Доминик Джокер и Юлия Ковальчук - в гостях у Радио ENERGY!

    " Visited: 1465 Duration: 00:03:30 Dominik Dzhoker i JUlija Kovalchuk - v gostjakh u Radio ENERGY!"

    Enquêtes Extraordinaires - S02E01 - Les Energies Qui Traversent Nos Maisons (1/2) [HD]

    22.5.2018, 21:43
    Visited: 985
    Duration: 00:49:58
    Enquêtes Extraordinaires, est une série de documentaires et reportages initiée par Stéphane Allix, ancien journaliste reporter de guerre et fondateur de l’INREES, qui plonge au cœur des phénomènes inexpliqués les plus incroyables, de manière scientifique, sérieuse, et approfondie. Autour de nous, quantité d’événements inexpliqués se produisent. Ces expériences, qualifiées de surnaturelles, sont rapportées en toute bonne foi par de très nombreux témoins. Depuis plusieurs années, des scientifiques, physiciens, biologistes, neurologues et psychiatres, étudient ces sujets, proposent des hypothèses et tentent de les expliquer. Stéphane Allix, dont l’expertise est reconnue et appréciée des scientifiques, applique des méthodes d’enquêtes rigoureuses au domaine de l’inexpliqué, qui jusqu’alors, n’était pas toujours abordé avec sérieux. Il existe des lieux où l’on dort mal, où l’on travaille mal, où l’on est toujours fatigué. Et si cela s’expliquait par une énergie liée à la terre et à l’activité des hommes ? Pourtant, harmoniser l’énergie de son habitat, y insuffler le bien-être et y encourager la communication entre ses occupants est possible. Enquêtes Extraordinaires - S02E02 - Ils Guérissent Par L'Energie [Manquant] http://www.inexplique-endebat.com/2014/11/les-energies-qui-traversent-nos-maisons.html https://www.filmsdocumentaires.com/films/2428-enquetes-extraordinaires https://www.filmsdocumentaires.com/films/4213-enquetes-extraordinaires-saison-2

    [#My1] DDP yoga - Energy

    2.1.2015, 12:50
    Visited: 22665
    Duration: 00:25:13
    Паблик - https://vk.com/my1wrestling

    " Visited: 22665 Duration: 00:25:13 Pablik - https://vk.com/my1wrestling"

    Танцы: Светлана Коротнева (Laurie Burgess & Roy Merchant - Feel The Energy) (сезон 4, серия 5) "Tancy: Svetlana Korotneva (Laurie Burgess & Roy Merchant - Feel The Energy) (sezon 4, serija 5)"

    24.9.2017, 6:00
    Visited: 14178
    Duration: 00:00:25
    24 года, г.Воронеж. Наставники назвали танец Светланы весьма посрредственным, поэтому, к сожалению, участница не проходит в следующий этап отбора.

    " Visited: 14178 Duration: 00:00:25 24 goda, g.Voronezh. Nastavniki nazvali tanec Svetlany vesma posrredstvennym, poehtomu, k sozhaleniju, uchastnica ne prokhodit v sledujushhijj ehtap otbora."

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  • Ukraine Oil Pelosi's son Paul Pelosi Jr

    17.11.2019, 23:55
    fagibles tears
    BOOM: Nancy Pelosi's son Paul Pelosi Jr. (who went to Ukraine in 2017) was a board member of Viscoil and executive at its related company NRGLab, which DID ENERGY Business in UKRAINE!

    Energy supplier employees in Madrid go on strike over job security

    7.11.2019, 16:21
    Employees at the energy supplier, Ence, have gone on strike in Madrid demanding increased job security. This footage was filmed on November 7.

    Renewable Energy is a Scam

    5.11.2019, 15:00
    This should get the climate alarmist's blood boiling...

    Military Sprays Incendiaries On California Fires, chris dorsey

    31.10.2019, 17:35
    The latest Fires in California are a result of the United States Military using unconventional warfare against the American people. This includes fomenting destruction through spraying incendiary substances on the direct energy weapon created fires. This comes as the United States Marine Corps has been activated and deployed to California.

    Bizarre Radioactive fluorescence inside the nuclear reactor

    10.11.2019, 3:05
    discover the phenomenon of the bizarre radioactive fluorescence inside the nuclear reactor during the thermonuclear reaction from up close and find out why such a phenomenon occurs Find out new facts about Chernobyl, nuclear radiation and how the nuclear reactor and nuclear power plant is working to produce nuclear energy

    Gusty Winds at Los Vaqueros Reservoir

    9.11.2019, 22:54
    Pardon the shaky camera. Hard to walk on that dock. 10/26/19. PG&E cut the power in this particular area for 36 hours. Apparently the lines are so bad that there is a high risk of fire. This will continue for another 10 years so im told. Also, when they fire up the power...it also causes transformers to explode this happens in very rural areas often. A little birdy told me a local PG&E employee assigned to this watershed was barely fixing the lines so theyd break down and he'd milk the overtime. This went on for 10 years until he was fired. Employees make a doctors salary. can see for yourself on Transparent California (Website). PG&E sure has some cleaning up to do. Its a messy situation. Now they automatically throw you into EBCE that "procures" electricity on your behalf. It's "green" energy they tell ya. Screw that....I saw my bill go up significantly and opted out of that program.

    Trump's Worst Enemies Have Become His Best Friends

    8.11.2019, 23:05
    It's been a tough few weeks for CNN. Who knew pushing fake news could be so challenging? First, they tried to turn President Trump into a rube for suggesting that Alabama could be in the path of Hurricane Dorian. It turns out that CNN suggested the same thing, a few days before Trump did, warning Alabama to "be on the lookout". Then came the fiction that Trump outed a Russian informant. Instead the reality was that the decision on any outing or exfiltration occurred before Trump became president. We know whose watch this occurred on, but CNN chose to instead blame the current president. Now it's an opinion poll. CNN's story of the week is, "6 in 10 say Trump does not deserve a second term." Well, that settles it. If CNN says so, it must be true. Get ready for President Beto or Pete. Remember how they said endlessly that Trump colluded with Putin and the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. And how Trump would soon be frog marched from the White House, if the gaggle of psychiatrists declaring Trump insane didn't get rid of him first via the 25th Amendment. CNN told us Stormy Daniels would be the Trump slayer. Or was it Omarosa? Or Michael Cohen? Or Megan Rapinoe? I've lost track. Michael Avenatti was the perfect candidate in the eyes of Brian Stelter, host of CNN's show with the most fraudulent name, "Reliable Sources." CNN is giddy over this latest poll, reinforcing their reputation as a hackneyed and partisan propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. This will be the story that reverses Trump's likely successful bid for reelection. In the minds of Beltway journalists, everyone hates Donald Trump and wants him sent packing in November 2020. CNN describes their poll by saying, "Overall, the poll paints a picture of a President who has done little to improve negative impressions of him or his work during his time in office." I wonder if they mean his conservative judicial appointments. Or record low unemployment, particularly for women, blacks and Hispanics. Or America's energy independence. I guess those achievements cause "negative impressions" for the CNN-watching zombies. Polls are as good as their survey sample. Conduct a Trump approval poll on the Upper East Side of Manhattan or in Boulder, Colorado and not surprisingly his approval number will be in the low single digits. In this particular poll, the internal methodology illustrates how CNN obtained their desired result by commissioning a poll which oversampled Democrats. "31% described themselves as Democrats, 25% described themselves as Republicans, and 44% described themselves as independents or members of another party." The poll oversampled Democrats by 6 percentage points. Of the 44 percent who were either independents or "members of another party," how many other parties are there? Could some be members of the Green Party or the Democratic Socialists of America, the latter being the party of "The Squad"? Are their opinions more reflective of Republicans or Democrats? The CNN poll also looked only at self-described registered voters, not likely voters, as other more accurate pollsters survey. According to CNN, "about 55% of voting age citizens cast ballots" in the 2016 presidential election, meaning half of those surveyed didn't even bother voting. For comparison, look back eight years ago when Barack Obama was running for reelection. A Gallup poll from December 2011 found that 55 percent of those surveyed believed that Obama did not deserve reelection. This number is not much different from the Trump number of 60 percent cited in the CNN poll. Yet Obama was reelected easily.

    Police Sued after video shows inmate being Tasered while strapped down

    6.11.2019, 22:15
    The Boulder County sheriff and five deputies are named in an excessive force lawsuit after an inmate was tasered even though she was already in a restraint chair with her hands strapped behind her back and her head covered with a spit hood. Lauren Gotthelf filed the federal lawsuit Tuesday morning for an incident that occurred Nov. 25, 2017. The 34-year-old was ticketed by a Boulder police officer for smoking on the Pearl Street Mall and allowing her service dog to be off-leash. When Gotthelf refused to sign the summons, she was taken to the Boulder County Jail. Once at the jail, Sgt. Chris Reiss can be heard on body cam footage telling Gotthelf, "Based on your suicide statements, you're going on suicide watch." Gotthelf is heard denying she made any suicidal statements but there is no body cam that recorded what she may have said moments earlier, only the interaction between her and deputies that followed. "You guys are nuts," is what Gotthelf is heard saying to deputies when told she has to strip and put on a suicide smock. At one point, Gotthelf told deputies that she should be taken to a hospital if they believed she was a suicide risk. "You're not going to a hospital, you're going on a suicide protocol," Reiss responded. Suicide protocol often means placing the inmate in isolation with a smock so he or she cannot harm themself. Deputies determined Gotthelf was not cooperating even though she can be seen on body cam following orders to place her hands behind her back. According to the lawsuit, multiple deputies strapped "her into a restraint chair, and inflicting multiple pressure point pain compliance techniques, and culminating in Sergeant Reiss tasing her despite the fact she was fully retrained and could not move." "That's not going to help somebody who's suicidal. That's just sadistic," said attorney Mari Newman, who represents Gotthelf and filed the lawsuit claiming excessive force and disability discrimination. "If they truly believe that Lauren was suicidal, the best response would've been one of compassion one of humanity. But instead, what they did is immediately escalate the situation and treat her with unnecessary brutality," said Newman. Gotthelf can be heard in the video saying, "You tased me for no reason," and Reiss responds, "No, I didn't." Reiss can be heard threatening to tase Gotthelf again if she did not cooperate. "She was fully restrained, handcuffed behind her back and strapped into a restraint chair with somebody's hands around her neck. I mean, she could not move if she wanted to and yet, they tased her," said Newman. The lawsuit states after Gotthelf was tasered, she was forced to remain in the restraint chair for four more hours. The federal complaint also notes that the Boulder County Sheriff's Office has a policy that allows detainees to be tasered even when they're restrained. On Friday, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office issued a statement about the incident. It can be viewed on the sheriff's office website. The statement says the sheriff's office has "factual disagreements" with Gotthelf's allegations. It goes on to state that Gotthelf repeatedly refused to follow deputies' demands and made "negative, vulgar and racist" comments to them. Additionally, the sheriff's office said that due to Gotthelf's "resistive behavior," restraints on the chair could not be secured. "She was given several verbal commands to sit in the chair and stop resisting but continued to buck her body and be physically resistant. A sergeant touch tased her once with the 'drive-stun' setting in the left thigh for pain compliance," the sheriff's office said. The sheriff's office says after Gotthelf was stunned and a deputy restrained her head, they were able to properly secure all of the restraints. "In short, the deputies did not use excessive force against Ms. Gotthelf. They used a deliberate and calculated amount of the minimal amount of force required to reduce violence and ensure safety, in accordance to our Use of Force policy and our Conductive Energy Devices policy. The facts of this situation demonstrate, and the video supports, that the officers' use of force was reasonable and in good faith," the sheriff's office said. {{file t=3h13_1573074900}}

    Biden Lied-Evidence Media Said Didn't Exist

    5.11.2019, 4:38
    Emails Show Burisma Executives Leveraging Hunter Biden Membership as Pressure on U.S. State Dept. For Assistance in Removing Ukraine Corruption Probe... . {{file t=kG6Fz_1572924175}} . Well son-of-a-bitch!.... everything Joe Biden and the Obama administration previously denied taking place is now documented as having taken place. Newly discovered emails between Ukrainian energy company Burisma and State Dept. officials show the company was leveraging Biden's affiliation with the company to get U.S. govt assistance. As a result of a FOIA lawsuit journalist John Solomon has received emails between the Burisma energy company and U.S. State Department; where Burisma seeking U.S. government assistance to get the Ukraine prosecutor to drop a corruption probe against the energy co., and leveraging Hunter Biden's board membership toward their efforts. This is the evidence the media said didn't exist: . {{file t=zBef_1572924104}} (Source pdf Link): https://www.scribd.com/document/433389210/Bluestar-Novelli-Contacts . The eventual outcome was Vice-President Joe Biden threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. financial aid to Ukraine if the Ukrainian government did not fire the prosecutor and drop their investigation of Burisma. Ukraine fired the prosecutor and dropped the investigation. Quid-Pro-Joe: . {{embed t=sJuBZ_1572926759}} . [Full Solomon Article Here] https://johnsolomonreports.com/hunter-bidens-ukraine-gas-firm-pressed-obama-administration-to-end-corruption-allegations-memos-show/ . {{file t=st9wB_1572924042}} . Marie Harf unavailable for comment.... Steve Hilton is well versed in the issues where U.S. government officials sent money to Ukraine and then received personal financial benefit from a return of those funds to their own interests. A circle of corrupt money. As Mr. Hilton expands on the issues of corrupt U.S. officials using Ukraine as a piggy-bank for their own affluence, he highlights examples of both Joe Biden and former Secretary of State John Kerry. Former State Dept. Spokesperson Marie Harf, is shocked, s.h.o.c.k.e.d, at the allegations.... and then, they are all saved by the bull-Shiff bell. WATCH: . {{embed t=sJcOY_1572924519}} . This is fascinating to watch unfold for a number of reasons. One, Steve Hilton does a fantastic job of laying out so much potential corruption by the Obama administration in a remarkably short amount of time and two - look how quickly Fox News cuts away from the conversation to instead cover more blathering by Democrat Adam Schiff. Now imagine if tens of millions of Americans were to learn their government has been ripping them off and that their elected officials were knowingly doing so to enrich themselves? That sons and daughters, husbands and wives, were sent overseas and lost their lives as part of this global pay to play scheme. Would those millions of Americans refuse to pay their taxes? Would they refuse to obey rules and regulations forced upon them by those same corrupt officials? Would the entire D.C. swamp, which very much includes the mainstream media, be torn asunder? Make no mistake, they very much fear that could happen. This is some fascinating television for the simple fact that for a moment, its actually honest television. . . Senator Rand Paul HITS Liberal Fake News Media : "And I say this to my fellow colleagues in Congress, to every Republican in Washington. Step up an subpoena Hunter Biden and subpoena the whistleblower!" . {{embed t=rztH_1572925936}} . {{embed t=asfOw_1572931971}} . {{file t=bCnF_1572924971}} . https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2019/11/04/biden-lied-emails-show-burisma-executives-leveraging-hunter-biden-membership-as-pressure-on-u-s-state-dept-for-assistance-in-removing-ukraine-corruption-probe/#more-175335 .

    Schiff speaks to reporters as four White House officials defy subpoenas

    4.11.2019, 22:41
    {{embed t=u0eQq_1572903663}} House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) spoke to reporters on Monday after four White House staffers subpoenaed to testify in the impeachment inquiry defied their orders to appear. This also comes after the transcripts of two depositions - former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch and former former senior Mike Pompeo adviser P. Michael McKinley - were released to the public. The subpoenaed White house officials included Senior aide to White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney Robert Blair, White House director of natural resources, energy and science Brian McCormack, and National Security Council lawyers John Eisenberg and Michael Ellis. Schiff cited the impeachment of President Nixon, and said that the four new refusals to appear could each contribute to charges of obstructing the investigation.

    Four one-thousandths of a degree?! Hearing reveals no climate benefit if PA bans fossil fuels

    4.11.2019, 21:44
    The HARRY READ ME File
    Testifying before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Governor Wolf's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), PhD Statistician Kevin Dayaratna reveals there is no benefit to the Earth's climate even if Pennsylvania were to totally ban fossil fuels. Dayaratna: "What about the climate impact, because the purpose of these policies is to mitigate the so-called problem of climate change. [...] The state of Pennsylvania would incur, suppose were to eliminate CO2 emissions from the state entirely, pursuing similar policies at the state level, 0.0041 degrees Celsius temperature mitigation by 2050 and 0.0083 degrees Celsius temperature mitigation by 2100. What about sea level rise? So, my old colleague, Chip Knappenberger, who used to be at the Cato Institue, looked at this question and found that in the state of Pennsylvania by 2050, if eliminated CO2 emissions completely, would have 0.0273 centimeter sea level rise reduction by 2050 and 0.0820 centimeter sea level rise reduction by 2100 by the end of the century." Public Hearing on Pennsylvania CO2 and Climate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee Pennsylvania House of Representatives October 28, 2019

    Thanks to Trump, US hasn't admitted a single refugee in over a month, for first time in 18 years!

    4.11.2019, 13:51
    Thanks to Trump, US hasn't admitted a single refugee in over a month, for first time in 18 years! November 3, 2019 Vivek Saxena Print Article SHARE5.5K TWEET54 EMAIL (Department of Energy Flickr file photo) Thanks to President Donald Trump's tough policies, October of 2019 marked the first month in 18 years since the United States last accepted ZERO REFUGEES into the states. "The United States is on track to not admit any refugees in October, after already canceling around 500 flights this month," CNN International lamented with veritable tears in its left-wing eyes on Oct. 29. "A pause on admissions that was expected to lift on Tuesday will now extend into November, leaving those who expected to resettle in the US in limbo." Five days have since passed, and thanks to the latest pause, the United States has now been free of new incoming refugees for the first time in nearly two decades. While CNN and other left-wing networks are upset over this feat, the president's supporters are thrilled: NEW: No refugees will be resettled in the US in October, leaving hundreds in limbo around the world: https://t.co/yCpvSUF3sI - Priscilla Alvarez (@priscialva) October 29, 2019 Wonderful news; maybe we can make it 12 months/year! - Kenneth Lang (@kennethlang) October 29, 2019 Perfect! Now how about next month and the month after that and the month after that., - Michele Cosentino (@Mich_cos123) October 29, 2019 Yaaaaay! - bazelwood (@bazelwood) October 29, 2019 Best news I have heard today. We need to start taking care of our own citizens first! - dave rieck (@daverieck2) October 29, 2019 Excellent. We have thousands of our own homeless, including veterans, to take care of first. - whizwith (@Lopper11) October 29, 2019 We take care of our own first! Too many homeless especially veterans. - SharlaKaye (@SharHam) October 29, 2019 We have so many homeless people here you could write about instead. USA FIRST! Though we of course pray ALL Get needs met! - VickieLFisher (@VickieLFisher) October 30, 2019 As can be seen above, it's not that they're entirely unsympathetic to the plight of refugees - but rather that they're more concerned with the problems at home. As of Sunday afternoon, thousands of families had been forced to evacuate their homes in California because of raging wildfires. Some of them may soon be homeless. Over in Los Angeles, the city's homeless population hit a record high of 36,0000 this past summer. This marked a 16 percent increase from the previous year. Meanwhile in Minnesota, it was reported last month that the "suicide rate among veterans" of all age groups - from those who fought in the Vietnam War to those who participated in the Iraq war - was rising. These are just the more clear problems. There are less clear ones as well that are just as impactful but hidden in lengthy reports. Take the problem of education. "The numbers are reason for deep concern. This country has a student achievement crisis. Our nation's report card shows that two-thirds of American students can't read at grade level. Two out of three!" Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said last week while announcing the results of the latest student achievement tests. Conservatives, including President Donald Trump, believe problems such as these, among many others, should take precedence over taking care of the world's suffering masses. Just last week he signed off on a "determination" to reduce the United States' refugee cap to just 18,000, a whopping 67,000 reduction from the 85,000 cap that was in place during former President Barack Hussein Obama's final year in office. Trump has signed off on the refugee cap of 18,000. Refugees will now be able to come to the US after extended delays led to no refugees being admitted in the month of October.https://t.co/adzKYOq0Dd - Priscilla Alvarez (@priscialva) November 2, 2019 In a statement earlier this fall, the president spoke of wanting to pursue a "responsible approach to refugees" that both "seeks the eventual return of refugees to their home countries so that they can help to rebuild their own nations" and also prioritizes the interests of the American people first. "The primary goal of our refugee policy is to enable refugees to ultimately return home, where they can help rebuild their communities - which also supports our foreign policy interests," he said. "The United States spends billions of dollars resettling refugees that could be invested in our citizens here at home." Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has noted the same points: At the core of the Trump Administration's foreign policy is a commitment to make decisions based on reality, not wishes, and to drive outcomes based on facts. The Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions for Fiscal Year 2020 does that. https://t.co/vFNm1kKPze - Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) November 2, 2019 While this strategy has been lauded by Trump's supporters, it's earned him the ire of leftists who appear to believe that every poor and suffering indigent across the globe deserves a spot at America's table. Some, not all, of these far-leftists work in the media as so-called "journalists" or "analysts." Look: (*Warning: "Journalism" language): .@SecPompeo tries to justify new cap limiting US to accepting 18 thousand refugees in coming year fewer than Canada and less time hsn the waiting list. UNHCR is alarmed as there are 26 million refugees worldwide. Shameful - Andrea Mitchell (@mitchellreports) November 2, 2019 fuck this https://t.co/H3HsJ4soPO - Jessica Roy (@JessicaKRoy) October 29, 2019 The Trump admin's arguments for strangling the refugee program began with 1) they're a national security threat (no evidence) then went to 2) we still take the most to 3) we have an asylum backlog to 4) we help refugees in the miserable places they are stuck now. #legacy pic.twitter.com/v84ywLt36C - Nahal Toosi (@nahaltoosi) November 2, 2019 "My wife and I stand for inclusion and acceptance, and we've done work with refugees, people that come from, you know, the 'shithole countries.'" Kudos to Doolittle for taking a principled stand against Trump's hatred and bigotry. https://t.co/03VCP5XGLw - Robert Reich (@RBReich) November 2, 2019

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    New World Order Oppositton

    Viděli jste už vařit z vody? Ne? Tak to jste v sobotu nebyli na Letné

    Lubomír Man 16.11.2019, 21:42

    Takový debakl, jaký se na mi na televizní obrazovce rozevíral od sobotní 14. hodiny do hodiny zhruba šestnácté, jsem ve svém dlouhém životě ještě nezažil. Co to vlastně tihleti dva z chvilek Roll a Minář jako hlavní vytyčovatelé chvilkovského programu vlastně chtějí? Že snad nezávislost veřejnoprávních mediálních prostředků jako jsou ČT a ČR? Co tím


    Petr Novák 14.11.2019, 10:01

    Abychom skutečně pochopili, co se stalo v roce 1989 v ČSSR, tak se musíme vrátit velmi daleko do minulosti (hlavně do SSSR) a protože to většinu lidí (a „analytiků“ už vůbec) ani nenapadne, tak se dívají na toto významné období zcela mylně a to na základě propagandy jedné, nebo druhé strany a to je samozřejmě

    Albánská stopa za Milionem chvilek pro demokracii?

    admin 14.11.2019, 09:57

    21. srpna 2019 se v Praze konalo protestní shromáždění, které organizoval spolek Milion chvilek pro demokracii. Krátce poté se na webové stránce kosovsko-albánského listu Bota Sot (Svět dnes) objevil pozoruhodný článek od Ardiana Sokoliho s názvem: „Protest v Praze: více než 5 tisíc občanů proti vládě a prezidentovi Zemanovi“. Níže je publikován překlad celého článku, přičemž dvě klíčové

    P.C.Roberts: Americkou demokracii může zachránit jedině Trump – a jedině s naší pomocí

    Lubomír Man 14.11.2019, 09:53

    Nyní, kdy splaskl podfuk „něco za něco“ nazvaný Russiagate, vymýšlejí presstitutky další podfuk tohoto stylu, který by se na Trumpovu hlavu dal hodit. A jaký podfuk má to být tentokrát? Právě jsem doposlouchal CIA řízenou debatu tří pochybně vyhlížejících mužů na televizi NPR, kteří sdělili národu následovné: Je sice pravda, že Trump v telefonickém hovoru

    Na Letnou do boje za demokracií, která je proti demokracii

    Lubomír Man 14.11.2019, 09:50

    Chvilkaři nás zvou znovu na Letnou a znovu zde budou žádat totéž, co loni. To je demisi premiéra Babiše a ministryně spravedlnosti Benešové. A též prý obecnou podporu demokracie. A jakoby na zavolanou k otázce, nakolik jsou tyto chvilkařské požadavky oprávněné a požadavkům na demokratické řešení odpovídající, zveřejnily dnes ráno na internetu Novinky.cz výsledek šetření


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    Kinosvět - záhady a tajemství

    S MUDr. Jonášem o zdraví - 12. díl

    Kinosvět - záhady a tajemství 08.12.2016, 12:37

    MUDr. Josef Jonáš, jeden z nejznámějších českých badatelů v oblasti přírodní a celostní medicíny, radí jak pečovat o své tělesné a vlastně i duševní zdraví.

    S MUDr. Jonášem o zdraví - 11. díl

    Kinosvět - záhady a tajemství 28.11.2016, 15:53

    MUDr. Josef Jonáš, jeden z nejznámějších českých badatelů v oblasti přírodní a celostní medicíny, radí jak pečovat o své tělesné a vlastně i duševní zdraví.

    S MUDr. Jonášem o zdraví - 10. díl

    Kinosvět - záhady a tajemství 23.11.2016, 01:35

    MUDr. Josef Jonáš, jeden z nejznámějších českých badatelů v oblasti přírodní a celostní medicíny, radí jak pečovat o své tělesné a vlastně i duševní zdraví.

    S MUDr. Jonášem o zdraví - 9. díl

    Kinosvět - záhady a tajemství 16.11.2016, 13:26

    MUDr. Josef Jonáš, jeden z nejznámějších českých badatelů v oblasti přírodní a celostní medicíny, radí jak pečovat o své tělesné a vlastně i duševní zdraví.

    S MUDr. Jonášem o zdraví - 8. díl

    Kinosvět - záhady a tajemství 08.11.2016, 11:57

    MUDr. Josef Jonáš, jeden z nejznámějších českých badatelů v oblasti přírodní a celostní medicíny, radí jak pečovat o své tělesné a vlastně i duševní zdraví.


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    Tomio Okamura

    Tomio Okamura: 17. listopadu - nedokončený boj za demokracii.

    Tomio Okamura 17.11.2019, 08:57

    Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/tomio.cz Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/hnutispd

    Tomio Okamura: Tomio Okamura odpovídá v přímém přenosu na dotazy posluchačů.

    Tomio Okamura 16.11.2019, 19:16

    Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/tomio.cz Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/hnutispd

    Tomio Okamura: Zákulisí nejaktuálnějšího dění v ČR.

    Tomio Okamura 14.11.2019, 21:47

    Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/tomio.cz Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/hnutispd

    Tomio Okamura: Boj o způsob volení vedení zdravotních pojišťoven.

    Tomio Okamura 14.11.2019, 13:31

    Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/tomio.cz Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/hnutispd

    Tomio Okamura: Další zbytečná byrokracie pro občany i podnikatele.

    Tomio Okamura 12.11.2019, 13:38

    Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/tomio.cz Sledujte: https://www.facebook.com/hnutispd


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    Česká televize

    REPORTÉŘI ČT - Kutilova M., Klicperova L. - Mezi migranty v Libyi

    Česká televize 26.09.2019, 12:35

    REPORTÉŘI ČT - Macháček David - Dvojí metr

    Česká televize 26.09.2019, 12:34

    StarDance jede za Vámi! Flashmob

    Česká televize 13.09.2019, 13:45

    Doražte na jednu z našich událostí StarDance do Ostravy, Brna, či Hradce Králové a zúčastněte se tak naprosto originálního flashmobu. Jak se na něj připravit naleznete ve videu. 🕺 Odkazy na jednotlivé akce: ▶️27. 9. Ostrava https://www.facebook.com/events/714784212339612/ ▶️28. 9. Brno https://www.facebook.com/events/694771571022939/ ▶️29. 9. Hradec Králové https://www.facebook.com/events/382608159357237/

    REPORTÉŘI ČT - Proč věří návštěvníci Čapího hnízda premiérovi

    Česká televize 12.09.2019, 10:01

    Anketa pořadu Reprotéři ČT s návštěvníky Čapího hnízda. Celý díl pořadu Reportéři ČT sledujte na iVysilani a nebo zde v odkazech. https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/1142743803-reporteri-ct/219452801240026/video/718068 https://www.facebook.com/reporterict/videos/2262678957192058/ Sledujet nás na našich sociálních sítích: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/reporterict/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/reporterict WEB: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/reporterict #teaser #babis #navstevnici #capihnizdo

    Reportéři ČT - Fiala M., Paclíková A. - Horká planeta

    Česká televize 10.09.2019, 11:05

    REPORTÉŘI ČT - Paclíková A., Srnka V. - V rybníčku pana kancléře

    Česká televize 04.09.2019, 14:57

    REPORTÉŘI ČT - Paclíková A., Srnka V. - Příběh jednoho podnámu

    Česká televize 04.09.2019, 14:57

    REPORTÉŘI ČT - Vondráček David - Vy tanky, my branky

    Česká televize 04.09.2019, 14:57

    REPORTÉŘI ČT - Vondráček David - Ve šroubovici Přemyslovců

    Česká televize 04.09.2019, 14:57

    REPORTÉŘI ČT - Vondráček David - Dědečci

    Česká televize 04.09.2019, 14:57

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    Zdroj bez názvu

    pozor Bohužel se nepodařilo načíst tento kanál.

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    Skládáme střípky informací

    Vlastenectví a boj za svobodu národa tvoří jedinou pravou podstatu výročí 17. listopadu

    Maru 17.11.2019, 01:42

    Blíží se 17. listopad, Mezinárodní den studenstva. Jeho vzniku předcházely události, ke kterým došlo v období 28. 10. do 17. 11. 1939 v naší vlasti, okupované v té době Německem. 28. 10. 1939 se uskutečnila tichá demonstrace u příležitosti 21. výročí vzniku Československé republiky, kterou organizovali z velké části čeští studenti. Vylepovali plakáty s pozvánkou na demonstraci a u pomníků českých osobností kladli věnce s českou trikolórou.

    Nemáte mozek? Tak mazejte na Letnou. Tam potkáte své blízké

    Lubomír Man 16.11.2019, 00:10

    Běžte tam, utíkejte, rozviňte vlajky a roztáhněte transparenty na délku i šířku letenské pláně, protože dnes má tupost své pré. Křičte hulákejte, že chcete znovu u lékaře a v nemocnicích platit jak mourovatí, řvěte i vy důchodci, že se vám stýská po penzích ročně zvyšovaných o 40 Kč, a vytleskejte si i vy učitelé, že chcete být znovu nejhůře placeným povoláním v republice, i vy dělníci, že chcete zas, jako kdysi, pracovat za pár šupů. A skandujte hesla vy všichni, kteří toužíte, aby se vrátil čas Kalousků, Schwarzenbergů, Topolánků, Bakalů a Krejčířů.

    Třicet let svobody

    Valentin Dobrotivý 15.11.2019, 01:28

    Blíží se víkend a s ním i třicáté výročí Sametové revoluce. Významný den, který propagandisté starající se o pevné ukotvení českého protektorátu v amerických okovech musejí náležitě vytěžit. Budeme bombardováni argumenty o tom, jak špatně jsme se měli před Listopadem '89 a jak skvěle se máme dnes. S varovným upozorněním, že kdo se s těmito argumenty plně neztotožní, musí být úplný hlupák nebo placený agent Kremlu.

    Global restart button - aneb fiktivní otevřený dopis Gretě Thunbergové

    Aleš Stebel 14.11.2019, 02:21

    Milá Gretko, jsi-li vystrašená a rozhořčená, máš zajisté právo nepokrytě vyjádřit tyto pocity, které pak může sdílet významná část tvé generace. Můžeš se tak stát ikonou generačního konfliktu, ve kterém bude zajisté i dost prostoru pro různá neporozumění, nepochopení i pro klikaté cestičky do pekel, dlážděné dobrými úmysly. Nechci ti vyjádřit podporu, ale ani ti nechci odporovat. Chci ti vyjádřit porozumění, spojené s jistou útěchou. Jsem totiž součástí skupiny lidí, která již delší dobu analyzuje rizika pro tuto planetu, z nichž jedno je předmětem tvé vášnivé snahy přimět mocné tohoto světa brát právě toto riziko nanejvýš vážně.

    Prezident Macron oznamuje prvú bezprecedentnú krízu nesúvisiacu s vojnou

    Sergej Gurjanov 14.11.2019, 02:18

    Svetový systém prechádza bezprecedentnou krízou a prvýkrát to nie je dôsledok svetových vojen, uviedol francúzsky prezident Emmanuel Macron. „Medzinárodný systém prechádza bezprecedentnou krízou. Po prvýkrát kríza nie je výsledkom svetových vojen“, hovorí Macron.

    Čemu máme věřit

    Pavel Šafář 13.11.2019, 01:05

    Pravda je a vždy byla přeci jen pro malou hrstku odvážných, zvědavých lidí s kritickým myšlením. Vládní systémy ve všech dobách odvozovaly svoji moc z nějaké ideologie, propagandy, pravdy, které byly nezpochybnitelné. Moderní doba svým médii sebou ovšem přinesla mnohem větší možnosti propagandy než byly kdy dříve.

    Ruské „stealth“ ponorky třídy Borej 955. Protiraketová obrana Aegis Ashore (USA-NATO)

    Padraig McGrath 12.11.2019, 01:43

    Norská zpravodajská stanice NRK uvedla 29. října mimořádnou zprávu, že 8 - 10 ruských ponorek, včetně ponorek třídy Sierra II, zahájilo v severním Atlantiku námořní cvičení. Je to jedno z největších ruských námořních cvičení, zaměřených na podmořské válčení, od konce studené války. Je pravděpodobné, že jedním z hlavních důvodů tohoto cvičení je testování schopnosti stealth ruských ponorek a také zjištění sledovacích schopností sil NATO v prostoru Grónsko-Island-Velká Británie (zkráceně „mezera GIUK“), pečlivě monitorovaném, strategicky zúženém terénu.

    Se zavedením páté generace mobilních sítí český národ nejspíš zblbne

    Mojmír Babáček 11.11.2019, 02:29

    Allanu Freyovi bylo v roce 1960 25 let, měl vystudovanou biofyziku a pracoval na Cornellově universitě ve vývojovém elektronickém centru americké společnosti General Electrics. Když ho tamní radarový technik pozval, aby si šel poslechnout vysílání radaru, které se mu na jeho pracovišti ozývalo v mozku, nastartovalo to Freyovu celoživotní vědeckou dráhu. Už o rok později, v roce 1961 zveřejnil ve vědeckém časopise pokusy, při kterých vysílal do mozků pokusných subjektů ze vzdálenosti až 100 metrů různé zvuky s použitím pulsovaných mikrovln a vyvolával v nich pocit prudkého úderu do hlavy nebo pocity mravenčení. Jeho další pokusy financovalo americké válečné námořnictvo a letectvo, které v nich začaly vidět cestu k vyvinutí nových zbraní. Allan Frey se pustil do experimentů s krysami a žábami a zjistil, že k ovlivnění činnosti jejich nervového systému stačí menší intenzita elektromagnetického záření, než jaká je dnes používána při komunikaci mobilními telefony.


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